Does Popeyes Have Fish? (all You Need To Know)

People love Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen because of its chicken sandwich, but the restaurant has more to offer after it revised its menu in the summer of 2019 and later reintroduced its shrimp sandwich in 2021.

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So, if you know anything about Popeyes — or if you don’t know anything about Popeyes — then you may be wondering what Popeyes is.
And the truth is, Popeyes has fish, and it’s called “fried” fish.
Now, if you are hungry for fried fish, this is not the place for you.
But if you’d rather eat fish without frying,
then Popeyes may be the best option!

Does Popeyes Have Fish In 2022?

The company has recently introduced a new fish sandwich, the Cajun Flounder Sandwich, a replica of the company’s famous fried chicken sandwich. The new fish sandwich comes in two versions (light and flaky flounder filet). Like its famed Chicken Sandwich, you can now get the fish version in both Classic and Spicy versions.

To find out more about the white meat items at Popeyes, the type of vegetables Popeyes use, the cost of a chicken sandwich at Popeyes, and much more, read on!

What Kind of Fish Is Sold at Popeyes?

At Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, wild (light) and flaky flounder are the main types of fish used to make their spicy flounder fish sandwich.

A nice mix of two different species of fish with a bit of pickled vegetable and a dash of soy sauce and dill.

The flounder is covered in cheese and seasoned with Cajun and spicy seasonings.

Popeyes is known for their signature sandwiches. The Flounder Fish Sandwich is one of them. The sandwich is made with breaded cod fillet served on a bed of lettuce with a lemon wedge, a slice of tomato, and a slice of pickled pepper as toppings.

What Kind of White Fish Does Popeyes Use?

The Cajun fried fish is made with white fish, Cajun spice and breaded with crushed red pepper.

The dish is seasoned with flavors from the south of France with a crunchy breading style that provides a nice contrast.

I agree with the first commenter, I am not 100% sure where to get it.

How Good Is Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich?

The taste of this sandwich is far better than the Filet-O-Fish sandwich. It is more like a crunchy fish fillet sandwich with bread. The breading is made with real chicken, not cheese.

The taste is quite similar to the old fish from the early 80s.
The bag is not as big as the one at the early 80s. The bag is a bit bigger than a bag of potato chips, but not as big as a large sandwich bag.
The flavor is not as good as in the 80s.

The popular fried chicken restaurant served a Cajun flavored flounder sandwich with fried fish and a side of coleslaw to its customers.

How Much Is a Fish Sandwich at Popeyes?

Popeyes sells a fish sandwich for $4.49 across all chains offering an online fish menu.

New York Nico, a Brooklyn based digital and social content agency, who are spearheading the campaign, want to celebrate the return of the popular fish sandwich by featuring it’s history and showcasing the New York population’s affinity for the sandwich.

The company is offering a bonus of 15 points to subscribers of the Popeyes Rewards program for every Flounder Fish Sandwich they buy.

What’s On Popeyes Spicy Fish Sandwich?

After a few tries, my brother liked it. He said the sauce is pretty strong, but its spicy flavor is very nice, and the bread tastes really good. I would recommend it to anybody.

Also, the spicy sandwich is made with a spicy sauce, like the spicy fish sandwich, but the spicy sauce is a dark red color.
If you are eating the spicy sandwich, you need to brush your teeth because the spicy sauce will have flavor to your mouth; also, it will make you feel hot.

The company’s spicy version of the dish includes a spicy orange sauce instead of the usual fish seasoning. In addition, the spicy version also removes the need for tartar sauce.

The recipe came from a couple of sources. One had a link to the Popeyes recipes on their website, and the other was a recipe for Fried Chicken from Food & Wine Magazine. The recipe in the magazine was pretty similar to the Popeyes recipe, but I left out the lemon flavoring as it was in another recipe I had made and didn’t want anything that might be too tart to ruin the chicken. Also, instead of the breading being seasoned with Cajun spices, I seasoned it with paprika – more tangy than spicy.

What Is the Cajun White Fish Recipe at Popeyes?

white fish, bacon, cayenne pepper and green onion.

Cut the fish into 2 inch fish-fry. Chop up the potatoes and veggies. Mix the ingredients you want in a casserole. Pour the mixture into the fry pan. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350 degrees F. for about 30 minutes.

The rice is also soaked in the mixture of spices so that it is not only spiced but also has a more subtle flavor.

After the rice is done the vegetables are started. I use a variety of vegetables depending on the season. This time I used a mixture of carrots, fennel, and butternut squash.

While rubbing the fish with the Cajun or Creole seasoning, a number of other ingredients are also rubbed into the fish, which makes the fish taste Cajun or Creole. These other ingredients include garlic, lemon, salt, and pepper. The fish is then cooked in a pan.

What Are Popeyes’ Cajun Fish Nutritional Facts?

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Is Popeyes Cajun Fish Good?

Popeyes has created one of the most famous fish sandwiches in the country. Among its menu items, Cajun fish is really famous and liked.

The fried flounder sandwich is made with deep-fried flounder filet, pickles and tartar sauce wrapped in a brioche bun.

The bun is filled with a delicious, soft, and fluffy brioche. It is glazed with a tartar sauce with loads of flavor. The bun is filled with a delicious, soft, and fluffy brioche.

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Popeyes will be reintroducing fish sandwiches. Some people were very skeptical about Popeyes fish sandwiches as the fish sandwich was very different from the chicken sandwich.

Cajun white fish is used and served in two different ways. Flaky white fish is used to make fish filets that are topped with thick brine pickles and tartar sauce. Light flounder filets are topped with tartar sauce only.

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