Does Costco Have Motorized/handicap Carts And Wheelchairs? (full Guide)

Costco has features in place to help those who have disabilities navigate to their products.
The use of the passive here is meant to imply that the people in the company have designed, built, and installed the features.

* The following examples are taken from a question I recently asked in an AP class. The word “the” is included in the highlighted portion.

 I’ve found that Costco has two kinds of carts: motorized and handi-capped. There is also a cart on a swivel base to assist individuals who have difficulty walking or who may have trouble handling the cart.

Does Costco Have Motorized/Handicap Carts and Wheelchairs In 2022?

Costco has a small number of powered carts and wheelchairs and also makes certain that they are available free of charge. Furthermore, the store offers shopping assistants to help single shoppers with a cart or wheelchair if you need it.

For more information about Costco, the various ways you can shop at Costco, and whether Costco has motorized carts, then find out below!

Does Costco Have Motorised/ Handicap Carts?

Yes, Costco is giving electric carts to customers to make their shopping experience more comfortable.

Costco is testing electric scooters after some of their shoppers said that they were inconvenienced when they had to push carts around at the store.

You need to call Costco ahead if you are planning on bringing your own cart or if you have any questions about the availability of a motorized cart or handicap-accessible cart.

Does Costco Have Wheelchairs?

The store has the wheelchairs and motorized carts to accommodate customers.

Wheelchairs and carts are available for customers of all ages. They even have an in-store shop where a customer could browse wheelchairs of all sizes.

If the customer does not have someone to assist them, they should use a shopping cart.


According to the first sentence, the shop assistant is asking the customer to pay for the items, or to use a card, or to go to the cashier, or to choose something else.
The shop assistant doesn’t say anything about wheelchairs, only about using a shopping cart.

Can I Take Someone To Costco To Help Me Shop?

The policy for customers with a Costco membership card is that they are allowed to bring two guests with them and that those guests should be of the same gender.

This means if you need extra assistance from friends, family, or help, you can take them with you into Costco for assistance while you shop.

Costco Shop Cards are also being blocked for guests and they do not work for those who shop online at

Can A Costco Employee Assist Me Around The Store If I Need Help?

If you are shopping alone and require extra assistance, such as needing to use a wheelchair, a Costco employee will be able to offer you some assistance.

To help you make the most of Costco’s services, we have also included an introduction to how Costco will work, and what you can expect.

If you prefer dry cleaning, you will be directed to the nearest dry cleaner in your area.

For more details about our policies and services, please visit

We look forward to seeing you at Costco!

Can I Bring An Assistance Animal To Costco?

In accordance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Costco permits the access of assist dogs into Costco to help people shop.

Costco will call the client or their proxy to confirm the role of the assistance animal.

To determine what role an assistance animal is trained to perform, Costco will ask the owner to describe the animal’s function or purpose.

Costco has a no pets policy including service dogs or emotional support animals, and does not allow non-employee guests to bring their pets to Costco.

In order to learn more or to see the Costco dog policy in its entirety, you can access it here.

Does Costco Have Accessibility Parking?

Costco offers a great option as they offer an accessible parking spot right next to the entrance of the Costco store. As well as offering wheelchairs and motorcycles, this space is also accessible with an elevator and is ADA compliant.

Does Costco Have Accessibility Features On

To make its website more accessible to customers, Costco is committed to providing accessibility.

This includes features on the Costco website such as captioning for videos, color contrast ratios, and appropriate labels, and structuring the site to make it easier to use for people with disabilities.

Does Costco Sell Motorized/Handicap Carts And Wheelchairs?

In addition to helping their members, they also sell wheelchairs and motorized scooters in-stores and online.

This product can be bought online and in Costco stores. They are competitively priced and have high ratings.

Purchasing from Costco helps people on fixed, low incomes.

Costco has products that they carry in their stores that are FSA Eligible including a wheelchair for those who are qualified. It is worth mentioning that Costco does not provide a rolling walker for people who are eligible.

All of Costco’s wheelchair and medical alert devices can either be purchased in-store, or ordered online for delivery.

If you want to learn more about if Target has wheelchair-accessible parking lots or retail spaces, check out our previous article on that topic.


Costco is a great resource for many people, because they have a wide variety of foods and grocery items. If you are looking for healthier choices, there is a prepared food section where you will find salads, soups, and appetizers. You can also find frozen foods, meat, and dairy products. There are several options available for a person who is on a low-carb diet. I have tried a lot of low-carb versions of things and am quite impressed. The quality is outstanding, and they taste great!

It may surprise most Costco members to know that Costco sells high priced motorized and hand-driven wheelchairs at reasonable prices.

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