Is Flamingo Shop Legit? Check This Out Before Shopping Online

The online fashion industry is never short of options. Now and then, a new store pops up, with ideas that turn heads.

Most of these stores offer stunning products that appeal to fashionistas. And some really have good intentions and they have managed to build solid reputations over the years.

But you can’t say for sure which online store is legit, as many of them look alike. The best way to know this is via review. But many of these stores have great public relations strategies. So, they easily counter any claim made against them.

Flamingo Shop is an online store that has been around for quite a while. And there are people who might want to know if the online store is legit. If you’re one of those people, keep reading as we respond to the question.

Is Flamingo Shop Legit?

Yes, the flamingo shop appears legit. Tons of people have testified to ordering and receiving their orders from them. However, we cannot vouch for the quality of their products or the overall customer experience. 

There are very few customer reviews on the product quality from the flamingo shop, so it is hard to determine how people feel about the quality of their products. 

Nonetheless, they respond to customers’ requests and concerns which is a positive sign. 

So, now that we have addressed the elephant in the room let’s find out more about the newbie store- Flamingo Shop.

What Is Flamingo Shop?

Flamingo shop is a fast fashion online store that promises to give their customers big brands’ quality at an affordable price. Their website says that their products are from the same manufacturers that produce for many expensive big brands.

They claim to give you the quality you deserve at prices that don’t require you to break the bank. So, they make colorful and vibrant products that are both tasteful and of high quality.

Flamingo Shop seems to be gaining ground gradually. First, however, they might need to get past the skepticism people have for new online brands, improve the quality of their products and stay consistent.

What Products Does Flamingo Shop Sell?

Flamingo Shop isn’t any different from most fast fashion websites. They sell different trendy products that come in different sizes, colors, and designs. However, Flamingo Shop has its niche.

They sell products that are vibrant, colorful, and sexy. So if you’re looking for something cute and daring, casual and fresh, then Flamingo shop might be the store for you.

They release new dresses, tops, bottoms, underwear, lingerie, swimwear, accessories, and many different clothing items daily.

Is Flamingo Shop Affordable? 

Like many new businesses looking to attract customers, Flamingo Shop’s product prices are relatively low. So, you can shop from them without breaking the bank.

You would find products like underwear and swimwear for as low as $10 on the Flamingo Shop website. Dresses, tops, and pants are as low as $50.

Also, there is a special sales category on the website. As a result, customers can enjoy as much as 70% off some products.

What Is Flamingo Shop’s Shipping Process 

According to their website, shipping takes about 7-10 working days. It takes 2-7 days to get the purchased products processed and packaged for delivery. Shipping follows after the packaging is complete.

Flamingo Shop’s products get shipped from their factories in Asia. Currently, they ship products to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and the EU.

They also offer free deliveries on all purchased products that cost more than $49. In addition, Flamingo Shop promises that the entire shipping process wouldn’t take more than 10-14 working days, all things being equal.

Meanwhile, contrary to what the site says, some customers have complained about the shipping process. Many said they received their packages many days after the stipulated 14 days period. Others complained that when they put the review online, they still hadn’t received their purchase products.

Just like with every other online business, there are both positive and negative reviews. Some customers attest to receiving their products at the stipulated time.

Does Flamingo Shop Sell Quality Products? 

Flamingo Shop is a new business, and as such, there are not many customer reviews on the quality of their products.

Nonetheless, from the few comments on different customer review platforms, we can deduce that the product quality isn’t top-notch.

However, this isn’t surprising because many fast fashion brands are known to sacrifice quality for quantity.

So, if you’re shopping from the Flamingo Shop site, you should know that you might not be getting the quality you desire.

You should also note that customers have praised the quality of the products they bought from Flamingo Shop. What’s the advice? Use your discretion.

What Are The Payment Options on Flamingo Shop’s site? 

Like many other online platforms, Flamingo Shop uses payment options convenient for people in different parts of the world. They accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, klarna, diners club, and PayPal.

