Buying Skincare On Amazon (is It Safe, Are The Products Real + More)

There are many online and online stores, where you can find the latest cosmetics and other personal care products.

Amazon is one of the most popular eCommerce sites. Millions flock to every day to Amazon to buy products ranging from food to products like makeup, clothing and now even skincare products.

Buying Skincare On Amazon In 2022

As you can see, there is no difference in the product descriptions, except that one has been reworded. Both sellers provide the same description, product photo, and shipping information. A human can easily spot the difference between the two product listings. A customer searching for skincare product listings will see that the products are very similar and may not be interested in purchasing one instead of the other.

If you’re looking to learn more about the safety of purchasing skincare through Amazon, and how much they cost for a product, keep reading for useful tips and facts!

Is Buying Skincare Products on Amazon Safe?

Many of the Amazon’s skin care products are safe for you to use.

I mean, you could just get a random cosmetic brand for cheap and call it your own, but that’s not the same.

If you apply for a Visa Authorized Merchant account, you will be able to sell your products to Amazon customers around the world.

Many beauty product sellers want to get approved by the KOSDAQ, but it is hard for them to meet with the criteria for approval.

However, customers are advised to check Amazon’s customer reviews and ratings on skin care before making a purchase.

Are Skincare Products on Amazon Real?

This is probably a counterfeit product. Most counterfeit products are sold on sites that aren’t as strict with their requirements as Amazon is. This doesn’t mean it’ll be a poor or bad product, but it’ll be hard to tell if it’s a legitimate or counterfeit product.
[Paraphrased]: It seems like the ingredients are mostly cheap synthetic oils.

Although Amazon does not reveal the names of the sellers, there are some sellers on Amazon that have been proven to sell counterfeits and have contained dangerous substances such as animal feces and cyanide.

If you are unsure about the safety of a product you are considering purchasing, you should avoid it. People should review the product they’re purchasing and not buy from a company or product they are unsure about.

Which Skincare Products Does Amazon Sell?

A lot of Amazon sellers sell products from a bunch of different retailers.

‘Do you want a healthy, radiant complexion? Do you want to look and feel your best? If the answer is yes, you can start right away with the best skincare products for you!’

I found the below skincare brands for under $20 on Amazon that are also effective.

It’s suggested to consider Amazon when purchasing skincare brands and also the various brands that are often recommended by professional cosmetic and skincare experts.

Does Amazon Sell Their Own Skincare Brand?

Amazon launched a skincare brand in the early 2000s and has more than a hundred names under their banner such as Belei Skincare which features products like charcoal face masks!

Amazon is an authorized reseller for many other name brand products.
[Other]: My best friend and I went to get our hair cut. I noticed the stylist was wearing an Amazon shirt.

Customers can find name brand products by searching or filtering the products that they’re searching for on the left-hand side of the search results page.

There are two ways in which a customer can use the filter: to find similar or related products so they can choose the best product.

How Much Does Skincare on Amazon Cost?

Skincare products from different brands will not have the same prices. Brands like Amazon Prime and other deals are available for a limited time, so some products will be more expensive than others.

Currently, their lowest price for well-rated skincare products has a range of $9.63, and their most expensive skincare products have a range of $399.10 for skincare collections.

How Do I Avoid Buying Fake Skincare on Amazon?

While Amazon’s skincare products are usually trustworthy, customers may want to double check with their research to make sure they’re not paying double for the product for a fake review.

Check the seller’s profile to ensure that the listing is genuine.

If customers want to find out more about a product or cannot find any reviews of a product, they can look into the seller’s profile and see the seller’s ranking.

If a customer sees that the seller’s profile appears suspicious, they should refrain from making a purchase to avoid receiving fraudulent skincare items!

You can contact the brand directly by opening a support case here.

Customers can contact the brand about the product because they want to make sure they’re buying the product from a trusted brand.

When Amazon promotes their products, customers should be aware that Amazon is not an authorized seller of any of their products.

For those looking for more information on shopping at Amazon, you can see related posts on if Amazon reviews are fake, if it’s safe to shop at Amazon, and what are the Amazon daily deal are.


Amazon sells a wide variety of skin care products from well-known brands such as Loreal, Olay and other respected brands! Consumers can find these products for as low as $9.63 and can also purchase sets for as high as $399.10!

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