9 Reasons Why Walgreens Is So Expensive!

It’s very common to find the store in the neighborhood, and most people know it, as it is usually a neighborhood store.

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The one reason why it is expensive has to do with Walgreens’ business model. Walgreens is a chain like any other, and each of its stores has to sell expensive inventory in order to make a profit. Walgreens, unlike CVS, Costco, and Walmart, does not sell low-cost generic medications.

9 Reasons Why Walgreens Is So Expensive In 2022

1. No Government Regulation On Prices

In the U.S., most states have laws that regulate the prices of drugs sold in their areas.

Other than going to the emergency room, or signing up for government programs, there’s no free market for healthcare. And, all of those programs you mention, you pay for those out of your personal funds. So, no free market there.

Prices and cost vary from drugstore to drugstore and from state to state. They can vary even for the same drug.
So, when drug companies advertise prices to consumers, they are doing it in a variety of ways. Some are listed on the drugstore’s Web site, and you can simply look at them there.

The drug companies are allowed to decide how much they want to sell their drug for and they often charge a very high price to increase their profit.

2. Offers A High Degree Of Convenience

Walgreens has a store of almost 9000 stores are spread all over the country that covers around 78 percent of the population all across the country.

Not only that, but most stores are open 24/7. So you can come and shop when you want.

Because of the convenience of the Walgreens, they raise the prices to make their products more expensive than any other grocery store (and would take extra effort and money to access).

3. Higher Prices For Those Without Insurance

That’s why we’re doing something about it. Our new prescription cards will be $5 a month.

Because you can get drugs from the store, and they don’t go through a prescription process.

It is easy to see how this is a bad move by Walgreens. They are taking advantage of the insurance people.

4. Incentivizes People To Join Their Balance Rewards Program

Walgreens has a customer loyalty program through which its customers can get discount coupons and can redeem them for discounts on their next orders.

In order to keep prices high, Walgreen’s creates an incentive for people to sign up for its Balance Rewards program and get discounts on products in order to avoid paying so much.

It locks in customers, forcing them to continue purchasing their prescriptions from Walgreens.

5. Not A Specialist Store For Anything Other Than Drugs

Best Buy, Lowe’s and others are able to sell products for less than their competitors because they can rely on bulk discounts.

This company figured out that it can use a single category to identify the products within that category that are best-suited to a particular application.

The idea is to make money, and since you’re not allowed to make money by giving things away for free, you increase prices, and make more money overall, and maybe even profit from it.

6. Changes Price Based On Buying Trends

The idea is to keep a certain product in high demand and make it more expensive for the consumer. Walgreens makes use of these ‘buying trends’ to increase the prices of medications.

Its sales will not be significantly affected because the company is already selling a popular product which in turn, will help to increase its sales.

7. Tracks and Matches Competitor Pricing

The cost of a Walgreens store is usually higher, because it has to pay the same price that all of its competitors pay for the same products.
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For example, if Walgreens and Costo sell the same drug at Costco for $150, Walgreens will make sure it sells the same drug for at least $150.

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8. Offers A Wide Range Of Services

Walgreens also sells many of the same products that other pharmacies sell, but they also sell products that are targeted around a specific group. For example they sell products that help treat asthma and allergies.

Instead, he provides a range of value-added services like automatic refill of prescriptions, regular reminder texts, free shipping on items, and a lenient returns policy.

Walgreens is charging higher prices because they are getting a ton of extra services from the customers.

9. Products Made Expensive To Compensate For Cheaper Ones

Walgreens is a drugstore chain that has been around for decades. As a result, they offer lots of products and sales at all times of the year.

Note that the number of item that cost the same is the same in both the offer and the response. To compensate for the reduced profit margins on these items, it increases the prices (and thus the profit margins) on other items that are not included in the offers.

Some products in particular stores are more expensive because they’re part of a larger promotion – they’re buying the product and selling it at a reduced price.

To learn more, you can also learn more on Walgreens competitors by visiting Walgreens statistics and facts and Walgreens competitors.

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