Does Home Depot Mix Paint? (price, Types Of Paint, Colors + More) 

Popular retailers like Home Depot sell a variety of interior and exterior paints so customers can choose the perfect paint for their projects.

If you want to mix paint, you will need to get a paint mixer. These vary in price, but are widely sold in hardware stores and are sometimes included. Make sure to check with the store for the proper size mixer that will allow you to mix the paint you would like to.

Does Home Depot Mix Paint In 2022?

Home Depot will start selling matte, glossy, and some type of satin paint in-store in 2022. They will color match paint to you and mix paint for you to purchase. They will not sell custom-mixed paint online or return mixed paint.

If you are looking to learn more about the cost of the paint mixing service at Home Depot, how Home Depot will mix the paint you choose, and much more, keep on reading!

How Much Does Paint Mixing Cost At Home Depot?

if you decide to mix your own tinted paint, the price of mixing the paint to your desired color, will not be included in the price.

According to the company’s website, Home Depot will only mix paint that has been purchased in store.

This means it is best to first call the local Home Depot and ask what price they have.

What Types Of Paint Does Home Depot Mix? 

These are all paints available for Home Depot’s paint mixing service.

To make sure you can mix the right type of paint you need to check in with your local Home Depot store. You will notice a paint color chart inside the paint department that will help you select the right colors for your projects.

What Colors Can Home Depot Mix? 

I can find a color that fits my project and have it mixed in my color sample pack on the sample board or can mix my own colors for a custom experience. Home Depot delivers with a wide variety of colors, including custom colors on-site.

Home Depot is building a project Color app which allows its users to test out the colors of the paint in their rooms.

It then allows you to link to Pinterest boards and color match with images you have saved, as well as add your own.

Once you select the color of your choice, you can take this choice into the store to be matched.

How Does Paint Mixing Work At Home Depot? 

To mix a color at Home Depot you need an employee at the paint-mixing station. The customer tells the employee the chosen color and finishes.

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After you have selected the color that you want to use, you will now be able to enter the paint code that you want to use in the machine.

The paint mixing machine is composed of a base, three tubes that contain the colors of the rainbow, a rotating drum, and a color sensor that determines the color combination that will be used. The controller then controls the amount of each color that is mixed in the base.

The final step in the paint making process is checking the color, but Home Depot employee does not want the paint to be too close to the end.

Can I Buy Custom Mixed Paint Online At 

Home Depot has a selection of colors and finishes for any project and we can customize each one to your liking.

They do not have to match all of Home Depot’s line, though. For example, if Home Depot stocks the product, they will most likely not have a white color. This is a great thing to keep in mind for those looking to stock a product, and who are not sure if they have a large enough inventory to stock a certain color.

Will Home Depot Mix Old Paint? 

Home Depot stores have a paint mixing machine where you can make your own custom colors.

This means you don’t have to buy mixing tools that would take up space in your garage or shed. This also means you can continue your painting projects once you have finished.

You can also get your paint mixed and tinted at the same time.

This means that you can choose a slightly different color or get a slightly different color by adding a little bit of paint to the old tin.

Can I Return Custom Mixed Paint To Home Depot? 

You cannot return a custom mixed paint to Home Depot because the paint has been mixed to the type of paint you chose.

It was said that Home Depot will lose money because of the custom paint colors.

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As well as all the additional costs, there is a chance you may have to pay extra to dispose of the paint.

Once you have selected a color, make sure you test out the color on your walls. You can use Home Depot’s extensive sample range to do this.

If you’re looking to find out if Home Depot accepts paint, ask your customer service representative what type of paint Home Depot accepts and if Home Depot accepts paints from other manufacturers. You can also use the web search feature on your phone to find out what types of paint Home Depot sells.

Conclusion: Does Home Depot Mix Paint?

However, I think that Home Depot only offers this paint-mixing service for specific colors, including “pale colors”, which are often used for accent walls.

You will need some color samples before making a decision for your color and paint for your walls. I had an issue with color samples because they wanted $65 for two (two is enough) and I wanted enough for a test piece.

I had one sample left. I asked them to test it. They were not happy about that. I still had it left. I decided to use that last sample, and it was a disaster! Not the best color for my wall, so I had to make a different color choice!

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