Where Does Mcdonald’s Get Their Chicken? (all You Need To Know)

McDonald’s has been the subject of many wild claims, such as there is pink slime in their chicken nuggets and they never pay attention to their customers.

I love McDonalds! They have a lot of food and I love eating there. The chicken is pretty good, but do they use free range chickens or chickens that are raised in a cage? Let’s read the facts.

Where Does McDonald’s Get Their Chicken In 2022?

When it comes to what McDonald’s customers are ordering, people from Canada and the U.S. are the most loyal to the chain, and both make up about a quarter of McDonald’s customers. Those from Europe account for about a third of its buyers while those from China make up the smallest percentage at about 4%. About 65% of McDonald’s business is international.

McDonald’s chicken is an easy way to get into a quick and delicious meal. When it comes to the chicken, there are plenty of questions that people have so let’s go over some of the most common ones.

Who Supplies Chicken to McDonald’s?

Tyson Foods is now the biggest supplier of chicken to McDonald’s, even bigger than it has ever been.

So it means that the Tyson chicken is now coming straight from the farm to the restaurant for more than 40% of all McDonald’s chicken.

Tyson Foods is a company that makes food for people. It’s used mostly for chicken sandwiches.

Where Does McDonald’s Get Their Chicken Nuggets?

McDonald’s won’t say anything except they get meat from a lot of different suppliers, even though they use Tyson for their chicken.

In addition to the states mentioned above, Tyson is also located in Alabama, California, and Missouri.

Does McDonald’s Chicken Come From China?

McDonald’s gets its chicken and chicken products from around the world, including from China. The company has also recently had to issue a statement pointing out that its French coffee supplier, which has since been revealed to be fraudulent, was not connected to its French restaurants.

A McDonald’s uses chicken that come from American farms, which are supplied by Tyson Foods and previously supplied Keystone Foods.

McDonald’s Chicken Farm Abuse

McDonald’s has been accused of animal cruelty for using chickens raised in battery cages and also being involved in the abuse of animals.

 The company also parted ways with a meat supplier in 2015 after a video surfaced showing a workers beating and gassing turkeys.

There are some good examples of companies that do amazing work and are transparent, but others are not. We are proud to have the word “pinnacle” next to our name.

And a bit more on that: the company’s founder has a pretty good answer to your question.

McDonald’s restaurants across the United States have faced accusations that they contribute to the abuse of animals in their supply chain.

What’s in McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets?

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made of 100% real chicken. They have no artificial preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors.

They are mixed with bits of chicken meat from the rib, breast, and tenderloin, ground and formed into the nugget shape.

Other ingredients that are commonly found in McDonalds nuggets include canola oil, bleached white flour, yellow corn flour, salt, and spices and other ingredients.

How are McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Made?

McDonald’s combines some chicken parts, makes nuggets out of them, and fakes them being a tempura batter.

As the nuggets are fried and then flash frozen, they cook the same flavor into their structure and make the taste better as a result.

Does McDonald’s Chicken Contain Antibiotics?

McDonald’s chicken doesn’t contain any antibiotics. They stopped the policy back in 2015.

The chicken farmers use ionophores to make sure their chickens stay healthy, which is an antibiotic that is not approved for human consumption.

Is McDonald’s Chicken Fake?

McDonald’s uses real chicken when serving food, with the chicken burgers using normal chicken breast with the wing meat around the bone to create their menu items.

McDonald’s will only use chicken supplied by their suppliers that have been USDA inspected. According to the company, they aren’t making any modifications to the chickens used.

Is McDonald’s the Biggest Purchaser of Chicken?

McDonald’s doesn’t have the largest purchase of chicken in the world, but they are in second place.

McDonald’s have been buying chicken for about twenty years now. It’s their second-largest purchase, and the cost of buying chicken is pretty high.

Is McDonald’s Chicken Gluten-Free?

It’s unfortunate because none of the chicken was gluten-free and should be avoided by those trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

I guess the issue is that most of the chicken is breaded. It would be hard to make a burger without breading, so I guess that makes it a non-option for those on gluten-free diets.

Does McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Have Dairy?

In the ingredients list, McDonald’s states that their chicken nuggets contain a mix of soy, wheat, oats, and corn that are not necessarily dairy products.

So there is a chance that the chicken inside the sandwich can pick up the BOKO flavors, even though it is served on a separate plate.

It’s best to avoid this type of food product if you are very sensitive to dairy. This can be a result if the chicken nuggets were contaminated with other products that are also dairy based. For example, the chicken nuggets were packaged together with other products that also contain dairy.

To learn more about why this is the case, you can also read our posts called Why McDonald’s has “real” meat, where do they get their meat, and if McDonald’s cheese is real.


Now, McDonald’s is sourcing its chicken from Tyson Foods because Keystone Foods is no longer an option due to its ties to Keystone Foods having been acquired by Tyson Foods.

It seems that one of the main ingredients for the chicken for American McDonald’s locations are chickens that are raised in the United States.

McDonald’s uses only 100% real white chicken. All of the chicken has been USDA inspected and certified. It is also not fake chicken and does not come from China.

It is also not gluten-free if you get any breading on it because it doesn’t say gluten free anywhere on the packaging!

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