Are Kfc Mashed Potatoes Real? (Not What You Think)

KFC offers a wide variety of fried chicken dishes. The only fried chicken dish that is not on the menu is the fried chicken sandwich. KFC started off selling the fast-food chicken only during the breakfast time, but currently, the chain also offers this fried chicken sandwich during the lunch time.
KFC is also famous for using the original recipe for the fried chicken. They have used their unique recipe since the beginning.

KFC’s mashed potatoes are delicious, and many might be interested to know whether or not these mashed potatoes are really KFC’s. So, keep reading more to find out the truth!

Are KFC Mashed Potatoes Real In 2022?

KFC’s mashed potatoes aren’t made from fresh potatoes and are instead an instant potato recipe. Although they look like mashed potatoes, KFC’s mashed potatoes aren’t vegan because they use milk. The ingredient list also contains foods like food additives and preservatives.

If you want to get more in-depth information about ingredients on the mashed potatoes from KFC, read on!

Are KFC’s Mashed Potatoes Made From Real Potatoes?

KFC’s mashed potatoes are not made from scratch. Instead, the fast-food chain uses instant mashed potatoes and some spices.

KFC doesn’t make mashed potatoes from scratch because it would take to much time to make mashed potatoes right.

If KFC used the same mashed potatoes over and over and they tasted bad, then customers would complain.

Basically, instant mashed potatoes are easier to cook and you can prepare them anytime you want.

In addition, it would be a pain if the mashed potatoes tasted like the original because they’re made from the wrong ingredients.

Why Do KFC Mashed Potatoes Taste Like Real Mashed Potatoes?

When people learn that KFC’s mashed potatoes are made from instant potatoes, they usually feel disgusted and think that it’s disgusting.

One reason for that is that they serve organic potatoes, unlike many other fast food restaurants.

I think that KFC only makes mashed potatoes fresh once a week, and they probably have a lot of other things that are made fresh once a week, so it’s safe to assume that just the mashed potatoes aren’t made fresh, they’re frozen and repurposed.

The above list is based on ingredients provided on the KFC website. This list can vary depending on the type of product purchased.

What Are the Ingredients in KFC’s Mashed Potatoes?

There’s one ingredient that is a little bit of a mystery, but it’s also the main component in the recipe.

 The main ingredients in KFC mashed potatoes ingredients include a combination of additives, preservatives, and various flavourings.

You can’t expect KFC to go back to its roots and make food using only the natural ingredients.

However, using artificial ingredients should not be used to keep costs low. This is when restaurants should use fresh and natural ingredients.

KFC used artificial flavorings to improve the taste of their mashed potatoes so customers can always go back to KFC for more.

Are KFC Mashed Potatoes Vegan?

Mashed potatoes are a great source of carbs, so KFC mashed potatoes are a perfect option. KFC has an entire food menu on their website that is also vegan.

However, considering that vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming more and more popular, it is possible that KFC will switch its recipe to make vegan-friendly mashed potatoes in the future.

You can get the mashed potatoes at KFC so that’s one thing you won’t have to avoid.

Does KFC Have Any Vegan Options on its Menu?

The Kentucky Fried Vegan (a veganized version of KFC’s original chicken sandwich), the KFC Vegie Bucket (a vegetarian option with a chickpea batter and broccoli), and the Vegan Crispy Tenders.

The side dishes at KFC are vegan and healthy. The fact that they are vegan and healthy is not a surprise because the chain is best-known for fried chicken.

What they don’t really have is any vegan offerings and with the exception of the Crispy Chicken Nuggets, the menu is quite low in variety. Of course, vegan items like the Crispy Chicken Nuggets are available but it’s still not really a fair comparison.

You might also want to read up on whether the KFCs actually had the potato wedges on their menu or was it just something in their marketing materials.


The mashed potatoes at KFC aren’t made of real fresh potatoes, but they do have a lot of chemicals and preservatives in them.

However, KFC’s mashed potatoes that are made using all-vegetable oil aren’t not vegan friendly because the mashed potatoes are prepared using vegetable oil.

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