So far, returning customers haven’t complained of any difficulty in making payments. Also, there haven’t been any reports of Flamingo Shop divulging customers’ data.

Flamingo Shop’s Return And Refund Policy

Return and refund are a huge part of the online fashion industry. Frequently, customers change their minds about delivered goods or are dissatisfied with what they receive.

According to the Flamingo Shop Website, they want to earn your confidence. So, if you’re unsatisfied with the products you get, you can return them. However, terms and conditions apply.

First, you must inform Flamingo Shop of any returns you’re making before sending the products back. Customers should send an email first to the company’s email address.

Also, every return must happen within seven days after receiving the order. Once this stipulated period elapses, Flamingo would no longer take back the purchased product.

If you have successfully returned products, it takes 5-10 working days to get your refund. After that, they pay it into your account.

Usually, companies follow-up returns with a refund provided the customer is adherent to their terms and conditions.

Lastly, there are products that the Flamingo Shop’s return and refund policy doesn’t cover. They include hair extensions, makeup, underwear, swimwear, nail extensions, eyelashes, sex toys/ accessories, and pantyhose/stockings.

What Are Some of the Biggest Customers Complaints on Flamingo Shop 

Thanks to the internet, people can get information about any online store before paying for items. People find quick and trustworthy answers to questions like “is flamingo shop legit? “on the internet, alongside other additional information like whether people liked or disliked the products.

As much as Flamingo Shop is new in the business, a handful of people have patronized them. Also, a lot of them have had things to say about the products delivered. Here are some of the biggest complaints customers had:

Delayed delivery:

Many Flamingo Shop customers have complained of delayed delivery. Unfortunately, many of these people say it took weeks for their product to get to them. As a result, some complained that they had already lost all hope of receiving their purchased goods.

No delivery:

Yes! Quite a few people have complained that their order was a no show, which is disturbing. Many of these people received tracking numbers via mail from Flamingo Shop and still didn’t get the goods they ordered.

The “no delivery” complaints appear many times on many customer review platforms.

Poor quality:

The issue of quality is an ever-growing concern for those who patronize online fashion stores. Customers have complaints about Flamingo Shop not meeting their promise of producing quality products.

Several reviews talk about the poor quality of Flamingo Shop products. Some described it as “barely manageable.”

Customer service:

Customers can only reach Flamingo Shop via mail. They have no customer service number or any other means by which customers can contact them.

So, many of their customers with issues and complaints have to wait days to receive replies to their mails. Others have complained that they never received a response.

Tracking number issues:

Customers have complained of receiving tracking numbers not linked to any package. Some even complained of not receiving either tracking or confirmation numbers for their order.

Wrong sizes and colors:

The issue of sending the wrong size and colors to customers seems to be a major problem with Flamingo Shop. Customers have complained of receiving clothes labeled “S” but could have been “XL.” Others received a completely different size from what they ordered.

Colors are another problem. There are complaints that the colors advertised on the Flamingo Shop Website aren’t anything like what they deliver.

Returns and Refunds:

Many of the complaints on review platforms about Flamingo Shop are on their return and refund policy.

The seven-day return limit is too small, especially since you must contact them before starting the return process. Also, reaching Flamingo Shop and getting a response takes days already, which automatically shortens the seven days.

Many customers believe that they do this intentionally to avoid refunds. Also, customers have to take care of shipping costs when returning products. And some persons claim they are due for a refund from Flamingo Shop and haven’t gotten it to date.


The overall service offered by Flamingo Shop is enough to warrant the question, Is Flamingo Shop Legit? 

So far, they have been able to prove that they are genuine. Flamingo Shop responds to customers, delivers orders and releases fresh products weekly. And some customers can attest to these things.

However, some people do not trust them because of a poor customer service experience they or somebody else had.

Flamingo Shop would have to do better to keep their customers and earn their trust.

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