23+ Asda Statistics, Facts & Trends

Asda is the cheapest of the four big UK supermarkets. Because it doesn’t have the largest market share, many Brits visit Asda often.

However, if the company faces a lot of negative publicity, it will definitely impact the reputation of the company.

The word ‘it’ refers to a large department store, Asda.

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If you want to know everything about Asda, including the latest on the company’s future plans, you’ve come to the right place.

5 Key Asda Statistics, Facts & Trends In 2022

5 facts that tell you all you need to know about why Asda are so successful and what they’re doing to stay that way.

For further insights into Asda’s history, growth, employees, and more, read on!

All About Asda’s History

Asda is the most influential supermarket in British history. It started when George Asda decided to open a grocery store.

1. How Asda Got Its Name

Asda is a supermarket that was founded in 1949 and it was merged by buying stores in Asquith Bros. in 1983.

In the past years, the store had been running out of certain products, because they were not available on the retail site.

The combining of “AS” and “DA” gave us “ASDA”, the company’s name.

2. The First Asda Superstores

Asda’s expansion allowed the store to sell general merchandise – a first for UK supermarkets. This strategy worked well for the company, allowing them to develop markets and increase their market share.

Within weeks of the stores opening, they were selling out and a line was formed around the corner. It seems like a lot of money back then, but given retail’s inflation-adjusted performance, it’s about as good as you could hope for.

3. Asda’s Acquisitions

The founders had a good eye for expansion opportunities so the company’s presence in the UK grew at an astounding rate.

By 1970, Asda stores in the North had expanded beyond their 30 stores. In addition, they had acquired a large chain of super markets called Gateway when they bought Allied Carpets and 61 large stores.
It’s not correct to say that “Asda expanded” when the stores were closed down and rebranded, as the stores were not closed down and rebranded.

4. Listing On The London Stock Exchange

Asda, known fondly as Auntie was acquired for £6.7 billion by Walmart, leaving the firm with a market capitalization of £6.7 billion.

But, Asda is now looking for the London Stock Exchange to help ensure its longevity and future success.

Asda’s Popularity And Trend Statistics

Check out the British view of Asda in comparison to other leading supermarkets.

5. Asda Is Viewed In An Overwhelmingly Positive Light

The 18 million customers that shop with Asda every week make it one of the most popular supermarkets in the UK.

So, we do not need to go into the details for the other supermarkets. They are not nearly as known as they, of course, are not nearly as big as Asda, which is the fifth largest supermarket in the United Kingdom.

6. Cheapest Of The Big Four

While Asda is usually cheaper than its competitors, the number of stores and the quality of its products also make it a good choice.

And while Asda is the cheapest grocer per item, shoppers need to be aware that items at Aldi and Lidl can be 30-50% cheaper, which adds up to big savings over time.

7. Cheapest At The Grocer Golds

The award winning UK supermarket has been running as an independent company since 2002, and is owned by global foods company Walmart. Asda sells everyday essentials, including groceries, health and beauty products, and some fashion and home products.

8. Asda’s Fluctuating Turnover

Despite a hard period in 2019, the chain’s sales remained high during the last decade. However, at the end of 2019, there was a sudden and devastating drop in sales.

Every year, the store’s year-on-year growth is still in the negative figures.

Asda’s Logistics Statistics

Find out how Asda, the UK’s second biggest supermarket, plans to become even more efficient in the future, including their commitment to sustainability.

9. A National Operation

Asda is the third-largest grocery chain in the UK, operating over 650 stores and 21 food depots, as well as two clothing centers and two website fulfilment centers.

It was the fastest way to send mail so many years ago, and our work today is still the same.

10. Asda’s 97% Automated Warehouse

Asda’s distribution center in the United Kingdom is a new type of distribution center that uses robot trucks to help customers order online.

The robot was inspired by the crane from the movie Wall-E, and it has taken over the role of moving items around the warehouse.

In Warrington, United Kingdom, the center serves 140 stores spread throughout the North of England.

11. Asda’s Carbon Emissions

The supermarket chain has introduced an environmentally friendly fleet of delivery vans.

The vans are light, and they have recycled water bottles and insulation, and this makes them far lighter than the standard model.

12. Local Sourcing At Asda

Asda is currently focused on having the largest local sourcing of products in the world, working with more than 600 suppliers in their stores around the UK.

13. Asda Champions Everywoman

The “best place to work” awards were announced online on April 26. The awards were a result of a national campaign to encourage and support employers that are working to achieve inclusive workplaces.

