Does Subway’s Veggie Patty Have Egg? (+ Other Common Faqs)

As with any fast food, Subway can be loaded with preservatives, fat, high-fats, or anything else not as healthy as it could be. But if it’s lunch or dinner and you’re looking for a fast bite without a ton of fuss, Subway is a great option.

This can be one of the most popular sandwiches for vegetarians. It contains egg, which is the most problematic. It’s a matter of personal preference, though; some vegetarians won’t eat anything with egg.

Does Subway’s Veggie Patty Have Egg In 2022?

SUBWAY(r) Veggie Patty(r) is a delicious whole grain patty made with 100% whole wheat and sprouted grain bread combined with fresh vegetables and a blend of herbs and spices. This delicious, veggie-filled sandwich creates a satisfying meal anytime of the day. SUBWAY(r) Veggie Patty(r) is a great choice for a nutritious meal, and is available nationwide in the US.

Are The Veggie Patties At Subway Vegan?

Unfortunately it is not suitable as it contains egg, milk and cheese.

Since it is made with eggs, you can use it as a nutritious sandwich spread.

A quick search for eggless mayonnaise reveals more uses for this versatile and versatile product.

That being said, if you are a vegan, the veggie Patty is the only one you will want to order.

However, they are not very attractive

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What Is Subway’s Veggie Patty Made Of?

This sandwich is not vegan, but it’s still a good option for vegetarians (and others!).

The Veggie Patty comes with the base of organic vegetables which are blended and cooked in a proprietary process. In addition, the burger relies on other vegetable products and other ingredients to make a really tasty and yummy patty.

There is lettuce, cheddar cheese and pepper in the Veggie Patty.

The Veggie Patty might contain these ingredients and also be stuffed with lettuce, or a tomato-based sauce might be used.

So it’s been said that many times and many places but here’s the best way to find out what Subway is eating is to look at their allergy list.

Is The Subway Veggie Patty Good?

It is delicious too! The Subway veggie patty is a great addition to the menu, being full of flavor and delicious whether served hot or cold.

The point of this salad is to have a well-balanced and tasty salad, and the Veggie Patty is best enjoyed as a side dish!

This is a great option for vegans who are looking for a different option than falafels. I personally love their hummus and I love the fact that they are gluten-free.

Favourite place: It’s all about the atmosphere over the food. I recently visited Cafe du Monde, which is famous for its beignets. Those beignets are huge and completely addicting.

What Other Vegetarian Options Does Subway Have?

Subway has a few other choices but if you are vegetarian or trying to avoid eating as much meat, I recommend the veggie sandwich choice.

The Veggie Patty was delicious! The Veggie Delite was very good too, though I like my subs slightly less greasy (I’m a fan of the grilled cheese and tomato sub and am okay with a slightly more dense bread). The meatless meatball sauce was good but I do wish they had added a bit more. It was a light sauce, and it tasted more like marinara sauce than meat sauce.

And also, the Subways are the best because everyone is so nice to each other. You can bring your dog for lunch as long as they can sit there.

In fact, you can order the Veggie Patty as part of your greens toppings or even the plant-based meatballs!

For another vegan option, you can go to the plant-based burger at the top of the blogpost (also available at other locations) or order the “Sizzling Veggie Patty”!

They’re actually called “Vegan Malibu” patties, and we were lucky enough to try them in Washington D.C. (where we are) and we loved them!

To learn more about this topic, you can also check out our posts on whether or not Subway has a seafood sub, if Subway has pizza, and if Subway wraps are gluten-free.


Subway has an egg-free patty, but they are made with egg-free bread dough. The veggie patty is also made without preservatives because it’s fried, not baked.

The tofu is also very easy to cook and is actually very similar to the texture of meat.

There has been a huge amount of research on how and why veggie patty is a good choice.

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