Is Aldi Coming To New Zealand? (all You Need To Know)

As a result of the global financial crisis, many retailers are entering new markets. These new markets are often overseas, as consumers feel more comfortable shopping online in their native countries. The cost of entry is usually higher for a large retail chain of any kind, but especially for a chain as large as Starbucks. There are many factors to consider before opening a new market and many ways it could go terribly wrong.

The first New Zealand Aldi opened in May 2017 in Auckland and now there are a chain of five stores, in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. The chain is made up of 40,000 square meters of retail space, which includes a warehouse, Aldi shop, Aldi Express and Aldi Market. These stores are selling products at prices that are a fraction of the price that you would pay at a supermarket. For example, a 2 litre bottle of milk is priced at just $4.85, the minimum price at a supermarket.

Is Aldi Coming To New Zealand In 2022?

Aldi said that the reasons for not entering the market is because New Zealand is more of a high-end market, and that they would be more interested in the New Zealand market if it was a more middle market.

We are also going to go deeper into what the experts think about the lack of Aldi stores in New Zealand and the situation of competition between them and Walmart! Stay tuned for more!

Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To New Zealand?

The other barrier is the fact that the supermarket chain has only a small number of stores in New Zealand compared to Australia’s.

But the expert said if Aldi did open in New Zealand, they would actually have to make a loss for a few years while establishing brand recognition and loyalty.

 I think that Aldi entering the New Zealand market is inevitable. It is the only German supermarket chain in the country. But the company has already invested $4.2 billion there, planning to open 2,000 stores in the country. There are also rumours circulating that Aldi is trying to set up one of their own discount retail stores in New Zealand.

Costco is opening a Costco in Auckland in 2022. I believe Aldi is watching them closely before reassessing the potential for Auckland.

What Is Being Done To Bring Aldi To New Zealand?

The rising cost of living in Australia and in the United Kingdom has caused many expensives shoppers to travel to Aldis in their own countries to buy their goods.

And there are other posts about ALDI prices in New Zealand. I just wanted to show you how crazy the prices are.

Another article on Reddit mentioned that the prices in New Zealand are higher than the prices in Germany.

Falleni says that in the future there will be more Aldi supermarkets in New Zealand. She also says that the brand is very successful in other countries and has made supermarkets “hugely popular”.

How Can You Convince Aldi To Come To New Zealand?

Aldi is one of those stores that really listens to what their customers want and give them it.

Even though the store has already been open for a while, it is still a good idea to make it known that the store is in business and that they are open for business.

Make sure everyone you know spreads the word about the petition! Join Falleni’s Facebook group and sign her petition. Once she reaches 15k signatures, Aldi will do the right thing and change their policy.

Although it’s a small company and Aldi could also be seen as a smaller one, compared to other retailers.

Where Can Shoppers Go Instead Of Aldi In New Zealand?

To see other locations that Aldi might be expanding to, you might also be interested in reading up on if Aldi is coming to Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, or Oklahoma.


According to the UK’s Sun, Aldi have already made several trips to Australia and are now looking to open as many as 50 stores there by 2022.

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