Is Popeyes Halal? (chicken Sauces, Fries, Milkshakes, +more)

Religion may affect one’s choice of food and so at Popeyes, religious doctrines dictate the type of menu item offered to customers across its franchises.

There is a distinction between halal and haram for religious Muslims. Some halal food is not supposed to be eaten by those observing Islam as Haram. They do it without realising it or they do it but they don’t understand the reason behind it. However, Popeyes was a Halal food.

Is Popeyes Halal In 2022?

In July 2018, American fastfood chain Papa John’s Pizza announced that it was closing down more than 400 locations in the US and Canada due to financial difficulties. This decision impacted the employees directly as well as the local communities, as the stores were used by some people as a location to buy food and socialize. As such, Papa John’s has been criticized for the decision to close those underperforming restaurants.

To know more about the type of food at Popeyes, its outlets offering halal food items, and much more, keep reading for more details!

Is Popeyes Hand Slaughtered Meat Halal?

Popeyes’ hand-slaughtered halal meat is prepared in accordance with Islam’s five daily prayers and their meat is slaughtered according to religious requirements.

A group of Muslim restaurant franchise owners has sued fast-food chain Popeyes Louisiana Chicken in court. The lawsuit says that selling hand-slaughtered halal meat is a constitutionally protected right. This means that Muslim restaurant owners may not be forced by law to sell halal meat.

The franchisee demanded that an Atlanta-based franchise replace the chicken supplied with machine-killed birds at 14 restaurants across Georgia.

The United States was against it, the United States claimed that this was against the WTO’s regulations, and they also claimed that it was against the Free Trade Agreement.

Is Gravy From Popeyes Halal?

Canadian Popeyes restaurants don’t make a profit off of selling Muslim food.

Fans of Popeyes fast-foods are now getting a taste of their own food as they have been serving halal meat.

I know. Even the chicken tastes like chicken. No, actually, it doesn’t. It tastes like chicken that’s been soaked in lemon juice.

Does the Popeyes Takeover Mean It Will Stop Serving Halal Chicken?

There is a possibility that the company will offer halal at some of its Louisiana restaurants, as the new owners have a history of serving halal.

The new Canadian Popeyes will be run by Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen USA and not Popeyes Canada as the new company will be 100% owned by the US parent.

Halal food is mostly made from slaughtered animals and its main concern is to avoid contamination. The food items that are prepared in non-halal establishments are considered Haram.

At the time of the incident, Popeyes required restaurants to only have machine-killed chicken as the only option. However, when the franchisees protested, the company backed off on the demand, saying that it’d accept hand-slaughtered chickens as well.

The halal chicken controversy was on yahoo! message board when Popeyes bought it by the name of “Cajun Pop-A-Giles” and when it made a statement, it was met with a lot of negative comments.

This is the third restaurant by the company in Saudi Arabia. The first two were the two restaurants in Mecca and Medina, which have only been shuttered since the closure of the Jeddah Al-Baderia restaurant, which closed in March.

They just need to be careful of what they are selling, though, because there are some Muslims in Canada that are not happy with those products.

Will Popeyes Be Halal in the UK?

Popeyes is a company founded in Louisiana that operates franchises. They are the franchise of Chicken in Stratford, who is a franchise of Popeyes. So you have to say that this chain is Halal and has no pork or alcohol contamination.

Popeyes is famous for frying chicken in a secret blend of Louisiana herbs and spices. The company claims that this makes its chicken crunchier with less oil.

The general community, including the Muslim community, accepts the food chain’s chicken recipe, thus approving the food items in the restaurant as Halal.

What Is Not Halal at Popeyes US?

The company’s Louisiana Fried Chicken is not halal, and the bread they use is not called the Muslim Prayer (Alhamdulillah) but rather the Christian (La Boulange du Christ) Bread.

Is Popeyes Halal in Canada?

Canadian Popeyes, a subsidiary of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, which owns the brand of Popeyes, is a halal certified, and therefore Muslim, fast-food chicken restaurant chain.

The effort of the growing Muslim community in Canada was so that they could achieve a full halal restaurant.

To this day, Muslims are required to eat food that is permissible under Islamic rulings.

The success of the certification however has been met with certain challenges, such as the mislabeling of halal food items by the suppliers, contamination, and the difficulties in traceability.

Muslims in Canada formed the Halal Monitoring Authority of Canada (HMAOC) in order to help stop Haram food from being introduced into stores and supermarkets.

Even though you can’t tell, Popeyes is a Halal-certified restaurant chain which means that its meat can be prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.

Pork, pork byproducts, alcohol, and all things that are not halal are forbidden in the making of halal food.

Some locations in Canada use Canola Oil on their fried chicken or French fries. This is to ensure that Halal food items are served to non-Muslims.

The restaurant is further made to provide training and food safety audit on a regular basis.

What Popeyes Food Is Halal in Canada?

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Is Popeyes Halal Worldwide?

So Popeyes is not halal in the United States, but is halal in Canada or UK, in some regions of Europe, and in certain counties of South America.

According to the Islamic law, it’s prohibited to use pork-based products as ingredients in food.

But what about the fact that the chicken legs in Popeyes are deep-fried? They’re made of chicken, which is one of the five sacred animals to Muslims. So Popeyes has to fry them like the other four sacred animals of Islam: the camel, cow, horse and pig. This is the best that Popeyes can do.

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Halal refers to foods that are prepared according to the Islamic dietary laws. However, this tradition is not practiced worldwide. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a fast food restaurant, that prepares halal products. Popeyes uses imported meat from Europe.

Muslims believe that Halal food is food that is acceptable to God and that there should be no pork, or any other form of blood, in a food item. Also, the animal that is killed for the food item must be allowed to die in a humane way.

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