Is Zulily Legit? Find Out People’s Shopping Experience On Zulily

Zulily has become a one-stop destination for shoppers online. It offers a wide range of products for sale, from kids’ wear and accessories to women’s fashion products and office furniture; you will always find something interesting to check out here. There are product guides and content that can be very useful as guides to shoppers here. Unfortunately, there seems to have been a lot of controversies generated on this platform for a while not. Many customers are questioning the legitimacy of this site based on their experience in different ways.

So, Is Zulily a Legit Business?

Yes, Zulily sells products legitimately, though most of their products are not from popular premium brands.

A Brief Background And History Of Zulily

Zulily was founded in 2009, and Darrell Cavens and Mark Vadon currently own it. The company’s headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington DC, the United States of America, with stores located in many states.

Zulily is an online clothing retailer, and you can also find products such as shoes, toys, and many home products.

This company, apart from other standard eCommerce websites because Zulily offers discount sales directly on manufactured products for a brief period. This means that once you order a product online, the process will remain incomplete until the end of the sales period. This process allows Zulily to purchase products in bulk and sell them in bulk to one or several customers. This model of operation also ensures that customers buy their desired products for less.

Another interesting feature of Zulily is that the company holds a very minimal amount of inventory. Most of the things they sell are products from companies that have been put on sale. This means Zulily is able to purchase bulk items at discounted prices; hence you can call it a “flash-sale” website. Once the sales period is over, you won’t find the product in the market again.

What You Should Know About Zulily Shipping

One of the most contentious parts of Zulily is the shipping policy. What the company says about its shipping policy slightly varies from what many customers are saying, especially from the reviews submitted online.

1. 5-7 Days Average Shipping Time

The average shipping time for orders made on Zulily is 5 to 7 business days, but according to most customer reviews, shipping times are between 6 and 11 days. In contrast to this policy, many customers reported that they received their ordered items sometimes after a month. While the company promised a maximum 7-day shipping time in North America, there are no official dates for shipping to the rest of the world.

2. Cost of Shipping

The standard cost of shipping orders within North America is $5.95, and this increases the further away the destination country is. You may have to sign up on the company website to find out more about its shipping details.

3. What Countries Does Zulily Ship to?

Currently, Zulily ships to more than 80 countries, and it promises to add more countries in the nearest future. The complete lists of countries where Zulily ships to can be found on its website.

Tracking Your Order on Zulily

It is easy to track your order on Zulily. Go to the “My orders” page from the home page, and you will see the current status of your orders and dates of delivery.

Other Information You Should Have On Zulily

The following are some other features you may not be aware of, as regards the use of Zulily for Shopping;

1. Zulily’s Customer Service

Though there seem to be some poor reviews on Zulily customer service, investigation shows that the company tries to keep up with customer requests and complaints.

The main complaint here is that there are very few follow-throughs to issues resolved by Zulily’s customer care representatives, and some do complain of not getting a satisfactory response from the company.

Many customers complain of re-starting the same process of conflict resolution with new representatives, and the reason is that there are no track records of customer complaints.

This is one area where Zulily scores an average rating, though the company can be contacted via emails, online inquiry forms, and toll-free numbers.

2. Canceling Orders at Zulily

Zulily advises customers to cancel any order within 30 minutes of purchase. Canceling an order can be completed on the “My Order” page. If you are unable to cancel an order after 30 minutes of purchase, you may have to call the customer care service for help.

3. Zulily’s Return Policy

Zulily has a return policy for most of its items. If your product is not damaged, you will have to pay out of your pocket for the shipping. All returned products are processed through the company’s website except the damaged goods that require a call to the customer care service. Most of the returned products are subject to store credits, and some can be refunded to your bank account or PayPal.

According to several customer reviews, many customers are often coerced to accept store credits to buy another product on Zulily if they are returning a damaged product or one that doesn’t meet advertised specifications.

What Types Of Payment Methods Does Zulily Accept?

Zulily accepts a wide range of payment options. PayPal, Mastercard, Venmo, Apple Pay, store credit, and gift cards are the acceptable payment options on the site.

Does Zulily Offers Discounts And Promo Codes?

No, Zulily does not offer additional promo and discount codes. The company already purchases items at discounts from the manufacturers directly, and that is why it sells cheap to final consumers.

The Zulily Website

Zulily offers an intuitive website that has a very easy user interface that everyone can use. The home page of the site is categorized into four sections, these are;

1.New Today

The New Today section is one where you can find the newly-added products. It is the section you can check from time to time to see if Zulily has restocked products that have been out of stock. This section can help you do a quick search for your favorite product, and it has a drop-down menu to simplify your search further.

2. End soon

Zulily buys products in stock at much lower prices from manufacturers and resells them to final consumers at affordable prices. Different products have their time-lapses for which they are available for discounted prices, and this is the reason why Zulily encourages buyers to go for them before they expire. You can use this time of expiry to sort out products of similar features or usage; hence you can still meet up with their purchase.

3. Shop by Category

When you shop by category, you can search products by their shops or the category they belong to. There Are tons of categories here; these include; ladies leggings, window curtains, Baby and kids categories, Bedding products, Casual men wear, men and women work wears, stainless steel cutleries, toddler gears, accessories like bags, home gadgets, and books. You have to search each category to explore what Zulily has to offer.

4. Shop By Size

This section of the website makes your shopping a lot easier. There is an age classification of products; hence you can shop according to your age or kids’ ages. You can also shop by category of product. There are shoes, Plus size category, maternity and nursing, and accessories. These are quick ways to browse through available products here.

There is a search box at the top of this website where you can conduct a quick search for a product by typing in the product or brand name. On the right top corner is a basket logo where you can add all items you are interested in and sort them out later or proceed to checkout and order.

Final Review Of Zulily

Zulily is a legitimate company with strong customer support and straightforward trading. This company, therefore, receive a good rating for a wide range of product available and the great prices they sell such products. Unfortunately, Zulily may not have the time to check all mass products being shipped to different parts of the world; hence some of the negative reviews on products they sell might be as a result of defective mass-produced products from the manufacturers and not Zulily.

Shipping can also be slow in some cases, but the company doesn’t seem to perform woefully in this regard. The company promises to complete domestic shipping within 7 business days, and international shipping is completed in 11 days; there may be slight days of a few days due to logistic issues.

Despite the numerous negative reviews on Zulily on top eCommerce forums, the company still maintains a good BBB rating which is also a plus.

To optimize your experience positively on Zulily, you should check out product and store reviews on the website before you purchase any item. You should also ensure that you add a few days to the shipping date so as to avoid any form of disappointment.

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