Walmart Cricut Return Policy [used Circuits, Open Box, No Receipt + More] 

You can buy everything you need to make your own Cricut machine at Walmart, including the cartridges.

Artists get the Cricut machine because they want to make versatile pieces including pressing and intricate labels, paper, and vinyl cutting.

I ordered the same product from another seller online, but Walmart had a different price than online! Here is what I discovered!

Walmart Cricut Return Policy 2022

Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker and Cricut EasyPress are all accepted with in 90 days of purchase. A full refund can be obtained if the Cricut is returned in original condition with all of the accessories, packaging, and receipt.

In the case of a box full of opened boxes, you can ask for a refund without a receipt.

How To Return A Cricut To Walmart In-Store!

To return a Cricut to Walmart, customers must first find all the original components of a Cricut machine and return everything that has the Cricut brand stamped on it to the store.

Once you have your Cricut ready to return, customers should bring along a receipt, online purchase, and Walmart Gift used to purchase item.

In terms of personal possessions, we can’t really make any suggestions on what to bring in terms of personal belongings.

You can either:

Return the item(s) at your local Walmart, and receive a refund.
Return the item(s) to for a store credit and get your purchase shipped back to for free, where you can use the store credit to purchase items from

Can You Return Cricuts To Walmart That Have Been Opened And Used?

Yes, the Cricuts are allowed to be returned if they are still in the original packaging and are either open or used.

You must do everything you can to ensure your Cricut is in good cosmetic condition and return it to us in the same condition it was provided to you.

Can I Return A Cricut To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Walmart will not let customers return Cricuts (such as the Cricut Joy, Cricut Maker, Cricut EasyPress, Cricut Explore, etc.) without a receipt but they will accept a gift receipt, proof of purchase, or other proof of purchase.

Associates can perform a refund verification process using your valid government-issued photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license to authenticate the purchase.

The use of the word associate in the Paraphrase is confusing to the listener, as it is unclear whether a government agency or a business is being referenced.

Refunds are only possible for transactions that used real money to pay for items. The refund is a refund of real money, and we will only pay back the actual money used.

If you’ve lost your order number, you can possibly verify the purchase using your email if you have it, or check your online account or confirmation emails.

Can I Return A Cricut To Walmart After 90-Days?

So, you can return them within 90 days if they are damaged or defective. If you bought them at the Walmart store, you are not eligible for a return.

A customer cannot return the Cricut machine and claim a refund because the machine was sold, but the customer cannot return the machine because the customer already used the machine to create a project.

Can I Return A Cricut I Purchased With A Walmart Gift Card?

Yes, if you have a Walmart gift card, you can load your Cricut refunds onto your gift card using the Cricut My Account.

**How do I return a cut cartridge for a refund?**

If you purchased Cut 3D Cartridges with a credit card, you can use the online return process.

Will Walmart Return A Faulty Cricut?

Walmart will cover you for Cricut damage if it is returned via free mail service. If you have to ship it in at your local store, you are responsible for the return shipping cost.

How Do I Return An Online Cricut?

If you want to return your order, click the order history tab on the Cricut website
and click the button to return the product.

To return the items to Walmart, select ‘return by mail,’ and the website will provide you with a printable free shipping label. If you can’t print the label, simply print the address on the packaging. Mail the items to the address and they’ll be taken care of.

Please package or label the Cricut product in a box. If you are shipping by mail, please drop it at postal service locations. Once the package has arrived at Walmart, we will begin the process of refunding or replacing your Cricut product.

Walmart notes customers may only process multiple items from one order at once. Multiple items from different orders must be processed individually.

For customers who may not be able to get their product back to Walmart, go to our other guides on cameras, appliances, headphones, and drones return policy at Walmart.

Conclusion: What Is Walmart’s Cricut Return Policy?

Cricuts sold and shipped to the US from outside the country must be returned to the country of purchase with their original packaging and accessories within 30 days. Customers can return Cricuts through Walmart’s free return shipping or via the store for a full refund.

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