Does Walmart Sell Halal Meat? (All You Need To Know)

Walmart’s mission is to be the world’s most customer-centric company by offering low prices and providing access to quality products.

I researched Halal meat and what we may or may not find it in one of the biggest supermarket chains in the country.

Does Walmart Sell Halal Meat In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart will have certified Halal meat, including chicken, beef, and stock products. Customers can find Halal meat at most Walmart Super Centers and Neighborhood markets. This will cost between $3 and $20 per pound. They also sell Zabiha-certified Halal brands like Crescent Foods.

It has been confirmed that Walmart sells halal-certified chicken, mutton, pork, beef, and milk.

Which Halal Products Can I Find at Walmart?

Crescent Foods is a leader in Halal products, and they are sold across Walmart stores.

At grocery stores, shoppers can find halal meats from Turkey, Egypt and other regions, as well as a broad assortment of halal cheeses, vegetables and fruit.

As you can see, it is a chain of stores, you can buy halal products and other goods, the chicken is also Halal for people from the Islamic religion.

How Much Does Halal Meat Cost at Walmart?

I’m an ethical vegan, so buying from a butcher or store that sells food animals is problematic for me.

However, the prices in Pakistan (including the prices of halal items) are highly inflated by the manufacturers. I have heard that the prices for halal food items like beef and mutton were raised by a factor of 40-50% over the years.

What Other Stores Sell Halal Meal In America?

What is Halal Meat?

The food industry is facing a major challenge in the US. The Muslim community has become aware of the fact that the majority of the meat products being sold are not halal certified and are, therefore, eating non-halal meat.

Halal certification indicates that the food is approved to be eaten by Muslims.

Certification guarantees no haram products or procedures were used during processing. Halal Certification can be found on the back of packaging near ingredients or dietary requirements.

I also have a guide whether or not Walmart sells halal food, and if they do, where it comes from.

The rest is on what you might want to look for when you shop at Walmart.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Sell Halal Meat? 

There can be some problems with the Halal label since most of the time, the Halal logo is not clearly visible and it could look like it was not approved by the Halal Standards Council. As an example, you can easily get halal meat in Europe, South Africa or in Dubai, even in London, but you won’t be able to find a supermarket selling Halal meat in Australia (unless you have a Muslim friend).

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