Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms? [locations, Can Anyone Use, Cleanliness + More] 

Some drug stores are so small that there will only be one bathroom in the store. It can be very embarrassing when you can’t find the bathroom, so people usually go and use the store’s bathroom.

Walgreens has many pharmacies and many different stores, one of which is the Walgreen’s Pharmacy. All Walgreen’s Pharmacies are open and have bathrooms. If a Walgreens has only one store, you can usually find a bathroom there, but if the store has multiple stores, you will still find a bathroom.

Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms In 2022? 

In April 2017, Walgreens announced that it is now a “gender-neutral” store policy. The store provides restrooms only for men or women. If anyone identifies as another gender, they are expected to use the restroom designated for the gender identified on their ID.

Walgreens is a company that cares about the health of their customers and about their environment.
Walgreens is a corporation that respects its customers and its employees.

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Where Can You Find Bathrooms Inside A Walgreens Store?

Most stores have bathrooms located at the back of the store. To find the restrooms you will just need to look for the ‘restrooms’ or ‘WC’ sign.

If you aren’t in the mood to search and ask someone, just wander around till Walgreens comes up on your phone.

Can The Public Use The Bathrooms At Walgreens? 

You don’t have to be a licensed pharmacist or physician’s assistant to give a patient a prescription at any of the nearly 4000 Walgreens pharmacies.

Walgreens won’t let you into their bathroom but I can help you with your problem.

Furthermore, you are allowed to use their bathrooms but also be mindful to clean up properly after yourself and ensure you do not leave it dirty and unkempt.

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How Clean Are The Bathrooms At Walgreens?

Walgreens makes sure to regularly clean and maintain its public washrooms so that visitors can use the facilities without having to go through nasty experiences.

If you notice that the public bathroom at Walgreens is dirty, you could highlight and ask the employees to have it cleaned.

Will You Be Allowed To Use The Preferred Bathroom For Your Gender Identity? 

With the introduction of this policy, Walgreens has changed its bathroom policy to allow people to use restrooms based on their gender identity and prohibit any kind of discrimination across all its stores.

This policy was adopted because of a woman who was discriminated against and barred from using the women’s washroom because she *was considered* to be dressed ‘like a man’.

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Conclusion: Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms? 

The bathrooms at Walgreens are not the typical restrooms that you find at the mall or even the ones at the gas station. These bathrooms were specially designed by Walgreens’ engineers to make sure that the bathrooms were safe, clean, and sanitary for the public. No one else should have to use or worry about it if they get into a bathroom emergency.

Bathrooms at the Walgreens are maintained and cleaned regularly. Since 2018, Walgreens put a policy in place that allows people to use any bathroom based on their gender identity. This policy is not enforced everywhere, but if you are asked to use the bathroom that does not match your gender identity, please ask the cashier or pharmacist for assistance.

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