Does Kfc Have Potato Wedges? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Potatoes were a popular side item ordered at KFC. Many people loved this side dish with their value meals. Many people associated the dish with family reunions and picnics.

According to a website that I found, the KFC potato wedges were rumored to have been removed from the menu. The website claimed that the company is considering replacing the potato wedges with a different item.

Does KFC Have Potato Wedges In 2022?

Many people were disappointed with KFC when it decided to replace potato wedges with Secret Recipe Fries. The potato wedges were extremely popular with KFC fans. KFC stated that despite fan disappointment regarding the Secret Recipe Fries, most fans were overwhelmingly positive.

The decision to stop selling the popular KFC potato wedges was not only because of KFC’s fast food popularity. In fact, many other factors play a role in the decision to stop selling the popular KFC potato wedges. Let us talk about those factors and see how they contributed to KFC’s decision to stop selling the potatoes!

Why Did KFC Discontinue Potato Wedges?

One theory behind the change is that KFC wanted to change things up a bit and bring the new “new and improved” KFC potato wedges to the public.

After the success of the chicken sandwich, KFC wanted to create a variation of it for the next big promotion.

Not only were the Secret Recipe Fries themselves a product of 60 years of waiting, but they also had to be made by a team of chefs (no doubt in secret, as they were only revealed to the public after they were created), and they could have been used as a prize.

Are Secret Recipe Fries As Good As Potato Wedges?

A new survey shows that the customer perception of CVS is mixed at best. The survey said that shoppers think the chain has a bad reputation.

A petition was created calling for the KFC to return to their fried potato wedges. People said they missed the fries and wanted them to return.

The company said the new recipe for the sandwich, introduced in Canada in January 2015, will result in a more toasted bread-like texture. The new recipe includes a bread-like crouton topping.
You will also notice a new “kicking off” that was added to the sandwich.

Well, there were also a couple of reviews that mentioned the fries were not nearly as good as the original.

How Did Customers React To The Potato Wedge Change?

The new fries are a little darker, more of a light golden-brown than they were before, and there’s a slightly more complex spicing which includes cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and a host of other spices.

When people complained about the price of the fries, KFC said that they have already said that they will remove the price, but that they may be replaced by other things.

A few users did not let the mediocre fries get in the way, posting that you should go to Burger King to get more.

Despite the loud, boisterous, and unpleasant sounds of the crowd, many people were still satisfied with the food.

Why Were KFC Potato Wedge Fans So Angry?

Buying a franchise is like buying yourself a business. Most of the time, you are buying something in return for your services. That’s why it is important to find the right opportunity.

Wedge salads had been a highly-sought menu item at KFC, but this move was a complete surprise to most of the long-time customers.

In order to raise awareness for the potato wedge, people came together to start a petition to demand KFC reinstate its potato wedge. Today, the petition has garnered thousands of signatures.

Will KFC Consider Bringing Potato Wedges Back?

It doesn’t seem likely that KFC will bring the wedges back, but if the petition gets at least 5,000 signatures, KFC will reconsider bringing the wedges back.

The fast food franchise regarded the Special Recipe Fries as a replacement for fries, not a meal.

KFC is not the only place that is removing their signature items. Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Panera are also removing their signature menu items as well.

To save money, the trend of shortening the menu is to reduce the number of dishes served or to reduce the size of each dish.

Can You Make KFC Potato Wedges At Home?

But the original KFC recipe doesn’t have a lot of spicy hot sauce or that one ingredient that makes the rest of the recipe work.

Buy fresh, and don’t use too many potatoes – the ones from Costco look fantastic and you can cook them in bulk!

The secret to the crispy texture of the potato skins is to leave them on and coat them with a seasoned mixture before they go into the deep fryer.

If the potato wedges you choose are not crispy enough, then you can use the oven rather than frying — it is just that time-consuming.

What Other Potato Products Does KFC Make?

In addition to Special Recipe Fries, KFC offers another equally coveted side item, mashed potatoes and gravy.

You can buy a single or multiple sized container to have some Chicken, Baked Potato, or a Chicken, Baked Potato and Corn.

I don’t know how anyone could be unhappy with this. I’m pretty sure it’s not just your mouth that’s happy with this corn. It’s also your stomach! Whoa…You guys, we have a winner!

Since the chicken is covered with gravy, then this is the reason why this dish is also referred to as Gremolata Chicken, even though it originated from Italy. It is most often used as a topping for baked or roasted meats, but you can use this on potato and veggie dishes too.

Has KFC Discontinued Other Popular Favorites?

Chicken Breast Strips, Chicken Nuggets, Original Recipe Fried Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, and even the KFC nuggets and chicken tenders.

They also axed other favorites like Boneless and Beyond Fried Chicken, a plant-based chicken substitute.

KFC failed to launch the faux meat globally after a successful test run of the menu item. They pulled the menu item.

For more information, you can view our posts on whether or not KFC Has Grilled Chicken, if KFC Chicken is Real, and also if KFC chips are Vegan.


KFC made fries with French-fry chips and made a large version of the fries that was shaped like a wedge.

While Secret Recipe Fries was not initially well-received by the public, the general population eventually warmed up to them.

In fact, you can expect KFC to reintroduce the wedges again like when they briefly brought back the original-flavor Chicken Selects.

However, I still don’t think this one is going to change much. Consumers won’t really notice a difference, as it’s going to be such a small amount. If they do notice a difference, it’s going to be something small, like a better price.

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