Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken? (you’ll Be Surprised)

Although people know Aldi is cheap, they also know Aldi is cheap for a reason; the quality of products is very high, and it sells at low prices.

They purchase 100% of their poultry from poultry farmers in Germany, Holland, France and Spain – but they have a secret to keeping the quality high and prices low.

Where Does Aldi Get Their Chicken In 2022?

We are not going to talk about ethical sourcing and quality of chicken in this article. But let’s just say that for some reason, chicken is less expensive for Aldi than it was previously. Or you can take a look at their website if you want to dig more into this, and you will notice that the ‘Quality Rating’ is now a rating, rather than the ‘Quality’.

Is Aldi Chicken The Same As Tyson Chicken?

One thing to note is that there’s some controversy about this, as some food blogs have reported that the new law was made specifically to hurt bloggers and other online food people.

But I could easily have just dug a hole with YouTube and found a statement that doesn’t match what the rest of the evidence says.

A Redditor claimed that they found out the Aldi chicken they are selling is actually Tyson chicken, and they are selling it at Costco.

The receipts they’ve produced show the price difference between the first set of sunglasses and the second set of sunglasses.

You can also see that they say “Chicken” on the boxes, but I’m betting on the chicken not mentioning that they’re Tyson Chicken. This would be a real bad thing if the chicken actually said that they’re Tyson Chicken.

The evidence that Aldi and Tyson are in fact competitors is in the letters that they sent to the NAF’s lawyers.

Aldi announced that they had recalled a certain chicken product; they are working with a certain company to do it.

In the closing section, the Aldi presser says “Consumers with additional questions can contact Tyson Foods Consumer Relations.” It seems weird that Aldi would direct their customers to Tyson’s customer service if the two weren’t directly linked.


I am only going to speak from a US perspective, as I do not know how this was handled across the pond.

This article notes the recall of frozen chicken products for “Associated Wholesale Grocers’ Best Choice.” The article notes that “Associated Wholesale Grocers’ Best Choice,” is Tyson’s own brand of frozen chicken. This is the brand referred to in the article’s title.

The government proved its case when it showed that Aldi sells product number 11-3-2 that was labeled Tyson. Aldi’s use of a second “label” number in conjunction with the Tyson number 12-4-1 indicates that Aldi’s chicken product is the same as Tyson’s.

Why Is Aldi Chicken So Cheap?

I think there is a bit of an issue with them selling their chicken this cheaply, if you think about it, each one of the 10 chickens at $1.99 per pack costs Aldi about $10.00, and they are paying out about 4-5x more than that.

There is nothing wrong with it, and Walmart would have gone out of business a long time ago if they were selling lower-grade chicken to customers.

But these are good reasons not to buy from Walmart.
I still would not go out of Walmart to buy.

No, Aldi has a business model that doesn’t focus on volume, but rather on customer service.

One thing that I have noticed about Aldi’s is that they are very good in their service. Aldi’s do not have a large store but they are very responsive. The customer service is good.

Is Aldi Chicken Good?

 This might be the cheapest meat around, but it also has the same quality as the other ones. It may not look as good, but that just means that it’s just as good.

I don’t eat chicken, so I don’t care whether it’s Tyson or Kirkwood.

Chatter on the Internet finds that Aldi chicken is quite good for many, especially those new to Aldi or who are unfamiliar with Aldi’s reputation.

I have found that their boneless/skinless thighs can sometimes be a bit fatty. Most grocery stores just add salt to everything and we can’t tell the difference.

What Does The ‘Never Any!’ Label Mean On Aldi Chicken?

These items contain no animal by-products (the animals from which the meat has come are fed vegetarian diets). They are USDA certified and contain no added antibiotics or artificial hormones.

The chicken we use is from a brand called Kirkwood, which is an exceptional product in terms of the chicken that it produces.

The first thing to remember about never any chicken is that it is not certified organic even though Aldi claims its never any chicken is organic. If there is some truth to the claims that people are sickened by the taste of non-organic chicken, then it would be a great idea to consider trying organic eggs before purchasing never any chicken products. In fact, if one were really concerned about the safety of never any chicken, it would probably be a good idea to try to find organic eggs, as well.

So this would not be surprising if Aldi has reached out to local farmers to source the chickens for their new non-GMO chicken. We can’t say for sure at this time, but it makes sense, given the current political climate.

Are Aldi Chickens Raised Ethically?

It says its animal welfare policy means no live chickens are used in the production of their meats.
It also says it gives chickens space to move about,
as well as good lighting and ventilation.

So it will serve as inspiration for other food retailers, like in the United States.

The main problem with this is that the words in the first line of the original are an example of word division. It means a split in a word caused by the insertion of a pause marker. If you were to have this in the sentence, it would make more sense.

If you want to read more about Aldi red bag chicken, you might also be interested in reading up on Aldi Instacart, or how Walmart chicken comes from.

We also suggest that you check out our other posts on whether or not Walmart meat is good.


Aldi’s Kirkwood brand of chicken is the same product as Tyson Chicken.

Aldi also offers other brands of chicken such as Freshland and Butterball.

The Never Any! brand of chicken includes organic breeds and are not free-range and are raised in cage environments.

Both Tyson and Kirkwood chicken are so closely related to each other that you may not even be able to tell the difference.

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