Does Mcdonald’s Have Gravy? (+ Other Common Faqs)

It is actually very easy to find a lot of different sorts of gravy products for sale at McDonald’s. People often ask if they have gravy available for sale.

Well, I’ll tell you if McDonald’s has gravy and other frequently asked questions that people have related to McDonald’s! If you’re interested in learning more about what McDonald’s is really all about, follow me on Twitter @DylanLJones!

Does McDonald’s Have Gravy In 2022?

McDonald’s still serves sausage gravy in some locations, although it took the biscuits and gravy off the national menu as of 2022. Most restaurants in the South are the best bet to find sausage gravy these days. However, other restaurants like IHOP and Waffle House still carry sausage gravy and biscuits.

Want to learn more about McDonald’s gravy? Or do you want to learn more about other restaurants selling gravy? Keep reading to learn more about gravy!

Does McDonald’s Still Serve Gravy?

No gravy can be found on the breakfast menu at McDonald’s anymore, making the burger-flippers hungry for some other meal choices.

As well as biscuits and gravy breakfast. In the South, they would mostly eat the fried foods like chicken and potatoes.

When it comes to the question of gravy, both gravy and biscuits are found in other areas of the country, including New York and Missouri.

But because the biscuits and gravy are more of a secret menu item, they’re very popular.

Does McDonald’s Gravy Have Meat In It?

McDonald’s uses some kind of pork sausage, so if you don’t like pork or can’t eat meat, you should avoid the gravy at McDonald’s.

Furthermore, the sausage that McDonald’s sells is made from 100% pork and is one of the better sausages in fast food restaurants.

How Can You Order Biscuits And Gravy At McDonald’s?

If you’re looking for some biscuits and gravy, the best way to order it is to ask your local McDonald’s whether it still serves biscuits and gravy.

However, it’s worth a try since this is the only major fast-food chain with a menu where you can get a Big Mac.

How Much Does Biscuits & Gravy Cost At McDonald’s?

Biscuits and gravy at McDonald’s when on the breakfast menu cost $1.99.
But when it was $1.80, you could get 6 biscuits and gravy for 80 cents.

The $2.99 breakfast prices are also a little bit higher than what you’d pay today if you visit the McDonald’s website.

How Many Calories Are In McDonald’s Sausage Gravy & Biscuits?

The sausage gravy and biscuits together in the same McDonald’s meal has 430 calories.

Additionally, the meal includes 50 grams of carbs, 16 grams of fat, 13 grams of protein, and 25 mg of cholesterol.

Sodium is a great source of sodium; it’s only a problem if you aren’t ingesting enough potassium or have kidney problems.

Does McDonald’s Gravy Have Dairy?

Although McDonald’s has its own version of gravy, its also a great way to serve the classic French sauces to be enjoyed with the McSalad. Make sure to order the sauce on the side to avoid any confusion.

You’ll find many people choose dairy in gravy over vegetarian gravy as it contains less fat and sodium.

What’s On The McDonald’s Breakfast Menu?

McGreevey’s Hot Biscuits – A popular menu item on the brunch menu.

Nesbitt’s Pancake House – A menu item that debuted in the 1960s.

So after all this work, the list above is the national breakfast menu, meaning you can find all of these menu items on the McDonald’s menu regardless of your location.

What Fast Food Chains Serve Biscuits And Gravy?

The Redneck Deli — serving a delicious version of Biscuits and Gravy
Mick’s Original Southern Diner — serving a variation of Biscuits and Gravy

A few other locations may be available throughout the country.

So many fast-food restaurants sell biscuits and gravy, so don’t be surprised if your local chain doesn’t carry it. Just call ahead to make sure before ordering to make sure.

Additionally, most local cafes offer a wide variety of brunch choices, so if you are hungry and don’t want to get a hotel room for the night, this type of dining option makes for a good solution.

If you want to find out more about McDonald’s, or if you’d like to know more about why it’s so good, you can find some interesting stuff by reading our posts on McDonald’s, or you can read our post about why McDonald’s is better than Chick-fil-A.


McDonald’s sausage gravy and biscuits vanished from the menu at McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S.. The brand, which was only recently reintroduced, was discontinued last fall.

McDonald’s also offers many other breakfast items that include items such as the Big Breakfast, Sausage McGriddle, and the Egg McMuffin.

The most affordable meal options are at Arby’s, Carl’s Jr., and Bob Evans. If you want to save on money, you can eat at Wendy’s because you can make a meal for less than $5.

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