Where To Buy Mcdonald’s Nuggets? (5 Different Options)

There have been times that I’ve looked for them in stores but have been looking in the wrong places.

If you’ve been looking for places to get McDonald’s nuggets and much more, then you’re here for the right place! I will tell you where to buy McDonald’s nuggets and much more, so keep reading below!

Where To Buy McDonald’s Nuggets In 2022?

You can buy a 10-pound bag of Tyson Tempura Chicken Breast Nuggets online from Walmart and Kroger in place of McDonald’s as of 2022. Additionally, in some fast food restaurants, you can buy chicken nuggets made by other companies which are much closer to McDonald’s nuggets in taste and size.

Check out this list for a bunch of awesome nugget alternatives that look just like McDonald’s chicken nuggets!

1. Kroger

The original formula of chicken nuggets that was approved by America’s health officials to serve as a substitute for those from McDonald’s and other companies, which contain artificial preservatives and other harmful chemicals.

As a result, it’s important to get a little deeper. As noted above, “nugget” refers to the size of a boneless meat product. What this means is that the cost comes down per pound — or amount of meat — as compared to a rib eye steak. This is good news for you and bad news for the steakhouse.

Furthermore, you’ll find that these nuggets are similar to the McDonald’s ones in shape and cook the same way with the same delicious flavor and juiciness.

While this is a paraphrase, it’s also accurate because “[t]he similarity in shape” and “the same delicious flavor and juiciness” are both accurate.

This little guy looks quite similar to a chicken nugget, but the texture is entirely different. Also, these are probably the healthiest of the nugget options.

So, you have the choice of getting one of three chicken nuggets. As I stated above, they are all made with 100% all natural chicken. They are also without artificial flavors or ingredients.

The chicken nuggets are made in house with free range and antibiotic-free chicken and the breading is made with only whole grains and gluten-free ingredients to better your health.

We’re going to be making some tasty little nuggets in this recipe, so we’re trying something a little different for you today!

2. Food Service Direct

It is worth noting that the price is similar to the McDonald’s nuggets, a fact that makes this product a good value.

Also, Tyson provides McDonald’s with chicken, so by purchasing Tyson chicken, you’ll be making a contribution to Tyson’s bottom line and indirectly helping Tyson’s employees.

If you buy this nugget recipe from me, you can get 5 pounds of nugget mix. That would last you for months.

Moreover, they’ll stay fresh because you can store them correctly.
And finally, chicken nuggets are generally sold in the frozen food section at your local grocery store or at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s.

The taste is very similar to McDonald’s because they use the same type of breading.

3. Meijer

The meal’s main attraction is the chicken and it has that same crunchy coating as the ones from McDonald’s.

They cost $5.79 per 32-ounce container which is enough to feed your family for a couple of meals.

To enjoy the nuggets, you have to choose between oven or air fryer. I personally prefer air fryer because the heat doesn’t penetrate into the crispy outer layer. You can see the difference when you cook nuggets in multiple ways, one way gives you crispy outside and the other way, you get crispy outside and soft core.

With the Tyson Chicken Nuggets for $12 and the Applegate Chicken Nuggles available for $12, there is more than one reasonable choice for your family.

All our chicken nuggets are raised in a humane environment that meets our strict standards, so you can rest assured that they’re also delicious and wholesome.

And, of course, there’s the fact that these nuggest are also certified gluten free, which means that they’re perfect for people who are gluten-free or avoiding it altogether!

4. Walmart

As soon as you look at the product you can see that it is the same size as a McDonald’s nugget but it is slightly more expensive.

This is a snack that can feed a family of four, so it is a great snack for you or your kids.

The frozen chicken is made from a mixture of white and dark meat. You can have some on their own or put them in burgers, wraps, or salads.

5. Publix

These are delicious and similar to McDonald’s in flavor, so they’re a wonderful choice if you’re craving McDonald’s.

These nuggets are the perfect snack for when you are in need of a large amount of protein.

These nuggets are also made with whole white breast meat chicken, but have the same amount of breading as the chicken tenders.

There are no added artificial flavors or colors and the chicken is not injected with any artificial ingredients.

Chicken nuggets have been sold by Publix for years. The taste is similar to the taste of McDonald’s chicken nuggets, although it’s not the same.

Further, you’ll get more nuggets, and they will be without antibiotics, so you’ll have plenty to go around, and they will be free of antibiotics, and there will be extra sauce.

It’s all natural and made with real ingredients, so you can have the same taste as at a traditional chicken dinner.

You can learn more about McDonald’s by visiting our blog post on whether or not you can reheat McDonald’s food, if you can reheat McDonald’s burger, and how they get their meat.


McDonald’s doesn’t sell its chicken nuggets in stores, but some other stores sell their chicken nuggets that taste very similar!

Chicken nuggets taste very similar to McDonald’s nuggets.

In the following examples, the original sentence is presented at the top, whereas the paraphrase is at the bottom. In this case, the paraphrase conveys the idea of the original sentence more clearly and concisely.

You can make these in the oven, microwave, or even air fryer for a crisp, juicy taste just like at mcdonalds.

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