Does Lowe’s Have Motorized/handicap Carts & Wheelchairs? (full Guide)

Lowe’s is a great place to purchase tools, materials, and other supplies for DIY projects. Visiting a Lowe’s store will provide you with valuable information about your project.

If you are looking for Lowe’s, it can sometimes be hard to get information on if they have accessibility features or not. It seems like Lowe’s does not have any information about accessibility on their website, however, I found a document on the USA Goverment Accessiblity website which states that Lowe’s can accommodate those who require a service animal or who use a scooter.

Does Lowe’s Have Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs In 2022?

To assist customers who may need assistance when shopping at Lowe’s, wheelchairs, hand-controlled shopping carts and other mobility devices can be rented. The accessibility center at Lowe’s also offers free demonstrations of various motorized shopping carts, mobility products and devices.

You can ask Lowe’s staff if service animals are a good fit for their business. Lowe’s also have motorized carts that can help you go the extra mile in shopping!

Does Lowe’s Have Motorized/Handicap Carts for Customers?

A Lowe’s representative stated that they currently do not have motorized carts available for customers to use within their stores while shopping. There has been no official indication that the retailer is adding motorized carts to their inventory.

Lowe’s never ceases to expand the way they are helpful to customers so you may be sure to find accessible Lowe’s in the future.

Home Depot sells a similar product called an electric cart that has features like a battery and a solar panel. It is the only product that Home Depot sells that can be powered by the sun.

Does Lowe’s Have Wheelchairs for Customers?

Lowe’s have manual wheelchairs available for customers so they can use them in store. To get a manual wheelchair from Lowe’s, you need to visit the customer service desk or ask a member of staff to assist you.

To ensure that the store has a wheel chair available for your visit, it’s important to contact your local store well ahead of time and ensure one is available.

Can Lowe’s Give Me Assistance Around Their Store?

Lowe’s offers all of their services to all of their customers, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion.

Lowe’s will be happy to help customers around their stores, including carrying or transporting heavy items, assembling items, and other services.

 Lowe’s service deisre is ready to provide customers with a range of services within their stores. They are also ready to advise you on prices for their services such as installation.

If you want to find out more information on how Lowe’s can help you, contact your local Lowe’s ahead of your visit to make sure that they can assist you.

For products and services available at Lowe’s, you can contact Lowe’s through the number 1-877-465-6937.

Lowe’s has a service where one can use the line phone to speak with a person and also get translated. A lot of languages are supported.

Can I Bring an Assistance Animal to Lowe’s?

Lowe’s is also open to the idea of allowing people who want to bring their pets into stores where the pets can be allowed to run free on the floor.

Lowe’s reserves the right to make sure that the animal is a service animal, and to make sure that the animal is well trained and under control.

Many Lowe’s stores follow their local rules and allow dogs on their premises.

Lowe’s has been known to hire veterans who are disabled as well as being dog friendly. Last year, they worked with a veteran and his service dog.

Does Lowe’s Have Accessibility Parking?

Since many stores like Lowe’s are located near highways or train lines, they encourage accessible parking on their property.

Lowe’s sells a range of parking accessories for accessibility, including letters, numbers and signs.

Does Lowe’s Sell Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs?

Lowe’s sells motorized carts for older people to use as transport in their stores, and wheelchairs that are powered by battery, for customers to use in-store.

Lowe’s has access to supplies that assist the disabled with the everyday tasks such as wheelchairs and walking canes.

In fact, some of the best-selling products at Lowe’s are the Drive Medical Spitfire EX2 3-wheel travel scooter and the Drive Medical Scooter Max SE 1-wheel scooter.

The electric scooter made by Drive Medical is one of the top selling products from Lowe’s. This product was rated at 4.5 stars.


Lowe’s do not offer motorized carts but they do have wheelchairs available which are available for people who have visual impairment or other people where it would be difficult for them to walk the aisles.

Lowe’s are going to be able to help customers that have mobility issues, as they now have an accessible living range that is available in their stores.

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