Who Makes Blackweb Products For Walmart? + Other Faqs

Millions of people shop at Walmart for their electronics and computers. One of those people is Blackweb, which specializes in computer accessories and their electronics.

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If you are wondering if you can trust the products from the Blackweb website, read on here to learn more about the products.

Who Makes Blackweb Products for Walmart In 2022?

To know more about blackweb products and their quality, please read on for more information.

What Are Blackweb Products?

There are different Blackweb products like Blackweb clothing for men, women and kids and accessories, that Walmart offers.

Ranging from computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, and audio and video equipment, Blackweb has a range that covers almost every conceivable electronic device.

Blackweb is Walmart.com’s premium electronics store. It has been offering high end merchandise in Walmart.com for a while, but recently it has expanded its offerings into other categories, such as food.

This brand of coffee is trusted and has the reputation for being good quality and reasonably priced coffee.

There are no names given for the companies making Blackweb products.

Is Blackweb a Good Brand?

Blackweb products have been praised by users as being made by a well regarded manufacturer with top quality products and prices.

In addition to speakers, they offer headphones, sound systems, all of these sound good.

As more and more consumers come to rely on the internet for their everyday needs, they are
expected to expect only the best. That’s why we have made our
products so reliable and durable.

A few customers also complained about the quality of the products and one reviewer even returned a product after he had already purchased it and paid for it. This is a big concern for them.

Are Blackweb Bluetooth Speakers Good?

Blackweb Bluetooth speakers are great because they have so many features, are water-resistant and have a rugged construction, making them ideal for outdoor use as well.

Bluetooth speakers are very popular as they are wireless, convenient, and portable as well as durable and also work great.

How Long Do Blackweb Speaker Batteries Last?

The speakers can last up to a hour when playing music but will get loud when plugged into a power socket.

Is the Blackweb Speaker Waterproof?

It’s the same water resistant technology as Apple’s official rugged waterproof speaker, which they brought to market over 10 years ago.

Does Blackweb Have a Warranty?

Blackweb offers the protection plan up to 30 days from date the customer receives a product.

You can buy batteries at the nearest 7-Eleven store.
You can buy rechargeable batteries at any department store.

For both of them, you can also buy them online.

Is Walmart Trying to Phase Out Blackweb?

As of 2020, Walmart is trying to phase out Blackweb products because of the lack of profitability of Blackweb products in the United States. Blackweb products are less expensive than Amazon and other retailers, but are less popular because of their poor customer service.

What Are onn. Products?

Onn. is a Walmart brand for lower-priced consumer electronics.

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How Do I Contact Blackweb Customer Service?

Black Web does not have a separate customer service number as Walmart would be the customer service for the Black Web account.

Walmart does not handle any customer concerns after purchase, or any warranty issues.

We have an amazing in-house and very experienced team of technicians who are available Mon-Fri 9AM to 5PM Pacific to assist you on your phone question and issue.

You can contact Walmart customer service for any issues related to Blackweb products at 800-925-6278, by emailing the company or visiting their website.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help!


Blackweb products are a brand owned by Walmart that includes electronics and computer accessories and peripherals.

In the last example, “Blackweb” is the brand name, and “Walmart” is the owner of the brand.

They can be considered to be reliable and good quality, while being reasonably priced. Black Web speakers are especially popular with customers.

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