Can I Transfer My Amazon Gift Card To Another Account? (Full Guide)

Amazon gift cards are great presents because they let you get the recipients what they want, something they can use instantly to get exactly what they want.

However, if you have received an Amazon gift card and do not want to or cannot use it, then this article explains how you can transfer your existing Amazon gift card to your PayPal account.

Can I Transfer My Amazon Gift Card to Another Account in 2022?

Don’t bother transferring your Amazon gift card balance to your bank or Paypal as you will not be able to do so unless it’s been redeemed as of 2022. These are simply fake procedures and you don’t need them as you can keep your Amazon gift card balance in your Amazon account until it is redeemed.

Amazon allows users to redeem gift cards for cash on their gift card page.
You must add an address through their website to redeem your gift card.
You can purchase your gift cards instantly through this page or you can choose to pay with an Amazon credit card.
You can only purchase gift cards for one card at a time and you can only purchase a maximum of five Amazon gift card at a time.

What Can’t I Do With My Amazon Gift Card?

Can’t be used as Amazon Payments balance and credit.
If you bought the gift card with Amazon Payments balance, it can’t be used to
pay for purchases in Amazon.

If you attempt to use your Amazon GC, you may be charged with a prohibited transaction or your account may be blocked by Amazon.

Where Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card?

To actually use it, you would have to be using an Amazon related service like Prime, Kindle, or when shopping at Amazon Fresh.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Returned?

Amazon gift cards cannot be returned unless by law. Amazon does not replace lost or stolen Amazon gift cards.

How To Get Rid Of An Amazon Gift Card

The best way to do this is to visit the Amazon website and click on “Forgot your password?” The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

This is a great way to avoid shipping charges when you buy something online but want to have it delivered to your friends home.

There are also a lot of apps that send your data to Amazon’s data center in the United States or abroad, and they make their money by charging companies for the bandwidth and storage you need to transfer your data to the data center.

A person could also subscribe to an Amazon service like Prime or Kindle and use the credit card to make the payment.

A more recent tip suggests that you take your gift card and open it. In this case, you can give your gift card some special attention and treat yourself to a few of it.

Some websites buy gift cards from people and then give them to stores or restaurants. That’s why some of them are scams.

The good thing about this is that they verify the balance of your account and then they’ll send you a check, which lets you avoid any additional fees.

In the same way, you could also sell these gift cards yourself using platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace but be careful of exposing the code in your listing.

The sub is like the gift card trash heap, where you can exchange unwanted gift cards for money or gift cards to better things.

You can use that platform to exchange the Amazon gift card for one of similar value from somewhere else that you could use.

You can also use GCX as a starting point for finding other people willing to buy you a gift card but they can have lower value than it says.

It is important to note that you will first need to create an Amazon account to get your first money as well as to be able to take advantage of the company’s platform.

Amazon will make this an ideal solution for buyers without an account to ask what they can buy.

To learn more about Amazon gift cards, visit our post on how to redeem an Amazon gift card, as well as our post about where to find a claim code on an Amazon gift card.


Amazon does not support the transfer of the gift cards to bank accounts and PayPal. However, Amazon has their own restrictions on what you must do with an Amazon gift card and they can take action against your account.

Amazon credit, Amazon gift cards and Amazon Pay won’t be accepted on any other website except However, you can’t redeem your Amazon credit on You can only use it to pay for products or services which can be delivered by Amazon in the United States. Additionally, on, it can only be used to pay for Prime, Kindle, Audible and Amazon Fresh purchases, as well as a few other services.

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