Are Kfc Fries Gluten-free? (all You Need To Know)

Consumers are becoming concerned about what they are eating, and more specifically what they are putting in their bodies. Those with gluten allergies are especially on guard, as the wrong ingredient can seriously damage their bodies.

KFC has a new plant in Springfield, Kentucky that is dedicated to making gluten-free fried chicken. The plant is called KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Are KFC Fries Gluten-Free In 2022?

The fried chicken sandwich from KFC doesn’t fall into the gluten-free category as of 2022. The KFC sandwich contains bread, which is gluten-free but not technically the chicken. The company also sells gluten-free sides, like the Capri Sun Roarin’ Fruit Salad and milk products.

KFC has a few gluten-free items, but the fries aren’t. It is likely that the fries are often served in a separate bowl, where gluten-free fries may be available if the server is well-informed about gluten-free needs.

Why Aren’t KFC Fries Gluten-Free?

KFC fries aren’t actually gluten-free because they contain wheat products and other ingredients. Those ingredients include MSG (monosodium glutamate) and soy, which are a common allergen for many individuals.

It is important that the consumer be aware of the ingredients in any food product and make an informed decision as to the purchase of that food product.

Not only are KFC fries safe for individuals with peanut allergies, but they are also safe for people who are allergic to shellfish, milk, fish, and eggs.

Are KFC Fries Healthy?

I think that Kentucky Fried Chicken’s fries are not healthy, as the food contains a lot of fat and salt. They also contain a lot of carbohydrates and sodium.

This means KFC fries are not vegetarian friendly, as they are cooked in the same oil as the popcorn chicken, even though it is not specifically listed as a no-no.

But what if you want to make fries at home that are both gluten-free and vegan? Well, you may not get to make the fries with regular potatoes like you would at a fast food chain, but you can make fries out of sweet potatoes!

Does KFC Offer Any Gluten-Free Items?

Fortunately, Kentucky Fried Chicken has some gluten-free items and may come to include more such items on its menu soon.

KFC’s menu doesn’t have a side that has gluten. For example, it doesn’t have fried or mashed potatoes, but the side dishes are healthier. For example, it has crispy potatoes that have extra cheese and bacon.

The Caesar side salad and the house side salads have gluten-free without the croutons and the dressings.

I don’t find Hidden Valley fat-free ranch or Marzetti Light Italian gluten-free.

Are KFC’S World-Famous Biscuits Gluten-Free?

I looked at the nutritional label on my gluten-free buttermilk biscuits and saw that they contain carbs (11/10g) and sodium (520mg) too. I am disappointed. But to be honest, I can’t eat the KFC biscuits because I’ve discovered I’m allergic to gluten.

The French Biscuit Company is the only bakery in the United States that uses these types of ingredients into the production of its products. The bakery’s website states that each batch of dough is mixed, shaped, baked, cooled, and packaged within three hours.

Are Soft Drinks At KFC Gluten-Free?

But PepsiCo’s gluten-free strategy is not just a marketing tool for the food industry, it’s a reflection of the growing awareness of the potential health consequences of gluten.

PepsiCo markets gluten-free products as a way to satisfy market demand and increase consumer perception that they’re supporting small, local farms.

It also includes diet options like Pepsi Zero, Diet Pepeis, and Sobe Life Water Yummy Pomegranate.

KFC has also included gluten-free options for its Lipton tea options, specifically Brisk Peach Iced Green tea, Brisk Raspberry Tea, and No Lemon Iced Tea.

Apparently, the only thing that isn’t safe for everyone under the KFC tree is the Colonel himself.

Are Kid’s Menu Items At KFC Gluten-Free?

The company does offer milkshakes for children, but if mom and dad are concerned, it’s best to skip.

There are gluten free meal options available including popcorn chicken, burger, and mini fillet chicken.

Although McDonald’s has already started offering gluten-free items this year, parents can always contact their local McDonald’s before visiting their local franchise for more information.

Our menu selections have been created to be as delicious, healthy and gluten free as possible.

We offer all of our patrons a gluten-free menu, and we understand the dietary needs of all of our guests.

Do Other Chicken Restaurants Offer Gluten-Free Menus?

The Country Kitchen,
The Wing House, and
The Chop House.
And if you’re in the mood for something other than chicken, you might consider a visit to one of the other great restaurants in the area, like
The Big Rock Cafe, and
The Waterfront.

If your restaurant has a gluten-free option, then you can simply make your choice and then ask the waiter to order gluten-free side dishes.

Feel free to ask KFC about available gluten-free menu options and see if they have something you can order.

How Can I Find Gluten-Free Fast Food?

Fast food is a great way to eat healthy, but it can get expensive when you eat out all the time.

But let’s just say that the best thing about having a gluten intolerance is that you don’t even have to go to a restaurant to eat! There are so many easy food choices that people who have a gluten intolerance can make for themselves.

If you are wondering about where to get the best food in the city, there are many apps now to help you. In fact, most people search for the best restaurants before they travel to the destination.

Then with a bit of research and some fine-tuned sleuthing skills, you can uncover various places that offer gluten-free meals.
You can also check out these sites for gluten-free dining.

If you see more about KFC, you can also see our posts on whether or not to be nice to KFC employees and if KFC is evil.


KFC doesn’t offer gluten-free fries at the moment; however, they do offer several gluten-free menu items.

Not all restaurants have menu options that specify if a dish contains wheat or gluten, and some don’t even list items that contain these ingredients on their menus.

Several fast food restaurants serve chicken products with other gluten-free items, including waffles and brownies.

Gluten-free is a trendy food type. If it is something new and different, people are willing to try. However, it is not for everyone and should only be one of many food choices.

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