Are Subway Wraps Gluten-free? (all You Need To Know)

Subway is very concerned about the health and convenience of their customers. They offer many custom menu items to accommodate many different needs, and they even cater to specific dietary restrictions.

I have some concerns regarding gluten-free options but I have ordered one sandwich and I’m seeing if there’s any adverse reaction to the sandwich. I’ll keep you posted.

Are Subway Wraps Gluten-Free In 2022?

One study showed that only 3% of Subway’s bread is made in a gluten-free environment. Due to Subway’s sandwich making techniques, gluten-free items are not pre-packaged, but rather, placed in a separate location.

For more information on Subway’s gluten-free menu, which items are gluten-free, and how to successfully order a gluten-free Subway sandwich, just keep reading!

Does Subway Have Gluten-Free Bread Or Wraps?

Unfortunately, a Subway doesn’t have gluten-free wraps available to buy.

With that, Subway offers gluten-free wraps, and there is a lot of variation in the selection. The spinach and tomato and basil and the spinach and tomato and artichokes are gluten-free, but they are not the same. And they are also very different. They are not the same at all, to be honest. The only thing that is common is they have less bread than regular sub sandwiches.

Gluten-free sandwiches are usually made with brown rice bread, which has a different taste than regular wheat bread.

Does Subway Use Gluten-Free Bread?

To make sure that the bread they bake is gluten-free, Subway restaurants carry all their bread, including the gluten-free bread, without being baked with the other bread products. This means that the gluten-free bread will be served on the same table as the bread that does have gluten in it.

Well that is actually not bad for a Subway, as it is the same size as the bread you buy at a regular grocery store.

Subways, and most fast food restaurants, only serve meatball subs that are a foot long, so they can make a full meal out of one.

Further, if you should go to Subway for a gluten-free sandwich, your gluten-free requirements must be discussed with your Subway sandwich artist, as they cannot guarantee the healthiness of gluten-free products.

Does Subway Make Its Gluten-Free Bread?

Gluten-free bread is available at Subway stores, but the chain does not make its own gluten-free bread and wraps.

In some American cities, and a few other countries, bread is baked in an oven specifically designed for baking gluten-free bread.

Also, when you order a sub, you have to tell them how you want it to be cut (slice size, bread, tomatoes, onion, etc), and they must slice it exactly the way you request.

I should clarify though, that I cannot speak to a restaurant’s gluten-free policies because I have no experience with gluten-free policies at restaurants in the USA.

Which Subway Stores Have Gluten-Free Bread Or Wraps?

At Subway, the bread is not standardized, which means it does not always come with gluten-free bread available.

While this appears to have been true in 2015, current research shows that in the United States, Subway restaurants are not gluten-free-friendly.

If you want to know if your local Subway carries gluten-free bread, it sounds like you should contact the store before visiting.

What Is Subway’s Gluten-Free Bread Made Of?

The bread had egg whites, cornstarch, palm oil, and tapioca starch. It also contained sugar and modified cornstarch.

Subway recently released a new gluten-free bread made with potato starch instead of wheat flour.

Is Subway Gluten-Free Bread Good?

A Gluten-Free sandwich at Subway has received favorable reviews for the taste, with Gluten-Free Yummy giving the sandwich an A rating.

There’s a reason that in countries with many gluten-free options like the U.S., Subway is one of the most popular fast food chains. It’s not just good quality food; it’s also delicious and convenient.

Is Subway Coeliac Friendly?

Subways are known for their bread products. However, due to the preparation process they use, they may still be a problem for those with gluten-free dietary restrictions.

Subway will prepare its food in shared spaces with other food items that may have gluten.

Subway’s website says that they can’t guarantee that all menu items are gluten-free.

But if you need to make sure your Subway food remains gluten-free then you should inform your Subway sandwich artist.

What Other Gluten-Free Options Does Subway Offer?

Even though they can’t offer something gluten-free on their menu, Subway still offers a small selection of items that are free of gluten such as meatballs and meatball sub sandwiches, gluten-free bread, and a few salad options.

For example, the sandwich choices at Subway are wheat-free (some with gluten-free bread) and include meat and chicken sandwiches and veggie subs.

Subway has also started a gluten free menu at some of their restaurants. I have heard that they have made these items in Texas.

I will start to eat a gluten-free diet and start to introduce these things in the menu for the American Subway.

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 Sadly, Subway does not currently offer gluten-free wraps in any of its stores for customers to purchase.

You can also get a gluten-free sub at other companies. However, Subway can be a bit pricey, and they don’t offer the best quality, so I usually skip them when I’m gluten-free.

The bread will have a different taste but you have to be careful because it can also be filled with gluten.

Also, people in the USA get their pizza in gluten-free, and now you can get chicken from the Subway chain.

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