Best Buy Apple Watch Return Policy (used, No Box, Time Frames, Damaged, + More)

Best Buy assures all its clients that they have a good return policy on almost all the products that they sell.

We have a detailed page that you can visit to learn more about the return policy of the Apple Watch. You can also learn more about the Apple Watch by visiting our website.

Best Buy Apple Watch Return Policy In 2022

Best Buy allows customers to return Apple Watches within 14 days of purchase. When returning a watch, a receipt is required and all accessories must be provided. Also, Best Buy charges a $45 restocking fee for Apple watches.

We’re talking about the Best Buy’s Apple Watch Return policy and the different scenarios in which a person can bring their Apple watch back to the store.

Can I Return An Apple Watch To Best Buy?

No, Best Buy doesn’t offer any special warranty or protection for returned Apple watches.

This does not imply that Best Buy will not give you any support services.

Restocking Fees will be charged for all unreturned and/or damaged products regardless of warranty status.

Ensure that the Apple Watch is in the same condition when you return to the store as when you received the watch.

Can I Return A Used Apple Watch To Best Buy?

Yes, you can return any Apple Watch to Best Buy within 14 days of purchase if you are eligible.

However, before removing data, you should ensure that the Apple watch hasn’t been linked to a cloud account.

Best Buy is advising the customer to cancel their service contract. They are saying that having a service contract will not allow the customer to return their phone.

Can I Return An Apple Watch To Best Buy With No Box?

If the watch is in good condition, and if you want to receive an exchange or a replacement for a different size or color, you can do so. However, you will be charged a fee for the box.

Apple watch has return policy but the return period is limited. If the watch is working fine, you are not supposed to return it to the Apple store, for exchange or even replacement. You should return it to the place where you bought it and get a full refund.

Purchasing a refurbished unit does not guarantee the unit came from a refurbish facility.

After returning the watch, we will use the original packaging that you brought with you, and we will place your Apple Watch in an envelope that has been lined with an anti-static product. Upon delivery to Apple, the envelope will be placed into a secure shipping box. We will then ship the package to the service address that we have associated with your Apple account.

Does Best Buy Allow Apple Watch Returns After The 14 Days’ Time Frame?

The Apple Watch only allows returns made within 14 days from the date you receive your device. For example, if you receive your Apple Watch in September, you have until the end of October to return it.

Your membership will be extended while you shop at our Best Buy stores. You will have a full 6-month period to return or exchange any products you do not want.

Is It Possible To Return An Apple Watch To Best Buy With Missing Accessories?

Yes, you can return an Apple Watch with a missing accessory. You are also charged a deduction on your back reimbursement for the missing item.

Do not worry about losing an accessory due to misplaced. Just take the first step and visit nearest Apple store nearby you.

You must return the item within 14 days, for replacement to be processed.
If the item was not purchased at, a $45 restocking fee will be applied.

Which Apple Watch Models Can Be Returned To Best Buy?

You can return your Apple Watch Model that was purchased at Best Buy to the store for an exchange, a refund, or a replacement.

The best buy stores sell the Apple watches, but they allow customers to return the watches within 14 days from the date they were purchased.

Will Best Buy Accept Damaged Apple Watch Returns?

If you are returning the watch because it has a crack or if the Apple Watch strap is damaged, you will need to open a claim with their customer service.

In some countries, including Australia, you must pay the shipping fee. Please contact your local Best Buy location for specific information regarding shipping fees in your country.

There is no need to mail Best Buy the damaged/defective watch. Best Buy will replace the damaged or defective watch. To inquire about the replacement service, you must make a call at 1-888-BEST BUY.

So it’s your responsibility to ensure your Apple Watch is defective before purchasing it.

Can You Return An Open Box Apple Watch To Best Buy?

No, because you have no control on the condition of the watch after it have been opened.

If you have any issues with your Apple watch, contact Best Buy. All purchases will be replaced or repaired, and you will need to provide proof of purchase (included) with all accessories and packaging.

Does Best Buy Accept Clearance Apple Watch Returns?

We do sell refurbished Apple watches, but they are not eligible for returns.

If you see the Apple Watch Series 5 GPS, SE GPS+ Cellular, or any other on clearance sale before purchasing at Best Buy, go and get it.

For info on the Best Buy phone return policy and the Best Buy computer/laptop return policy, read up on the Best Buy return policy.


If you’re planning on buying the Apple Watch, you can take advantage of its best price today. And you don’t have to return it with a receipt, as it has a convenient return policy for buyers.

You will be able to enjoy the swift services on your Apple watch by adhering to all the acceptable terms and conditions stipulated in Best Buy’s return and exchange policy.

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