Does Ikea Have Motorized/handicap Carts & Wheelchairs? (Full Guide)

Ikea is a well-known retailer for it’s affordable priced products. With a huge variety of furniture products, Ikea is a great place to visit with the whole family.

I have looked into it, and I’ve found out that yes, IKEA is able to provide wheelchairs and motorized carts to disabled customers. However, the delivery of such items is a bit tough. In addition, the process of ordering such items is quite complicated.

Does IKEA Have Motorized/Handicap Carts & Wheelchairs In 2022?

As you can see from the image below, IKEA’s stores do have a lot of accessibility features, these include escalators and lifts to different areas, high quality flooring, ramps and braille signs for easier reading of their brochures, and of course, a number of different accessible toilets.

For more information on the IKEA Accessible Accessibility program and to find out if IKEA is accessible, then keep reading.

Does IKEA have Motorized/Handicap Carts for Disabled People?

Since the last update, IKEA now offers motorized wheelchairs and scooters within their store. These carts and scooters are available in IKEA stores in the U.S., and are shipped to the customer through IKEA U.S.’s facility in Minneapolis, MN.

While the company is not permitted to sell anything that is not sold in the UK at present, IKEA is keen to continue selling wheelchair and shopping trolleys in the UK.

Does IKEA Have Wheelchairs for Disabled People?

IKEA is able to give wheelchair to the shopping customers in need, as they can’t see the wheelchair.

ikea doesnât offer wheeled carts or wheelchairs for their customers, but they do welcome customers to bring their own into the store, as well as personal assistive devices to aid their shopping experience.

IKEA has many staff members that are trained to know the many different types of personal assistive devices so that they can better help customers.

Does IKEA have Wheelchair Access?

ikea has wheelchair accessible features to make the customers comfortable, such as offering wheelchairs.

Ikea provides their service to wheelchair users with a special wheelchair parking spot and wider aisles for people with wheelchairs.

These payment pads are also equipped with an auto-release function to make it easier for those who have issues with mobility.

Does IKEA have Shopping Scooters?

There are no motorized scooters available at IKEA, but it does have a range of shopping trolleys and various equipment designed to help disabled people when shopping at IKEA.

Ikea provides a variety of family, wheelchair, and disabled trolleys at their main entrance, which is available for people to use if they need them.

The store may offer an alternative shopping trolley or have a range of trolleys suitable for your needs.

Does IKEA Have Disabled Parking?

ikea has a variety of parking places for disabled people, that are free of charge to customers.

People with disabilities often have more problems walking in the stores especially for the disabled parking bays of IKEA.

Does IKEA Have Disabled Toilets?

The toilets are usually made to be accessible to disabled people. They’re usually not wheelchair friendly, but they can usually be entered.

Does IKEA Have Accessible Seating?

IKEA is providing an accessible space for their customers, to accommodate people with disabilities in their stores.

Does IKEA Allow Support Persons?

IKEA does not welcome customers with disabilities into the store unless they bring someone with them.

All IKEA employees are required to treat customers with respect, dignity and appreciation.

To ensure a positive shopping experience, please treat IKEA employees, clients and all other guests with respect and courtesy at all times and in all aspects of your visit to IKEA.

IKEA employees are trained and know how to support customers in their ability to find the products they are looking for.

While Småland is open to the general public, the Småland sections were designated a “Support Persons Only” area.

Does IKEA Allow Service Animals?

Anyone who needs assistance is free to make use of this support. IKEA is a welcoming environment with a special area for anyone with physical, sensory, mobility, or cognitive disabilities.

However, similar to the above, they are allowed in the IKEA cafeteria area if they are with someone that is assisting them and that they have proper documentation.

Is IKEA Disabled Friendly?

Ikea is committed to making access easier for the disabled by identifying, removing, and preventing barriers that may impair the ability to use their stores.

By offering these products and features within their stores, IKEA are able to better accommodate and make shopping more enjoyable for their disabled customers.

IKEA can arrange for you to have your vehicle delivered to your home, or your vehicle can be loaded for your purchase at IKEA.

Is IKEA Småland Disabled Friendly?

ikea offers the town in northern Sweden for adults who visit their stores.

In special circumstances children with pull-ups or diapers may enter the playroom, but not the ball pit. For areas that have height requirements, this does not apply to those in wheelchairs. But these rules do not apply for the entire IKEA store.

To know more about the issues that occur regarding not being able to access wheelchairs or motorized carts, you should read up on the law that requires them to be available for people who need them.


IKEA has also been criticized for their lack of accessibility at an online store. Some people are able to shop via their computers, however, this choice may not be accessible for all computer users.

It is possible to receive a cart or wheelchair at the IKEA ballroom if you need it. You’re guaranteed to get a cart or wheelchair if you arrive first.

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