Walmart Paint Return Policy [Simply Explained] 

Walmart is proud of its flexible and personal service to its customers, which allows them to return anything they want, even occasionally without a receipt.

What Walmart’s policy is on returning paint is pretty simple: You can return anything that you purchased from any Walmart store. This includes paint, even if it wasn’t from Walmart. The return process is pretty simple too! I did an extensive search but I have only managed to come up with information about paint specifically.

Walmart Paint Return Policy In 2022

Walmart accepts returns of unopened paint, even if the paint has been opened. Customers can return gloss paint, spray paint, oil based paint, interior paint, exterior paint, primer, chalk paint, etc., to Walmart within 90 days of purchase for a refund if a receipt and packaging are provided.

In order to know more about how to return mixed paint, how to return paint without the receipt, and the process for making the return, read on to learn more!

Can You Return Mixed Paint To Walmart?

Walmart will only accept returns of unpainted wood window sashes. To be accepted for a return at Walmart, the glass must be clean, the wooden parts must be unpainted and the sash must be complete.

When a mixed product is returned to the factory, the product remains a mixed product. This does not mean that the factory has mixed the paint again. Instead, it means that the products purchased by the customer were mixed.

Can You Return Paint To Walmart Without A Receipt?

If you are returning a product to Walmart, you can either use the enclosed return shipping label or return the product in the original packaging as long as the purchase occurred within 90 days.

[Return shipping label]: Use the enclosed return shipping label or return the product in the original packaging within 90 days to ensure a smooth return experience.

In this case, you can apply for a refund in cash if the total cost of paint was below $25, and will be refunded in-store credit or a Walmart gift card if the total cost was above $25. If paint is damaged, please save the container and return it to your local Walmart for inspection. If the damage is not covered, the total cost of paint will be refunded in-store credit or a Walmart gift card.

How Can You Return Paint To Walmart?

The first step to getting your paint back is to return your paint to the store where you purchased it. The store may be willing to reissue the product to you (if it is non-returnable). If this does not work, you will have to get them to re-send the paint. If this does work, you will have to exchange the paint for a comparable product.

 You can ask for a refund if you make your purchase using a debit/credit card. Bring your account or credit card details with to your nearest store to request a refund.

If you bought the paint online, please check your order history on the website. If you purchased the paint from, you can return it to the website and request a refund.

 You will get a return shipping label which you can print and attach with the paint before handing it over to a postal carrier for delivery to Walmart. The refund will be processed whenever Walmart receives your paint and you will be asked to pick it up at their return location.

Why Would Walmart Deny The Return Of Pre-Mixed Paint??

You’re allowed to return your item at Walmart for a refund if you follow these steps. You can only return in-store, or you can contact the Walmart return service online.

Walmart will send you a shipping label for your return, and you can print the label by going to My Account -> Viewing Account -> My Order Status. You can also return items by shipping them to the store.

If the items meet the return policy, but a manager rejects a return, the customer can file a complaint with the Walmart customer service department.

I am returning a product that I purchased at your store. I cannot return or exchange a product purchased at Walmart.

How Can You Dispose Of Old Paint If Walmart Does Not Return It?

There are many ways to dispose of paint, and all of them require care and caution. It is vital to make sure that you do not leave any leftover paint behind.

California has banned regular disposal of paints in landfills because of the potential that it pollutes the environment and can also cause water pollution.

If you are disposing of the paint yourself, it is recommended to let it dry by spreading the paint out in a thin layer and leave it overnight, or spread the paint in a large thick layer and fill the paint with sawdust to allow the paint to dry slowly.

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Conclusion – Walmart Paint Return Policy

You may return the paint for any reason if the paint has not been mixed with any other products, comes in its original packaging, and that the original receipt is still held.

Walmart is a brick-and-mortar company that offers a wide range of products and services that can be purchased online and in store.

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