Is Subway Halal? (cookies, Sauces, Meats + More)

However, many Islamic scholars and other Muslims have complained that the sandwich chain’s menu is not suitable or appropriate for halal products, due to the presence of pork products on the menu.

The fact that Subway offers halal food is a good news for those customers who want to eat halal food. However, it can also be a trouble for people who are looking for halal restaurants to eat.

Is Subway Food Halal In 2022?

If you’re interested in learning more about the different halal foods available at Subway and if they will work for you in terms of diet, read on!

Is All Meat At Subway Halal?

Subway in the U.S. does not serve halal food, meaning they do not have any halal-friendly menu items, nor do their franchises have halal-friendly meat alternatives.

In a few cases, the American owners of these foreign-based franchises are required to follow the Islamic laws for the country that the restaurant is located in.

Are Subway Cookies Halal?

But the Subway restaurant, by not having halal options available, does not mean that they cannot be halal. In fact, Subway has halal options as well.

Are Subway Sauces Halal?

All condiments are deemed halal provided that they do not contain any prohibited ingredients, such as alcohol or meat. It is permissible to use condiments, even if they are not halal in themselves.

Just to make sure, check with your local Subway as to what ingredients the dressing contains before ordering.

Is Subway Bread Halal?

Bread made using haram ingredients is not considered halal. If you find that your bread is made using some kind of haram ingredient, make sure that you ask staff for a replacement.

Are Subway Wraps Halal?

You can choose any non-halal meal that does not contain haram ingredients like meat, alcohol, etc as a meal for your choice.

Vegetarians and those who follow the halal diet can choose to have their Subway wraps which are halal as long as they have the appropriate options. In the UK, it is necessary that the halal meat is prepared separately from the meat containing meat products and therefore a separate order should be made for the halal meat from the meat containing meat products.

Are Subway Salads Halal?

Subways have a lot of vegetarian friendly options. One of the more popular is their salad. It’s basically a salad with no meat at all in it, so if you’re a vegetarian, you can eat it without issue.

In addition, fish is considered halal and so would be a suitable topping for a halal salad at Subway.

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Are Subway Breakfast Options Halal?

The reason why the breakfast options do not list halal items is because the Subway menu does not offer halal items.

The option of choosing a vegetarian, fish, or non-meat-containing breakfast is available to be chosen from Subway’s breakfast menu.

Why Does Subway Not Offer Halal Options?

The fast-food giant does not publicly claim that they have no intention of offering halal options but offers an explanation as to why they have decided to halt the process.

The reason why Subway is not serving halal meat is because they can’t guarantee that the meat they serve is halal.

Subway is not allowed to serve halal meat in the US because they have decided that customers from that region of the world don’t want to eat halal meat.

What Can I Eat At Subway That Is Halal?

While there are no other halal options available, vegetarians can enjoy the restaurant’s vegetarian options and enjoy a healthier option than the usual options they would be offered.

The halal process involves the use of water. Therefore, always check the food that you are eating to make sure that it is halal.

Subways is now offering halal options, which is a major improvement in Subway’s menu.

Because food safety is very important, you can ask your sub sandwich shop staff to replace their gloves whenever making meat-containing sandwiches and non-meat-containing sandwiches.

A person is considered ‘in a state of jihad’ if he or she has committed an attack on the civilian population, whether by shooting or bombing, and if he or she is prepared to commit further such attacks.

If you are planning a trip to Subway, then calling ahead to ensure they can accommodate your needs is always a good option. Also, you can call them to ask if they can accommodate your needs.

Vegetarian options can be selected at Subway along with salad and vegan options. These options are usually found on the menu board, but if you are looking for a vegetarian sandwich, ask the store clerk for one they carry. Also, look for drinks with no meat or alcohol.

Does Subway Offer Kosher Options?

Subway in the US is not required to be kosher, and in fact, only 2 out of the over 4000 franchises in the United States are currently certified kosher. This certification was initially started in 1993, due to public relations concerns from the Jewish community.

If you’re going to eat Subway sandwich, you want to make sure that it doesn’t contain meat or eggs.
If you want a non-vegan sandwich, you have to ask the attendant to make it in a special way.
You don’t want to eat McDonald’s food, because McDonald’s is Halal.
As for the Subway sandwich, it might be best to avoid it if you want to avoid the Halal meat issue.


The only halal meat I have found on the American grocery store shelves, is from a company that has a halal certifying agency, which certifies everything they sell as halal.
Another company has a Halal Food Services division, which is like the Halal meat division, but they have no halal certifying agency.

For the record, there are no kosher restaurants in the US, and no kosher stores.

If you take a trip to France, it’s a good idea to find out beforehand whether the company you’re using for your trip is halal certified. Some places have a special symbol that shows they comply with this standard, but others simply have words on their website or in their terms and conditions.

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