Can I Use An Amazon Gift Card At Whole Foods (What To Know…)

Whole Foods is big! It’s growing rapidly since Amazon bought it.

We were intrigued by the Amazon gift card, which is such a classic and timeless gift idea. Can you use it at Whole Foods? Here’s what you need to know…

Amazon Gift Cards: Can I use them at Whole Foods?

An Amazon gift card cannot be used at Whole Foods. Amazon gift cards can only be used online. Prime members get certain perks in regards to Whole Foods.

Continue reading …. to find out how you can use your Amazon gift card to get Prime benefits.

Amazon Gift Cards: Can I use them for Whole Foods Delivery?

Your Amazon gift card cannot be accepted online.

Only products that are sold in the Amazon marketplace can be purchased with an Amazon gift card.

Ironically, Whole Foods gift cards can only be used in-person at Whole Foods.

What does Amazon Prime do at Whole Foods?

Prime members receive an additional 10 percent discount when they shop Whole Foods, even for sale items.

Prime members also get weekly discounts on Whole Foods’ best-selling products.


Do I have to use an Whole Foods Gift Card online?

Your Whole Foods Market gift certificate cannot be used online. This means that you can’t use your Whole Foods Market gift card online for grocery delivery or catering orders on

Whole Foods gift cards can only be used in-store at this moment.

Amazon Gift Cards: Where can I use them?

Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase millions of Amazon products and services, such as Amazon Fresh, Kindle, Marketplace, and Kindle.

Amazon gift cards cannot be used to outstrip Amazon, unfortunately. This applies even for companies like Whole Foods or Audible.

This article explains how to use Amazon gift cards other than Amazon.


Amazon gift cards can’t be used at Whole Foods unfortunately.

Amazon gift cards can be used to redeem millions of Amazon products, including Kindle books and Amazon Basics.

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