Is Amazon Coming To New Zealand? (buying From Us/australia Stores, Shipping Times + More)

Many countries are now being added to Amazon facilities as there is more than just the US, EU, and UK.

New Zealanders are wondering whether Amazon will bring them the same Amazon Prime benefits in the country.

If you live in New Zealand, you may be wondering if Amazon is going to be coming to New Zealand. If so, keep reading this article to see what information I found.

Is Amazon Coming To New Zealand In 2022?

There is currently no information on whether Amazon will start up warehouses in New Zealand. Amazon has told customers they can buy millions of products from however New Zealanders are not able to order from

In this article we’ll be looking at where Amazon ships from, can they ship directly from Australia or do they need to be shipped from the United States, how long does the freight take and who to contact if there are any issues with your shipment.

Where Will Amazon New Zealand Ship From?

Although there isn’t, I doubt it.

The original text and my translation is shown below. These are both from the New Zealand newspaper The Spinoff.

In response to the news that this was going to happen, it was said that it was still in the works and would not happen until December, but it was also said that there had been some other issues that could have affected the shipping time.

However, the Amazon ship time from Australia to New Zealand can take a lot longer than the actual time it takes for someone to physically drive across the Tasman.

Is Amazon Currently Hiring For New Zealand Locations?

While there are no warehouse jobs in New Zealand at the moment, Amazon is still looking to hire some of the best New Zealanders to fill their positions.

At the moment we are looking for a Data Platform and SQL Data Developer, preferably based in New Zealand.

We would like to hear from you if you are interested in a career move.

The details of the job are below. This is a great opportunity to join an outstanding and growing company with a fun and collaborative culture.

The job is fulltime, salary negotiable and based in Auckland, New Zealand.

There are a lot of jobs in France for university graduates and people with a masters degree.

There are positions available in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

*Disclaimer – the following statements are not representative of the full Amazon career experience, and should not be taken as such.

What Are Amazon New Zealand’s Shipping Times?

Amazon Australia will have its own shipping times for your country, depending on the area and region they are shipping from and to.
Amazon Australia shipping times are between 1 – 5 business days depending on the area and region.

While New Zealand and Australia are technically in the same region (Australasia), New Zealand is still considered a non-regional shipping location for Australian Prime members.

Also, shipping from other countries should be noted that you are able to get the items in 2-7 business days. You will have the option to choose between Standard or Express shipping at checkout.

Unfortunately, Amazon Australia do not guarantee easy returns for New Zealand customers.

Packages, that have been shipped, will come with a pre-paid postage label so that they can be mailed back to the place where the package was originally shipped.

It’s possible that you may also return your package to a nearby DHL location.

What Are Amazon New Zealand’s Shipping/Delivery Costs?

Amazon is very relaxed when it comes to shipping between Australia and New Zealand.

Can I Currently Buy from Amazon US If I Live In New Zealand?

While New Zealand Amazon customers (Aussies) can now take advantage of even more local shipping and delivery by purchasing from Amazon Australia, Amazon does have a Global Store, enabling New Zealand residents to order from Amazon’s main website.

The Global Store is in line with the Amazon Prime program. For example, you can qualify for free one-day shipping on more than 100 million items worldwide.

A) The above mentioned times are subject to change.
B) The above mentioned times are approximate and only apply to certain countries.

However, if you are willing to purchase from Amazon Global, you can make your purchasing decisions based on the shipping options.

To ship items from the US to the UK, we can ship for $16.99 plus $12.00 per kg. For Canada, we ship for $16.99 plus $14.00 per kg. Shipping to other countries is even more expensive.

Items being shipped from Amazon U.S. will come with similar costs of around $44.50 plus ~$10.50 per kg.

– Shipping is only $9.99 per order.
– Shipping is only $9.49 per kg.

Amazon UK do not charge their own shipping costs for certain items. They make a big profit on shipping costs.

What Businesses Will be Able To Sell On Amazon New Zealand?

Amazon hopes to help New Zealand small businesses and those interested in starting their own business by using Amazon’s payment processing and advertising options. Amazon will act as a marketplace for small business owners to purchase and sell products.

The Amazon is not an official online store where people can go and buy anything. They do not sell all the products from the real market. They do not sell anything from the supermarket.

Is Every Product On Amazon Australia Available In New Zealand?

They may not be available for you to buy, but the seller has them in stock for someone else.

Third-party sellers keep their own stock and only use the Amazon marketplace as a means to sell their products.

You could offer a business model that makes products only available from within the region.

Currently, Amazon is not targeting customers in New Zealand. Their distribution model is primarily focused on pleasing Australian customers.

Is Amazon Prime Video Available In New Zealand?

Amazon Prime Video is a virtual library of movies and TV shows that includes some of the most popular movies and television.

This is a popular service from Amazon because it allows customers to watch video as long as they want without being charged a monthly fee.

Is Audible Australia Available To New Zealand Customers?

A New Zealand customer can now listen to over 400,000 titles on Audible Australia, including Audible Original books and podcasts.

Customers can sign up for a free trial. They don’t have to keep the subscription after the trial period.

Sign up for Audible from New Zealand by going to and entering an email address, credit card information, and shipping address.

Is Amazon Kindle And Kindle Self Publishing Available To New Zealanders?

Kindle is available for purchase on Amazon Canada, Kindle is available for purchase on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany.

The book club that you can join is called Kindle Unlimited and allows you to get unlimited access to over 1 million books. It’s $13.99 a month for New Zealand and Australian customers. You can also try it for free for 30 days.

Kindle Direct was available in Australia for two years, and now is available to New Zealand customers.

The New Zealand customer can tap on the “Indepedently Publish With Us” to start the Kindle Direct Publishing process.

There are two ways to make an account. First you can log into your account and then you can make a new one.

If you are an Amazon publisher, then it is likely that you’ll get a royalty cut. You can publish in ebook or paperback format.

Is Amazon Associates Available To New Zealand Customers?

If you are a New Zealand resident, you can get access to Amazon’s Amazon Associates program.

Customers must create an account at in order to take advantage of this program.

Does Amazon Australia Offer Discounts and Deals To New Zealand Customers?

Even though you have to subscribe to Amazon Prime to get these discounts and deals, you have also noticed that the prices are very competitive compared to other companies.
To get some more knowledge on that, I’ve talked to an expert.

In addition New Zealand customers can also enjoy deals through the New Zealand website.

The electronics department offers special deals on specific brands. The Home Improvement department offers deals on some specific appliances.

To get more information about Amazon delivery, see our previous posts: if Amazon Prime delivery is on Sundays, if Amazon delivers to PO boxes, and if you should tip Amazon delivery drivers.


The government of New Zealand now has access to These services can be used to purchase goods for delivery as well as purchase services like Prime delivery.

The Prime Video app is a little bit more polished and doesn’t look like there’s missing channels though.

Amazon’s shipping is much faster in Australia that compared to the US. The only reason I’m using is because my items are often delivered quicker than my US-based delivery, and I can often see what I’m buying before buying it.

Amazon is planning on moving all of the delivery centers out of the US and into Canada as the company continues to grow.

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