Does Home Depot Sell Dry Ice & Bags Of Ice? (try This Instead)

The home improvement superstore Home Depot is famous for having a wide variety of home improvement products and even functional items, like appliances and home goods, at competitive price points.

I have been through tons of different Home Depot stores looking into the question. I think I have figured out the answer. While they don’t sell dry ice or bags of ice, they do sell ice in several different sizes and temperatures.

Does Home Depot Sell Dry Ice & Bags of Ice In 2022?

Dry ice is used in many industrial processes and to lower the freezing point of fluids. It is often used to cool or freeze items in an ice machine or frozen food products when shipping overnight or to the freezer. Dry ice is considered a chemical form of refrigeration.

Whether you are a Home Depot consumer, or a do-it-yourselfer, the information on this page is for you.

Does Home Depot Sell Dry Ice?

Home Depot does not have the capacity to store dry ice as it is an incredibly volatile substance, and cannot be handled directly by customers. Dry ice is stored in warehouses and requires a shipping company or freight forwarder to distribute it to the store.

For safety reasons, it does not offer frozen ice at any of its stores or deliver with dry ice.

Does Home Depot Sell Bags Of Ice?

Home Depot only sells bags of ice to be purchased by customers. Additionally, Home Depot does not allow its employees to sell ice to customers.

Home Depot does not have cooler facilities in-store. You will need to bring your own bags of ice.

If you have a freezer, you can purchase reusable ice bags in the food storage department, which are non-toxic ice substitutes and able to be frozen and reused for a variety of applications.

Where Can You Buy Dry Ice?

If you are a normal user of ice pops and need to store your products without the use of dry ice, you can purchase the ice pops at most grocery stores and ice cream parlors.

The best time to get the most interesting and unusual ice cream flavours in the shop is during the summer; from July to September.

you can typically buy dry ice in blocks, weighing between 1kg and 5kg.

[New Para]: Some grocery stores have special sections of the store where you can buy dry ice. But the dry ice is generally really expensive at grocery stores. It’s also not easy to find because you’ll be in a different section of the store from the other products.

You will not need to spend more than $10-15 to make a batch of dry ice in your bathtub. That’s a lot less than what you’d pay at a gas station!

Other things which are not possible would be: a hot water heater, electricity, a stove, or a barbecue.

The online platform allows customers to compare multiple dry ice vendors and choose from the most competitive prices or a fixed-price rental.

It’s important to purchase dry ice in a grocery or hardware store that is a local business.

Where Can You Buy Bags Of Ice?

iced coffee, frozen pizza, chicken wings, and a six pack of Corona are also the most convenient of snacks.

Frozen goods are a great way to get healthy foods into your kids’ diets without having to make them, because you can just pop the items in the freezer when you get home from work.

The following locations are for bags of crushed ice and they are not open after 7:00 and they also cannot give out more than 50 lbs.

To learn more about how dry ice performs as a refrigerant, see the related articles above, or visit this dry ice refrigeration infographic.


Home Depot does not sell ice, but it does sell cold packs that have a dry ice container, they may be called refrigerator bags or freezer bags. You can also purchase a dry ice dispenser and use those cold packs with that.

Home Depot is denying that it’s trying to discourage customers from buying frozen food products.
[Video Clip]: Frozen food producers are being told by Home Depot that it’s no longer willing to purchase them as they use such products to chill their packaging.

I recommend these stores because they have lots of ice available and the ice is usually cheaper than the store brands that you’ll find at your local grocery store.

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