Is Aldi Cheaper Than Walmart? (you’ll Be Surprised)

Now, the thing is, there are a few items that are too important for you to ever skip. If you find yourself having to decide whether or not to buy one, then you know that the decision to make this purchase is not as easy as it seems.

Walmart comes to Aldi’s lower prices and Aldi offers great deals on certain items.

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Is Aldi Cheaper Than Walmart In 2022?

Great Value is a Walmart brand that has traditionally had much lower prices than its Aldi rival. It is important to remember that when Walmart has done a price drop, they have generally done so on all of their store brands, including Aldi.

Since the beginning, the food industry has been battling to stand out and become the most preferred brand for consumers.

Price Comparison Methodology

Followed a basic methodology of making a great program.

In some cases, like with Walmarts 365 program, the price is similar to the regular price, in other cases, it varies depending on where you are. I used a similar method that I used for Aldi, but it’s different from Aldi.

I used, specifying that I was in my hometown, and that I wanted to shop at Walmart. I also specified that I wanted prices per pound.

I am not a food expert, nor do I claim to be. I only compared popular grocery items, only used each store’s private label (when possible, or noting where not), and compared items as identically weighted as possible.

When no other option exists, items’ overall weight will be compared. I also think comparing prices per ounce or pound (or even ounce weight differences) is a way to hide other information, so if a product is actually more than one ounce and the weight is not stated, we will likely compare it by price per ounce.

It is possible that prices could be updated at any time when we release a new listing for a game. That said, if you see something wrong, please let us know.


Aldi is definitely a pretty good deal, though Walmart is a little better.

Aldi’s have very fresh and reliable produce, and there is a constant rotation of stock and they receive new fresh produce every working day. The staff have said that they are very well looked after by the company.

Meat And Seafood

I think I bought some from Walmart once, but I don’t remember the brand.

While Walmart has the largest seafood section on this list, Aldi is the only store to beat them on this category, with its prices being cheaper than at the giant retailer by 12 percent.

The thing with Aldi is, there’s often good deals and sometimes they sell low quantities of certain items if there’s a specific sale running. If there’s a buy one, get one half price sale, you can get a case of 24 chicken thighs for.99/lb (and even lower than that depending on how much you buy).

Bread And Bakery

*Note: The Thomas brand bagel thins are the same as the Thomas brand bagel thins you get at Starbucks.

To be fair to Thomas, they had the lowest price point for the bagel thins I could find. They’re also pretty small. I don’t think that the bagels themselves are that good.

For just a little bit more money than the next-best store in the area, these supermarkets get our best buy award.

Frozen Foods

Since Aldi is known for being a low cost grocery store, it is very hard to compare it to Walmart.

This flavor is more like a cream cheese flavor, and I really love it! I think people will really like the taste of this one too, as I remember the taste being quite similar.

Pasta And Grains

Walmart stays pretty competitive in products they sell.
In addition they are now in the middle of a series of price cuts.

If you get a lot of rice (such as white rice) and you have a rice cooker, the Jasmine rice from Aldi is your best bet to save money over the long run.


This has been a battle between Aldi and Walmart for years. And now that the war is over, and the battle is over, and Walmart has won, Aldi is now the bigger winner.

Pantry Items

The study from the University of Minnesota found that Walmart prices were lower than Aldi in the single category of raw honey. Which is also not completely unexpected, given Aldi’s German roots.

With so many stores in the UK, Aldi is the cheapest place to head to after Christmas.

Baking Supplies

The fact that Aldi has cheap prices on all of their essentials is amazing.

Dairy And Eggs

It is important to bear in mind that dairy prices can fluctuate pretty frequently, but Aldi continually beats Walmart. Except for a one-cent difference on butter.

You can see our previous articles on what to shop at Aldi, when do you go to Aldi, when we should avoid Aldi, if you can compare Aldi vs Lidl, and how to shop at Aldi.


Unless you are really buying a lot of groceries, you’ll find that the prices at Aldi are always the best value per shopping cart and you’ll save more over time.

Walmart is actually a bit of a bargain these days. As well as groceries, they have a lot of non-grocery products in their stores. They also have a great variety of apparel, games, office supplies, and other supplies.

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