15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Walmart

Walmart is a place where you can find all of the latest technological products. For example, Walmart sells electronic products like printers, cell phones, speakers, and, of course, TVs.

Walmart is a popular big box retailer. Before you buy a TV from Walmart, there are some things to consider, like how Walmart’s prices compare and the downsides of buying a TV from Walmart. Thus, keep reading for 15 facts about Walmart!

15 Things to Know Before Buying a TV From Walmart In 2022

1. Walmart Carries All the Top TV Brands

With its wide range of products, Walmart also has products that help keep your family safe.

You could buy a TV of any size that you want from any brand, like Sony, Samsung, and LG.

As you might expect, the Samsung 8 inch is the cheapest of the bunch, but still has a pretty amazing screen for this size. The cheapest of the bunch, the Hisense has a pretty impressive panel as well, and there are TVs from lesser brands that’ll work for less money.

This is the most convenient Walmart, and you can get TV you want!

2. TVs Are Sold at Walmart’s Signature Low Prices

Walmart is best known for its low prices and a large selection of many products, like electronics, toys, furniture, and clothing.

In the US, Walmart is one of the largest retailers. It is known for its low prices and low prices in comparison to other retailers.

Additionally, Walmart sometimes sells TVs at a lower price during certain times of the year.

3. Walmart Associates Are Knowledgeable About TVs

If you’re not sure what kind of TV you need, you can be sure that your friendly, knowledgeable associate will answer your questions.

However, Walmart associates are trained to know the differentiating features, brand names, and technologies of the products they sell.

You can find a Walmart associate to help you with any questions you have and see exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m pretty sure you can find a Walmart associate in the electronics sections to assist you, but it probably won’t be your typical employee.

4. Walmart Sells Both Low and High-End TVs

There’s no reason why you can’t find a TV for less than $1,000. Walmart has a wide variety of options to choose from. So buy one that fits your lifestyle, and get a TV for the house.

Walmart is also offering a lot of great deals on TVs. Once again, you can also check out Walmart’s price point filter on its website.

The search page shows the TVs that will fit your budget.

5. Walmart Will Deliver TVs Right to Your House

One convenient service is having products delivered right to your home. So, when you buy a product from Walmart online, you can get it delivered to your house through the internet.

Walmart also has services for getting help setting up your TV and installing it.

However, there might be some Shipping and Handling charges when you purchase your TV from Walmart.

Walmart uses FedEx to send TVs to its stores and to deliver TVs it owns.

6. Walmart Has an Electronic Trade-in Program

You might not know what to do with the old TV you’re thinking of buying from Walmart. Fortunately, they have an electronic trade-in program you can take advantage of.

I’ll get you a quote on shipping your car, then ship it to the store with a prepaid shipping label.

So, Walmart can give you an eGift card to use online with a computer or other device connected to the internet.

You can use the gift card for the new TV purchase, enabling you to save a small amount of money on the TV.

Walmart doesn’t take all electronics, but you can call and find out ahead of time.

7. Viewing TVs at Walmart Stores Is Less Than Ideal

They can be really hard to find, and that’s the only place you’ll see some really nice TVs.

For example, it is difficult to notice differences in quality between reflections and screen quality.

A few stores such as the Walmart store in my neighborhood didn’t even have a good selection of 1080i TVs, or had TVs on sale that didn’t have HDMI inputs.

If you see your TV right in front of you, make sure your room has proper lighting.

I believe that the bright fluorescent light affects the black level of the TV.

8. Walmart Offers TV Protection Plans

Walmart has the protection plan, and you will get a warranty on every single TV the store sells.

For an extra fee, you can protect your TV from mechanical and electrical failures from normal use.

But don’t forget to use commas correctly.

Then, Walmart will not only have a professional repair the product, but there will also be a warranty on the product.

TV’s warranties may be found within the box. You should read them to determine if they extend to service calls.

9. Walmart Has a Generous TV Return Policy

You simply purchase the TV from Walmart and have a shipping representative pick it up.

That means if you’re not satisfied with your TV within 30 days, you can return it.

You’ll have to buy all the accessories like the TV comes with it, and you’ll get the money back!

A TV you brought in may not be the exact model you’re bringing to return to the store. Also, make sure you bring your original receipt to return the TV.

Walmart doesn’t provide proof of how much you owe, and won’t issue a credit for a TV.

10. Walmart’s TV Prices Are Only Marginally Lower

Walmart does not price its TVs notably lower than other stores, although it is still a big discount for a higher variety of TV brands.

So, with that, the price differences on Walmart TVs are usually less than $100. So, while you’re saving money, it’s not a crazy amount. But that doesn’t mean you should just buy the cheapest TVs. There are some nice TVs for much less.

11. Walmart Offers TV Mounting and Installation Services

After you buy your TV, you might be wanting to mount it above a fireplace, so that your friends can see it at the party while you’re on your phone.

The two companies announced their partnership in 2016. Walmart said Handy would service the retail chain’s customers, while Handy would install appliances through a two-year pilot program.

With Handy, a trained professional comes to your home to help you install your TV, and then they come back to fix any problems for free.

Handy also offers its customers the convenience of scheduling appointments from the convenience of their smartphone.

12. Walmart Sells Everything You Need for a Home Theater

Walmart is the best place to shop for a home theater.

So, if you are interested in getting a home theater system, Walmart has what you need.

This means that your home entertainment system is really compatible with your new speaker system and TV mount.

You can order products by using your phone and their app.
You can read more about it here.

13. Walmart’s Website Makes It Easy to Narrow Down Products

Once you have chosen your brand, size, and smart features, you will be able to narrow down your search. You can look at the prices of TVs with particular qualities, or you can compare different models.

Also, Walmart has their own website where you can search for TVs under $400. Overall, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for on Walmart’s website.

14. Walmart Sells Refurbished TVs

Buying a refurbished TV from Walmart can be the best thing you can do with your money and your time.

While the refurbished products undergo a thorough inspection and repair process, they only offer a general warranty, so they are not guaranteed to be free of malfunction.

You can also find a lot of refurbished TVs in the Walmart’s store. This is your window for buying refurbished TVs.

Walmart will notify you if the product is refurbished or not.

15. Walmart Has a Lot of Deals on TVs

Walmart offers a special on televisions each year. If you plan your purchase strategically, you can save even more money.

There are lots of deals on TVs but Walmart will always have the best sales because they have the largest market share in the US.

To know more about warranty, returns, and trade-in products, you can also read our posts on walmarttv.com.


It’s a good idea to think about your reasons for buying a television before making your final decision. For example, if you’re looking for a flat screen with some extra features, then a 4K television is probably the best choice.

Buying a new flat-screen TV may also require mounting and installation, which is a separate fee charged by the seller at the time of purchase.

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