Does Walmart Sell Newspapers? [full Guide] 

Walmart has everything that anyone could possibly need. A new location or anything, they’ve got it. I love it.

Walmart sells Newspapers. It sells newspapers that are not actually printed on paper but instead printed on digital display technology.

Does Walmart Sell Newspapers In 2022?

If you haven’t taken the time to shop in Walmart before, the store is typically quite large and a bit of a maze. The shelves are stocked with just about every kind of grocery item you can think of – even many personal care items such as laundry detergent and shaving cream.

We’ve found that people who buy newspapers from Walmart are much more likely to be interested in our app than those who don’t. For example, our app now has more than 1 million active users, which is a big milestone. You can read our blog posts to learn more about our progress.

What Newspapers Does Walmart Sell?

It is hard to find the newspaper you want to read nowadays. If you can find it, it tends to be the one whose name sounds like the last item on this list.

News, weather, local sports, stock quotes, political editorials, and a small selection of national and international news.

Where Can I Find Newspapers In Walmart? 

Newspapers can be found inside the newspaper rack on the lower shelf of the store. As with other magazines, they are usually situated somewhere near the cashiers.

Walmart also sells a variety of past newspaper compilations online, such as this collection of short stories from newspaper and magazine articles.

When you are unable to find the items you are looking for, ask a Walmart employee who will be happy to help.

Do Walmart Newspapers Have Coupons? 

When you walk into a Walmart store, look at the newspaper at the magazine rack. The store will provide a list of all the available coupons for the week.

There is a concern about a possible discount being taken out of a newspaper before it has been purchased. We recommend that you check through your newspaper before checkout.

Coupons in Walmart supermarkets are valid at the discretion of individual stores. Certain Walmarts may not honor certain coupons, including those offered by manufacturers or national companies. The local store manager’s decision to honor or not honor a coupon is final.

Additionally, if you live in the United States and you want to buy newspapers online, you can visit Walmart and buy the newspaper of your choice.


The Walmart offers a range of newspapers and magazines covering topics from local news to national sport and entertainment.

Walmart also carries a Sunday paper which includes coupons, but available only in store.

Most local newspapers in the United States are priced at approximately $2. This price may vary from store to store. Newspapers can be found in most Walmart stores during standard opening hours (8AM – 8PM), whilst more niche compilations are available online too.

If you wish, you can contact your local store to find about the inventory of newsstands near to your home.

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