Buying Used On Amazon (must Read Before Buying Used Products)

Online services such as Craiglist, Kijiji and eBay enable customers to find used items such as books, technology for sale at much cheaper prices.

Customers may be concerned about purchasing an item on Amazon, like used car, furniture, or anything else. So, we want to let all potential customers know their options, and how to protect themselves.

Buying Used On Amazon In 2022

Amazon sells used items, movies, music, and other products both as an authorized reseller and through third-party sellers on their website. Customers can locate used items, DVDs, devices and other products and a full description of the quality and ware of the product for sale. Amazon also allows returns on used items for any reason.

You may be wondering, “is it safe to purchase used Amazon products?” Well, that is a question actually more suitable for the following article.

Is Buying Used Products on Amazon Safe?

However, Amazon does have a pretty strict policy on banned products, for example, they won’t accept any used or refurbished products that have been listed as an Amazon Vine member.

Amazon has been known to take action on third-party sellers that are selling fraudulent products. Sellers who have engaged in fraudulent activities will be terminated and their products will be removed from the marketplace. Amazon is committed to protecting its customers, and will enforce its policies fairly and consistently. Amazon will continue to do what it can to help protect its customers from fraudulent transactions.

Amazon’s customer reviews allow you to view ratings and reviews from real customers and their experiences with your products and brands. Customers on Amazon give their feedback on your products and brands, so you can know what they like and dislike about your products.

[5] We’ll look at how to add customer reviews to your product listing.

Customers should always be on the lookout for counterfeits and sellers with lower ratings. You can filter for the highest rated items in an Amazon search.

What Kinds of Used Items Can I Buy on Amazon?

Amazon sells a variety of used books, tech devices, and DVDs. Some of their most popular used items are their bestsellers.

Amazon sells used books through third-party sellers but this varies in quality and it also takes away the chance of getting a book directly from the authors.

Used CDs and vinyl also tend to be cheaper than new copies. Music stores and online sellers are often more expensive than Amazon, but Amazon can save you plenty of money if you search for clearance deals.

The company, Apple of course, allows Amazon to sell used and refurbished electronics and devices. Usually, the price is half the original price.

What is Amazon’s Return Policy for Used Products?

Amazon allows a user to return most used products even if the item was bought by someone else.

If consumers purchase a product within 30 days of their delivery they can return it for a full refund.

If the product was not sold directly by Amazon, customers who purchased the product will still have to pay the shipping and restocking fees.

There may be a return policy indicated on the product page and you will likely need to pay for shipping back to the seller.

For the reasons above, we strongly recommend considering your option to go to a reputable marketplace like Amazon.

**Note: I bought this in early 2017. Things may be different now. I have updated the links above.

What Does “Very Good” Mean When Buying Used on Amazon?

Amazon sells refurbished products at very low prices but you can’t see this information in their product pages or search results.

Used product condition includes product that has been used, is broken, or is damaged.

When you sell products from your Ebay store, it’s recommended that you try to sell them on Amazon. Even though you can sell the product on other sites, you can’t sell them at a price lower than what you sell them for on Amazon.

How Does Amazon Rank the Quality of Used Music?

Amazons descriptions for music vary from their general condition descriptions.

Vinyl records/tapes and 8-track magnetic tapes/discs, the only difference between the two is the size of the medium.

There are many good reasons to consider buying used products from Amazon, and if you do, you should make sure you get a good return policy and don’t purchase items with damaged packaging.


Amazon will sell or trade in books, music and electronics like an electronic store.

Amazon is the safest website to buy used products. You can return your products for any reason within 30 days.

It is possible that the previous user of a product may have left a review regarding its quality on the seller’s page for the product. Please, read all customer reviews before making a purchase.

If you want to buy the best brand, choose products with the highest condition ratings.

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