Does Walgreens Sell Newspapers? [all You Need To Know] 

Although there are lots of ways to get information nowadays, people are still using newspapers to get information.

I was skeptical because I thought Walgreens didn’t sell newspapers. However, I found that Walgreens sells newspapers! But, in order to do so, you must ask if Walgreens sells newspapers, or if they sell newspapers at their stores. After all, Walgreens is a store, not really a place to buy things.

Does Walgreens Sell Newspapers In 2022?

According to a survey, in a few years, half of the customers who read newspapers at a store will be able to choose which paper they want to read and only use their smartphone to pay for the reading.

If you want to know where you can find the newspaper you bought from, which ones you can get inside a Walgreens store, and much more, keep on reading!

Where Can You Find Newspapers Inside A Walgreens Store? 

Newspapers can usually be found in a store’s front, near the checkout counter. If you are unable to find something you are looking for, ask an employee for help finding what you are looking for!

Newspaper racks or stores are not common in many countries outside the USA. It is best to check up beforehand if the store you are visiting sells newspapers.

Once you find a place that sells newspapers, call them up and ask if they can deliver that paper to you personally. If there isn’t a store available in your area, the Walgreens Store Locator will list local businesses with free delivery.

Which Newspapers Does Walgreens Sell? 

To find out which newspapers are available at any given location, visit the location’s web site and search for the store’s name on the list of newspapers.

In the United States, newspapers follow a specific format. They include the name of the newspaper, the location, and sometimes the date.

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How Much Do Newspapers Cost At Walgreens? 

Walgreens has an agreement with the newspaper manufacturers. Therefore, the price will vary across states and locations.

For example, in a Washington store, newspapers are sold for $1.5 each every Tuesday, and for $2 every Sunday.

If you don’t have access to a local Walgreen’s you can also look for a Walmart because I know they have a lot of newspapers.

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Conclusion: Does Walgreens Sell Newspapers? 

For a list of USA newspapers available at Walgreens, click here.

You can always find a local newspaper at a local newsstand, but I doubt you would have one available near your location.

Different newspapers are sold at each store based on the manufacturer of the newspaper. The price of the newspaper is determined by the manufacturer of the newspaper.

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