Best Aldi Red Wines (9 Reds To Keep An Eye Open For)

If you’re not a wine buff then you probably haven’t heard of Aldi, but it’s becoming known for its selection of red wines.

Aldi has an extensive list of wines to choose from and they are very easy to find! Keep an eye out for these nine reds if you’re visiting Aldi soon.

Best Aldi Red Wines In 2022

9. Evanta Malbec, $3.99

Mendoza is not a well-known region of Argentina, but a region that produces great wines. One of its most famous winemakers was José Estancia, whose grapes helped make the Malbec grape famous. The wine of Mendoza is usually rich and flavorful, but with a full body.

The Malbec grape comes from the southern part of Argentina, close to the Andes Mountains and is among the highest in the world for Malbec production.

These notes are in the style of a red wine, but they have a distinct blackberry aroma. It’s particularly good with berry soups and desserts (it reminds me of puddings and pies) or with any red meat.

After the 2016 vintage, I went into a shell for awhile. I decided to give myself some time to take stock and figure out what I wanted to do. I decided to take my time and focus on my projects and take more time to enjoy my family. I’m still working on those projects which keeps me busy.

Finally, the unbeatable price – a single bottle will cost you just $3.99.

[Source]: For more videos and information on the latest in wine tasting and wine drinking, visit Wine Enthusiast.
[Source]: For more videos and information on the latest in wine tasting and wine drinking, visit Wine Enthusiast.

8. Winking Owl Shiraz, $2.99-3.99

Winking Owl is a wine brand that is sold by Aldi – the prices vary, depending on where you live.

The most popular wine is the Bordeaux blend Claret of Winking Owl, which is aged in red-oak barrels for 10 months.

There are some pleasant aromas, and it is smooth and easy to drink, but the fruit is very subtle, and it is not complex.

To be fair, this is a simple white wine, but there is no reason that it can’t pair especially well with light seafood!

7. La Cornada Crianza Tempranillo, $5

This wine is very sweet, tastes fruity and tastes very ripe. I would buy a bottle of this.

This is really a great wine because it’s made with high quality grapes and it has a nice, smooth, mellow mouthfeel.

When their winery began in 1975, they were the first winery to import a new grape variety to Spain that wasn’t widely grown back home.

The Tempranillo Crianza is distributed in Germany by the Mack & Schuehle group – an independent German wine importer.

The main flavoring on the nose is spice, with some cedar and sweet cherry. There’s also a very faint note of pepper. The palate is rich, with sweet cherry-like flavours, backed by spice and a long finish.

It’s actually really interesting, as you can see that the nose is quite spicy but that the palate is more savoury in flavor with a touch of sweet.

And you can get the same bottle of this wonder for just $5, exclusively at Aldi.

6. Rosso by Grand Alberone, $8.99

Aldi has the most complex flavors, not just the most appealing. All of their flavors are made from their highest-quality ingredients. They also have the most complete and consistent line of products.

Tastings says the sweet wine is “very fruity,” “juicy and smooth,” and pairs best with spicy food.

5. William Wright Reserve Pinot Noir, $8.99

If you feel like you want more of a robust flavor, such as the full-bodied and strong William Wright Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, try the $13.99 bottle.

The most popular flavor is vanilla, while wine experts consider oak, cherry, raspberry, and leather as the best wines to match with the wine.

As compared to other vineyards on the peninsula, this one makes a very nice Pinot Noir. The fruit is very soft and juicy, with good tannins.

Further, this pinot noir received a grade of 89 from the Beverage Testing Institute (a wine-testing organization in the U.S.).

I’m not sure if “highly recommended” means that they’re good or that you should like them a lot.

4. Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, $9.99

Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon is synonymous now with Aldi wine.

 In my opinion, this year’s Best Wine of 2020 is the 2015 Château d’Echâne.

While some taste only the alcohol, other notes come through, including the vanilla from the oak and the caramel that comes from the bourbon.

The wine tastes sweet, which is unusual for a wine made from dry red grapes, and it is actually quite rich compared to other reds made with the same grapes.

I don’t feel like going to a store and buying a bottle.

I found it so worth having as I enjoyed this on such a hot summer day, it was great!

3. 2018 La Rue Côtes de Provence Rose, $8.99

So I looked into it a little bit more and apparently you are paying about $8.99 for a bottle of wine that is almost as good as what you can get for a lot more money. In fact, you can get some really good bottle of Chardonnay for $10 in the store.

Tisane del Bosco is a delicious coffee with a light and fruity flavor that makes it a great accompaniment for light meals.

Vino Del Vida has an amazing palate with notes of peach, apricot, raspberry, mineral and sweet finish.

The reason behind this is that the wine itself has a rich, smooth taste. And because of that, they’ve created this very elegant and chic bottle that is a perfect fit for any bar in your home.

This Rose is a Highly Recommended by the Beverage Tasting Institute and for a Bridal Shower would be the perfect accompaniment.

2. 2017 30 Miles Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, $15

This wine is priced significantly higher than your typical wine or wine from France and Italy.

This wine has a price tag of only $15. I feel like a cheap person right now.

I can’t believe the price, but if that’s the case, you can bet it’s comparable to twice or more the price of those bottles.

My notes on this wine: “Lush black fruit and chocolate.” The chocolate (more than the blackberries, as this is what it tasted like to me), was very strong in the first two notes, then the fruit faded away.

It is a great value, especially if you are planning on drinking your wine for the next year, then the second bottle is a really good value, and since it is labeled as 2015 vintage, I think this is a pretty good value.

It’s a red color that goes well with steaks that will stand up to rich tomato based pasta sauces.

1. Red Blend by Dancing Flame, $5.99

Red Blend by Dancing Flame is a blend of cabernet, carmenere, and syrah. It isn’t here to test your taste buds or challenge you.

The name means “the life of wine” and it’s one of the few reds on our list that can easily be had after just one sip. The nose opens up with red berries and cherry fruit, and the palate offers notes of red berry and cherry as well as a hint of sweet cocoa. This is a very tasty and enjoyable wine that offers a very long finish and a nice juicy mouthfeel as well.

This is a delicious wine with a refreshing nose and refreshing flavor. From a vineyard in Chile and with a low alcohol of 12%, it can be enjoyed with meals throughout the year.

To know more, you can also read our post on where you can buy Aldi products, who makes Aldi products, and how long Aldi has been around.


Aldi has a great selection of wine from all regions of the world, and it is priced so low that it is accessible to all people, not just the rich.

Not to knock the U.S. but, if you don’t know how to drive in the U.S., getting behind the wheel in Italy or Spain is a bit of a challenge.

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