Asda has won six Freight Transport Association Everywoman awards, proving that the retailer really cares about women.

14. Delivery Slots

In the current pandemic, the delivery company had to change its operations so that it can deliver groceries in a more efficient way.

In addition to the delivery fleet, Amazon introduced click & collect slots to its website. This helped the company grow their delivery fleet to 34,000 trucks delivering to more than 20 million per year.

Asda Employment Facts And Figures

Over the past 12 months, more than half of workers have been satisfied with their jobs, which is better than the national average of 62%.

15. Number of Employees

Asda employs 145,000 people from a variety of different backgrounds and identities. They work across five different store formats, meaning that they have to be flexible and adaptable.

In a statement, the company said it is committed to ensuring all colleagues feel safe and treated with dignity and respect.

We’re doing our bit to help our colleagues be themselves and to be proud of who they are.

From this summer we will be supporting colleagues from around the world to celebrate National Pride Day

and we want to get behind this important message.

16. Do Employees Like Working At Asda? 

Some former employees have had some complaints about the place. It’s considered a great place to work with plenty of advancement opportunities.

I have worked with a lot of different chains, and it seems that it is not just the brand name that affects how easy it is to work with the chain; it is also the management and the quality of the work they do.

17. How Much Does Asda Pay Employees? 

The difference between the minimum wage and the National Living Wage is going to become smaller in the coming years, when the National Living Wage rises to £8.91 in April, 2021.

However, many employees believe that their wages are not sufficient. Even though the wage rate is currently at the highest level since 2007, only 28 % of employees are satisfied with their earnings.

What Challenges Does Asda Face? 

In February 2017, a report from Reuters estimated that Asda lost £500M in 2016 and was struggling to get sales back on track.

18. Asda’s Netto Deal

The UK’s biggest supermarket company Asda has kept growing since the early days, with operations being 200% bigger today than they were in 2005.

Asda, owned by US retailer Walmart, acquired Netto in 2010 as part of a £778 million expansion plan. But, in September of that year, Asda was forced to sell 47 of the 194 Netto stores it had acquired, following a ruling by the Office Of Fair Trading.

19. Asda Comes Under Fire

Asda’s reputation and accolades did not do well in the 2020 Which? consumer satisfaction survey.

The majority of shoppers were disappointed with the in-store experience and how the shop layout didn’t fit their needs. The packaging was also disliked, with most shoppers not liking single-use plastic.

On the other hand, the study highlighted one positive aspect of the supermarket sector, with it being the most trusted and best value.

Emerging Market Information

Asda currently sells hundreds of millions of products a year, but it wants to continue growing.
It wants to develop more and more of them, as well as more innovative and new products.
And the key to doing that is to expand and develop the business into other countries.
And Asda is making plans for this.

20. Asda’s New Owners

Asda is a subsidiary of Walmart, and the Issa Brothers and TDR Capital acquired Asda after years of running the chain. The new owners bring great experience to the chain and hope to expand Asda’s reach.

21. A New Focus On E-Commerce

With in-store satisfaction declining and the retail landscape as a whole having been so altered by coronavirus restrictions, Asda has recently placed more emphasis on e-commerce.

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Online grocery orders in Europe more than doubled and click & collect orders quadrupled in 2019, with Asda expanding their fleet of electric delivery vans and automated distribution operations.

22. Asda’s Eco-Friendly Future

Asda have taken a huge step towards making the world a better place by removing disposable plastic bags from their stores. The supermarket giant has removed 101 million plastic bags from their stores. The single-use plastic bags had been used for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as snacks. It has been a huge step towards the stores being the first in the UK to remove plastic bags. In the next year, Asda will be selling all their fresh produce wrapped in paper or compostable packaging.

23. A New Kind Of Asda Store

This week, Asda had a grand opening for its new warehouse store deal depot store in Bristol. The new warehouse store will sell goods in bulk on pallets. The store will be similar to Costco but without the membership fees, and people can buy goods in as little as £10.

We are open to consider expansion of our existing stores, including the acquisition of adjacent retail space and the potential to construct new stores, however, we have no current plans to open new stores at the moment.

This is the best way to learn about Walmart’s real plans for Asda. To see other posts in this series and our posts on the latest news about Asda and Walmart, click here.


Asda is planning to invest £150million in its e-commerce operations and plans to invest £150m in sustainability initiatives. The company has been investing in this for several years and has seen a substantial improvement in its results as a result. Asda also increased its e-commerce operations by 20 per cent in the past year, which is one of the biggest increases in the industry.

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