Is Kfc Gravy Vegetarian? (not What You Think)

While the vegetarian diet has been around for a long time, the practice of banning meat from many restaurants was not until the 70s. This was done to create a healthier environment for customers who may be allergic to chicken wings or not in the mood for the taste of pig meat.

When it comes to KFC, most people know that most fast food restaurants offer a vegetarian option. But, is KFC’s gravy vegetarian-friendly? I’ve recently looked into KFC, and here’s what I’ve found.

Is KFC Gravy Vegetarian In 2022?

KFC was once a favorite meal for vegetarians and vegans because they did not contain animal products. However, due to a recent change in corporate ownership, their gravy is now not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They may be able to find a few vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.

As mentioned previously, KFC has recently added some new items to their menu that are completely vegetarian-friendly. Chicken, of course, is included (not a meat-eater? You can find the exact vegetarian option by clicking on the image!)
Now, read on for the rest of the details on what else you can eat at KFC!

What Does KFC Use In Its Gravy?

The chicken fat also comes from the vat, and there is also chicken crackling that comes from the meat and the crumb.

The water to powder mixture is then put in a pan and a lot of time is spent roasting it.

Additionally, the gravy is made with enriched wheat flour, and palm oils. It is made with 2% silicon.

People with a gluten allergy or those who do not want to ingest palm oil for many reasons need to steer clear of KFC gravy.

What Other Vegetarian Options Does KFC Provide?

KFC officially announced that by the end of 2020 they will start serving Beyond Fried Chicken.
[Original (with link): KFC’s CEO discusses its 2020 menu changes, new items and ‘Beyond Fried Chicken’ – Business Insider

The following are examples of how they have added new items and changed old items (in italics).

KFCs in Canada and the UK have long offered plant-based chicken options and a spicy vegan burger as options.

However, there’s a Vegan Burger being served at a particular time of the year. So make sure to head-over to the restaurant and see if they have them.

Can Strict Vegetarians Or Vegans Eat KFC’s Plant-Based Products?

People who are strictly vegans and vegetarians do not eat any animal products, including oils, fats, and meat.

In order to avoid KFC foods, they should avoid eating anything that might have come in contact with the chicken before it was eaten.



This is because the production methods of meat and meat by-products can be contaminated by the fat, oil and animal proteins found in animal products.

The fast food chain is said to keep these foods separate when they are cooking.

Who Supplies KFC’s Plant-Based Meats?

KFC’s partnership with Beyond Meat is designed to offer them vegetarian alternatives to a product that is often criticized.

Beyond Meat is famous for its burgers that taste like chicken, but many people don’t know they have plant-based chicken meat in their products.

In some countries KFCs use meat substitutes and these products are already widely available.

KFC doesn’t get their chicken from Quorn, they get their chicken from a plant in the UK that is really a factory filled with chickens.

Does KFC Gravy Contain Potential Food Allergens?

All the ingredients for a healthy and delicious food are within reach: rice, vegetable or meat, a little bit of oil, seasoning, and a sauce to add taste to it.

However, it is not clear if the gravy is gluten free, so individuals with gluten and soy allergies or who are lactose intolerant should steer clear of KFC’s signature gravy.

Additionally, KFC gravy doesn’t contain any eggs or fish or nuts or mustard or sulfites.

KFC has a few food allergies here and there. However, it may contain some ingredients that might bother you.

What Is The Nutritional Information For KFC Gravy?

KFC tastes terrific and is a good source of calories, but is not conducive to health if you are trying to lose weight or eat healthy.

The total fat isn’t much in the gravy since it’s only 5 grams, but the carbs aren’t negligible either.

They have a lot of salt in a small portion, that’s why it’s important to keep an eye on sodium in your diet, especially when you eat there.

What Other Fast-Food Places Offer Vegetarian Options?

KFC offers an excellent array of vegan options but you’re not the only one who can eat here. There are many vegan options available for those who are looking for those.

There are many vegetarian items at stores. So far, I have only found a few that specifically ask if you want your food vegetarian.

This has nothing to do with the portabella mushroom burger at Shake Shack.

Are KFC Drinks And Desserts Vegetarian?

KFC has a few tasty items for the vegetarians. The apple turnover with cinnamon apples is very good, and so is the apple sauce.

More information about KFC can be found at our blog, if you want to find out more about KFC, you can check out our posts about whether or not KFC has grilled chicken, if KFC chips are vegan, and if KFC chicken is real.


While KFC in the US is not vegetarian or vegan friendly, that may change. When and if that happens, this particular demographic may well clamor for a vegetarian gravy option as well.

Vegetarians can request special items on the secret menu without meat when dining with non-vegetarians.

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