Is Mcdonald’s Halal? (countries, Menu Items + More)

When it comes to getting a Halal meal, you must know if McDonald’s is Halal. This is because, not all products sold at restaurants are Halal.

We’re going to give you all of the information about McDonald’s halal practices worldwide, so keep reading!

Is McDonald’s Halal In 2022?

McDonald’s does not serve any Halal meat offers in the United States, UK, Russia, or Canada as of 2022. However, the fast food restaurant does have some Halal-certified restaurants in other countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, and Pakistan. Additionally, McDonald’s does offer Halal chicken and cheese in Australia.

McDonald’s has all the details about the countries that McDonald’s serves Halal foods, so here’s more info!

Is McDonald’s Halal in the USA?

McDonald’s has been stopped by the American Food and Drug Administration to sell halal food in the USA and now they will only sell Halal food in Europe and Australia.

The removal of halal food from the menu was very abrupt and McDonald’s has not yet re-introduced them into their menu.

Ahmed, a Muslim man sued the chicken company because he found their chicken products to be halal.

The McDonald’s employees did not admit to, or deny the allegations against them, however they reached a settlement with the owner of the store by paying him $25,000 and they paid Ahmed $250,000 to cover his legal fees.

McDonald’s donated to a museum that teaches about an Arab American history, and to a clinic that aids Arab Americans.

McDonald’s never discussed this lawsuit at all last week when they publicly stated that they were removing Halal products from the menu.

McDonald’s, after initially saying they would never put halal on their menu, have announced that they are now opening more than 100 restaurants in the Middle East, mostly in Saudi Arabia.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Canada?

McDonald’s doesn’t have any Halal menu items, and also, since I live in Canada, the food served here is not Halal.

There has been a lot of debate if McDonald’s has a Halal menu because it wasn’t that simple for McDonald’s Canada to get all McDonald’s locations to serve Halal foods.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Germany?

Since meat has to be slaughtered according to Islamic rules, the meat in McDonald’s is not Halal. However, McDonald’s is still able to sell a few of their burgers in Germany.

Is McDonald’s Halal in the UK?

There are no McDonald’s locations in the United Kingdom that serve halal food. There are no current plans to bring halal food to the UK McDonald’s restaurants.

This is a business and there are too many other factors involved to sustain the success of the Halal food business. Therefore, they made a decision to discontinue the Halal product in the UK.

After the discontinuation, it was discovered that the company was planning to launch their Ramadan menu in the future.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Turkey?

McDonald’s is also the most popular place to go for a quick bite to eat in Turkey, as it offers the widest selection of fast food varieties.

In Turkey, McDonalds serves a wide variety of Halal food, so you can enjoy a wide variety of different food while living your Halal lifestyle.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Pakistan?

McDonald’s does not sell any type of meat that is not certified Halal in all of its restaurants.

McDonalds has a lot of great options. As for the cheese, McDonalds has a variety of cheeses, and their cheeseburgers are absolutely delicious!

Is McDonald’s Halal in India?

This would explain the McDonald’s’s recent halal certification controversy and the company’s recent push for Halal menu items.

McDonald’s is a franchise chain that is known for its cheap prices and high profit margins. The restaurants have a lot of pressure to offer a wide variety of options, including halal, so they can make up for the low price of their products.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Australia?

McDonald’s is a Halal corporation, which means they use the halal certification for their items. The chickens and cheese are halal certified.

The most common forms of animal sacrifice are goat, sheep, goose, duck, chicken, turkey, lamb, buffalo, and wild boar. But there are other animals such as fish, turtle, snake, and even dog, that can be used as a substitute.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Morocco?

McDonald’s also serves Halal-certified meat in Morocco, and it’s quickly becoming a popular restaurant choice for those looking for authentic Halal products.

You’ll even find that the McDonald’s restaurants in Canada are Halal-certified, so you’ll be able to satisfy your food craving anywhere in the country.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Saudi Arabia?

The American fast-food chain McDonald’s is now serving halal meat in the Saudi

In Saudi Arabia, you’ll also have a wide variety of food choices so you’ll probably have to try some different things while traveling and at the same time, you won’t have to worry about getting non-Halal meat products.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Russia?

Mc Donald’s is a fast food restaurant that is now expanding into Russia and they decided to stop serving halal meat.

The product line of Halal will not be coming to the country anytime soon as the company isn’t planning to launch any Halal products in the country as of now.

Is McDonald’s Halal in China?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s is not Halal in China and does not cater to the specific food preparation requirements of Halal given the almost non-existent Muslim population.
The sentence as originally written is correct.

It’s possible that the Chinese government may require Halal restaurants to only serve Halal meat. There is a long history of the Chinese government banning pork, for religious reasons.

What Are the Most Common McDonald’s Halal Meats & Products?

McDonald’s has been serving Halal meat in Australia since May of 2015.

There is also a Halal Big Mac and Quarter-Pounder, which are both considered in many Muslim communities as Haram. But McDonald’s tries to take a stand and offer these products to all of their Muslim customers.

After the McDonald’s location was inspected, they have the Halal certification, so you can order chicken nuggets or sandwiches since the chicken is Halal.

If McDonald’s serves Halal beef and cheese, that means that you can order sandwiches or other menu items featuring these ingredients and have a full stomach with no worries of feeling hungry.

Should You Only Go to Halal-Certified McDonald’s Locations?

The best way to get McDonald’s food is to go to a McDonald’s that has Halal certification. This certification is required to make sure the food has been raised, slaughtered, and prepared following the Islamic religious law.

Some Muslims do go to McDonald’s locations that offer Halal food and don’t claim to be Halal. They go there because they know that McDonald’s (especially in America and Canada) is often the only food option available.

As well as that, when I was in Dubai, I was amazed that there are so many good Pakistani and Indian restaurants but many are non Halal.

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McDonald’s hamburger meat is obtained from suppliers who raise cows and sheep and chickens on factory farms and use feed that is not fit for the animals. They are force-fed, vaccinated, drugged, and treated with hormones to grow as quickly as possible.


McDonald’s sells Halal meat in Japan, Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and Uzbekistan.

The food was selected as a way of being inclusive and the menu was designed to represent diversity and provide a welcoming experience for people regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

The Halal McDonald’s meat is considered Halal as it is derived from slaughtered animals that adhere strictly to a set of guidelines.

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