Walmart Return Hours – All You Should Know

Walmart has many customer-friendly policies, including liberal refund periods and free shipping for returns for online purchases.

Walmarts return hours are the same as store hours, usually between 7 am -11 pm, depending on your store location.

You can find these hours listed on the store’s website, or you can ask an employee for this information.

The Best Time to Return a Product at Walmart

A customer would want to return a product at Walmart if they were unsatisfied with the product. They would want to return it as soon as possible to get their money back and buy a product they are satisfied with.

The best time to return a product would be early in the morning in order to avoid waiting in line.

What If I Want to Return Something Outside the Working Hours of the Walmart Customer Service Desk?

When you want to return an item outside the hours of the Walmart customer service desk, you can find a self-service kiosk in the store.

If you don’t have a receipt, you can still return your purchase with a valid ID and a credit card.

What Time Does the Return Window Close at Walmart?

It’s important to know that there is no set time but rather a store-wide standard. The store hours are typically 6 am to 11 pm, so you have 17 hours between these two times.

What Time Does the Return Window Open at Walmart?

The return window opens at Walmart at 7 am. You must return the product within 90 days of receipt. All returns are subject to inspection at the time of return.

What is NOT Eligible for Return?

The following items are not eligible for return:

  • Gift cards
  • Health and personal care items
  • Grocery items, including food, candy, snacks, alcohol, and tobacco products
  • Prescription medications and medical supplies
  • Sporting goods or equipment with tags or labels removed or damaged from use

What is the Refund Procedure at Walmart?

Walmart has an excellent refund policy that allows customers to return an item within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

Walmart will refund your original payment method or you can receive a Walmart gift card instead.

Customers must ensure that they have the receipt when exchanging their item because this is required for any returns or exchanges.

What is the Return Policy at Walmart?

Return policy is 30 days for luxury and electronic items and 90 days for any other items. Make sure you check the store’s return policy before approaching them for a return. Most products are covered under their policy and you should not face any problems getting them refunded or exchanged.

The following electronics are eligible for a 30-day return:

  • Computers
  • Printers (excluding 3D printers)
  • Computer and video game hardware
  • Digital cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Digital music players
  • GPS units
  • Tablets
  • Portable video players
  • E-readers
  • Pre-paid and post-paid cell phones
  • Drones

Does Walmart Accept Product Returns on Makeup and Cosmetics?

Walmart does accept makeup and cosmetic returns within 90 days of purchase. However, most stores require the original packaging and receipt to accept a return on these items.

Can Walmart Process a Refund to a Different Account?

Walmart can process a refund to a different account. The customer needs to provide the Walmart employee with the routing number and account number of the account where they want funds sent.

The Walmart employee will then enter these numbers into their system and process the refund.

What if You Forgot the Receipt?

Walmart does not require a receipt to return an item. If you do not have a receipt, it is best to save your credit card information for future returns

What if the Packaging Has Been Damaged? Does Walmart Accept Returns?

Online shopping has made it easier than ever for consumers to take advantage of bargains without the hassle of leaving the house. But for many shoppers, online shopping can be tricky.

For example, what if the packaging has been damaged? Can someone return the item to Walmart?

The answer is yes; Walmart does accept returns with damaged packaging.

What Happens if You Miss The 90-Day Return Window?

Every Walmart customer is told that they have 90 days to return an item for a full refund. If the customer misses the 90-day window, then they are unable to return their purchase.

Walmart’s 90-day return policy is generous, but if you miss the window, you will not be able to get your money back.

If Your Product Was Lost Or Stolen In Transit, Does Walmart Refund You For It?

Walmart has a policy in place where if your product were lost or stolen in transit, they would refund you for it. Walmart will only honor claims if the shipment has been paid for with either cash, check, or credit card.

What if You Broke An Item? Does Walmart Process a Return?

Customers can return an item if they want to within the store’s return policy. This is usually done by bringing the item to customer service or placing it in a designated bin.

If you broke an item and want to return it, Walmart does process a return for you.

Final Thoughts

There are many perks to shopping at Walmart, some include, their low prices, a wide variety of products, and their very liberal return policies.

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