Aldi Vs Lidl: What’s the difference? (price, Locations, Quality, Products + More) 

With their headquarters in Virginia, Lidl is now operating over 100 stores across the United States. They even got a lot of support from Walmart CEO Jeff Bezos and the company has been expanding slowly and steadily. In order to catch up with their rival Aldi, who now has more than 2,000 locations in the US, Lidl has decided to copy their German rival’s strategy. They have set their sights on stores in the states, offering competitive prices and a broad range of products.

Aldi and Lidl are both German discount chains, however, they do have a few things in common. One of them is pricing. They both price their products at a 25 to 40 percent discount over the standard costs. Another thing they have in common is that it’s very rare that they’re going to be found in your local Supermarket. However, it’s their country of origin and their owners that actually make the two stores really different.

Aldi Vs Lidl: More Similarities Than Differences

With Aldi and Lidl being owned by the same company, they are often confused with other low-priced grocery stores. Both Aldi and Lidl have a similar product range, with a slightly more upscale focus than other discount stores. They also sell a variety of private label products.

More specifically, keep on reading so that you find out about the differences and similarities in prices, locations, quality, products, and much, between Costco and Sam’s Club.

The following are a few words that appear frequently in the two documents.

Aldi Vs Lidl: Price

If Aldi and Lidl are the only supermarkets on your block, then you probably don’t need to worry about the price gap. However, if there is also a Walmart or some other big-box supermarket nearby, you might want to consider shopping at Aldi or Lidl.

The same goes for other categories such as bread, beer and groceries. I compared a few random items and there weren’t any significant price differences. Aldi seemed to have the cheapest prices of the two, but it’s probably more about their loyalty program than their price.

The bag of organic kale greens is $2.89 at Aldi; but a slightly smaller bag was only $2.79, and on sale, it was only $2.29.

Vegetables are a healthy way to eat and it’s important to eat your vegetables, but if you can’t afford the price tag, you might not be eating enough.

 I looked at baking staples, wondering if there would be more of a difference in prices. A 2-lb bag of light brown sugar sells for $1.29 at Aldi, and it’s the same at Lidl.

This made me think: What if Lidl decided to sell their brand of olive oil for the same price as Aldi? If that price difference is truly due to price differences, and not differences in quality, maybe I shouldn’t be expecting an Aldi olive oil to taste any better. I purchased the Aldi bottle anyways, opened it, and proceeded to sample.

According to this article, Lidl’s vanilla extract is cheaper and more concentrated than Aldi’s, and it sells at a lower price. Aldi’s vanilla extract is also made in Germany by I. G. Farbenfabriken, and is labeled as “made in Germany” (Mfg. in Deutschland). In comparison, Lidl’s vanilla extract is made in the US by Vanderhoof.

Without checking every single item in every store, it’s clear that while Aldi might undercut Lidl where a few items are concerned, Lidl stays competitive on the whole.

No, the price difference between them is pretty much negligible at this point, and most people don’t go to the store just to compare prices with each other, but to compare prices with the prices online and in other stores.

Aldi Vs. Lidl: Locations

The distance in location of Aldi and Lidl is one of the biggest discrepancies between the two.

The 2,000 stores include about 550 that are the same stores found in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and other European countries. That means the company is expanding rapidly in the US, particularly in the Midwest.

If you want to buy some of the cheapest food you can find in the United States, you should visit Lidl. They’re mainly in the East and mainly on the East coast of the United States.

Germany and France are very similar in size, but they are very different in terms of culture, economy and political climate. The differences in the legal system are much larger than the size difference.

In addition, Lidl has opened its first store in Germany, and plans to open over 400 stores within the country. The German retailer currently has over 4,000 stores in Germany and more than 25,000 in over 22 other nations.

Aldi Vs. Lidl: Quality

When new shoppers go to Aldi for the first time, they usually find that their impression of the brand is very positive. They are not disappointed with the products they find, even when compared to brands that are well-known and popular, but shoppers that are familiar with Lidl are generally blown away by the quality of the products they find at Aldi.

Some of the reviewers prefer the quality of Lidl over Aldi, and they say that the produce looks more fresh.

Aldi’s has made a name for itself for offering low prices, but it also has a reputation for mediocre produce.

Aldi Vs. Lidl: Products

The similarities between the two chain supermarkets include being owned by the same investors, being located near one another, as well as having the same goal to serve the German market. Aldi has also started to open more stores in the UK with the aim of expanding into the UK market.

Aldi Vs. Lidl: Store Experience

Another important difference between Aldi and Lidl is the way their stores are managed. In Lidl stores, there is a different feel as compared to Aldi. Here are some of the major differences.

When a shopper buys something (spending a certain amount) they get a reward, like a coupon for a certain amount off their next visit.

Lidl has a lot of coupons, but they are not in the general Lidl coupons offer, they seem to be mostly for the monthly game offers that are also Lidl exclusive.

It is also a convenient way to save on time and get groceries delivered at the exact moment you want.

Lidl is a very popular grocery store in Germany. To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on whether or not you can buy Lidl stock, whether or not they are going public, if you should buy Aldi shares, if Aldi is cheaper than Walmart, and what are Aldi special buys.


Aldi and Lidl are two chains that are so similar that it’s hard to call them siblings. They have very similar products. Lidl is trying to appeal to a higher-end customer. Aldi doesn’t really care.

As the two international grocery giants battle it out, the consumers will surely benefit from the savings in prices.

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