Does Target Replace Watch Batteries? [all You Need To Know]

While replacement batteries for watches are often hard to find, you might not even know if you have a spare.
For both, we can provide the replacement batteries of your watches!

 Watch batteries can get a little expensive when having a lot of them in your device. So when you find yourself in a situation where you need a new battery, it is best to seek a replacement.

Does Target Replace Watch Batteries In 2022?

If your watch is in working order, try to avoid putting it on. If you’re certain that the watch is completely broken, try to put it in a safe place. You can also put the watch in a safe until you can have it fixed.

When it comes to battery, you may not know where to go to get it repaired but Target can help you out with that and other things.

Which Stores Replace Watch Batteries?

People have the option to have their watch batteries replaced at JCPenney and their local jewelry stores.

American chains such as Zale Corporation, Sterling Jewelers Incorporated, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Samuels Jewelers, and Roger’s Enterprises are well placed to introduce watch battery replacement services.

If the watch battery is not in good shape and you want to avoid replacing the watch battery yourself, you can simply visit your local jeweler to have the watch battery replaced.

The battery replacement service isn’t something that would be considered free, but you will likely find that you don’t even know you have to pay for it or not. The store that sold you the watch, if it also sold you the battery, will likely charge you a nominal amount for the service.

Does Target Sell Watch Batteries?

It doesn’t sell them at a lower price, it does not sell them at a lower price than its competitors, it does not sell them at a lower price, it sells them at the same price it sells them when it doesn’t offer a sale on them.

A pack of 3 Energizer Lithium batteries costs $6.49 plus $0.99 for shipping. A pack of 5 alkaline batteries is $7.99 plus $0.99 for shipping.

If you’re not concerned about brand and want the best battery, Amazon has a great assortment of Powercell batteries that cost less than $7.

The batteries are on sale for only $2.49, and are being put in cereal boxes.

Why Doesn’t Target Replace Watch Batteries?

Target has been selling watches for years but they only started replacing batteries in-store on the watch in 2012
We were shocked to discover this! It makes sense when we consider the fact that these watches were made for Target and that they are very fragile.

Customers also complained about the quality of the watches because some of them received scratches
or minor damage.

If Target didn’t replace the watches or they weren’t repaired, then they may have to pay for the cost of repairs.

Does Target Sell Watches?

But, they also sell a range of women’s watches that are suitable for both men and women.
So, if you want a really good quality watch for your wrist, this is a great place to start your research.

Our customers can purchase watches from brands such as NFL, Timex, Simplify, Apple, Goodfellow, Casio, Everlast, Caravelle New York, Arizona Wildcats, Baltic Ravens, and lots of more!

And while men’s watches will fit all sizes, the women’s collection features a wide range of watches for small to large wrists, from slim watches to large watches.

Customers have a lot of style choices when it comes to watch faces. They can purchase watches in neutral, floral, animal print, gold, white, patterned, and bold colors (purple, pink, turquoise, etc.).

How Much Do Target Watches Cost?

Wristwatches cost around $10 dollars. They are typically created by independent companies such as Olivia Pratt.

Customers will find themselves confronted with a large number of different models of watches, with prices ranging from $35 to $40, in addition to the selection of third-party merchants.

There are watches that can be used with a watchband. However, the best timepieces are available with your choice of watchstrap.

You can read our guide to learn if Walmart replaces your watch battery, if Target accepts Apple Watch returns, and if Costco changes how they handle watch batteries.

Conclusion: Does Target Replace Watch Batteries?

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