Does Popeyes Use Real Chicken? (all You Need To Know)

If you frequently dine at Popeyes, you should worry about the chicken sold at the restaurant. The chicken in the restaurant is a product of processed food.

If there is anyone here who is still looking for more information about Popeyes chicken, let me tell you that it uses real chicken, but it does not taste like it.

Does Popeyes Use Real Chicken In 2022?

Popeyes makes its chicken sandwiches with real natural chicken breast marinated in a blend of Louisiana seasonings after being hand-battered, buttermilk seasoned, and frosted, as of 2025. They usually use chicken breast to make their crunchy chicken and source its chicken from American farms. Popeyes had set 2024 as the year (by 2025) to make the switch to antibiotic-free chicken.

For more about the chicken that Popeyes sells, where do they source their chicken, if it’s processed, and much more, read on!

What Is Popeyes’ Chicken Made Out Of?

The crispy chicken in the sandwiches is the white meat, the Louisiana seasonings are the gravy, the pickles are the relish, and the bun is the bread that holds the whole thing together.

You can also add a dash of black pepper and red pepper sauce for a kick. In addition to the chicken, you can also order the chicken sandwich with a fried chicken sandwich, a biscuit sandwich or with gravy.

Is Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich Artificial?

Popeyes chicken is made from ingredients that are natural and are sourced carefully.

When it comes to the restaurant chain we’re always looking to add new and exciting flavors to our menu, and we are always making changes to the menu based on the feedback we get from our guests.

Instead of getting chicken eggs from a chicken, the chicken eggs will be baked in a plant.

A company spokesman said that they are working around the clock to get rid of artificial colors, flavors and other preservatives that are part of the fried chicken menu items.

This includes artificial sweeteners (such as Aspartame), which according to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, may cause weight gain and obesity, and is associated with more severe diabetes.

The sandwich features the Creole sauce and a vegan brioche bun.
“It’s a great menu item. It’s something new and we know people are going to dig it,” he says.

Does Popeyes Use Chicken Breast Or Thigh?

According to the USDA, most of the time, chicken is cut from the breast region.

Chicken nuggets that aren’t served with the usual Popeyes sauce, but with a garlic dill pickle slice instead.

Where Does Popeyes Source Its Chicken?

So that the restaurants that they use in the US taste like the one that they serve at their home.

That said, Columbia Meat distributors are the primary source of Popeyes’ chicken, a source that supplies beef and turkey for the company’s restaurants.

Chickens used to make Popeyes’ chicken are raised on farms and then processed in the same facilities as the company’s chicken sandwich fillings.

What Does Popeyes Do To Its Chicken?

The undeniable famous Popeyes chicken is dipped in a mixture of an egg and flour giving it its crispy texture before it is fried.

After that, at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurants, chefs make sure there’s no “soggy spots” on any meal.

Chicken also has the magical quality of being a thing that’s edible on its own when you want it to be.

The final element is a pre-frying marinade that penetrates the entire chicken and gives it a reddish, orange color and a long-lasting flavor.

What Does Popeyes Fry Its Chicken In?

Popeye, chicken, and fried food are synonymous with the use of palm oil.

The company also said that it will not buy palm oil from suppliers whose oil is tainted or adulterated by illegal practices.

Popeyes is using palm oil from their chicken and fried seafood restaurants that is RSPO approved.

Is Popeyes’ Chicken Processed?

They use chicken in a factory where it doesn’t matter what kind of animal they use to supply their meals.

Since every Popeyes’ chicken is hand-battered and then hand-breaded and hand-fried and hand-fried up with palm oil using the oil that is extracted from palm trees that are grown in plantations and cleared by burning, it is important to acknowledge that the oil used in Popeyes’ production is from a destructive and unsustainable source.

Does Popeyes Have Plant-Based Chicken?

The chicken sandwich that consists of homecooked crispy seitan, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, and red onion on a potato bun.

That’s right, the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is topped with a housemade spicy sauce made with cayenne pepper, paprika and a hint of vinegar.

Is Popeyes’ Chicken Antibiotic-Free?

There are a number of factors that could cause a company to not achieve its goal of serving chicken free from any antibiotics.

And, this is why most food companies put nutritional info on the products that they sell rather than just adding it to the packaging.

Chicken is a good source of protein, and is one of the more healthy ways to get protein in your diet.

Also Popeyes has been working to improve their chicken health because they care about their chicken.

In many cases, however, it has been found that the five freedoms of animal welfare are not necessarily met in the conditions of conventional livestock and poultry production.

Does Popeyes Have Non-Breaded Chicken?

The blackened chicken fingers come with a special seasoning called “Sweet
& Tangy” and are also offered with “Extra Tangy”.

As mentioned on earlier, a chicken breast that is not breaded is a significant source of low carb diet for those specializing in low carb eating habits.

Does Popeyes Make Its Chicken Fresh?

The chicken is prepared in a batter which is hand cooked. This is done as a result of the freshness of the chicken.

Why Does Popeyes Marinate Chicken For 12 Hours?

Chicken is marinated for twelve hours and the result is a flavor unmatched by any other fast-food chain.

Popeyes also uses a proprietary spice blend called “BLT” that has been developed over decades of research.

The process of using longer term cooking takes more flavor, because this allows the chicken to be more fully cooked.

Does Popeyes’ Chicken Have Gluten?

All breaded Popeyes chicken is made with wheat flour, however some breaded chicken is made without gluten. The non-breaded chicken is made with corn and soy with no gluten.

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Popeyes serves the best marinated chicken breast on the planet. However, they tend to spoil more often than other establishments.

Chicken from the restaurant was free of antibiotics, and it was only a matter of time before the chain decided to add that to the menu.

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