What is the difference between a wine fridge and a beverage fridge?

As a wine connoisseur, the first thing you must have is a wine fridge, especially those amazing ones from Kismile official website. But, What is the difference between a wine fridge and a beverage fridge?

One of the main differences between a wine fridge and a beverage fridge is the temperature variation. Beverages need to be cold for people to enjoy them, whereas wine is traditionally stored at warmer temperatures.

But that’s not the only difference. And to help you understand why you need a wine cooler for your wine collection, we will explore all the other differences. Keep reading!

Wine Fridge Vs. Beverage Fridge – What’s The Difference?

Before you take a shot at me for suggesting that you cannot store your wine in the beverage fridge, let’s have a closer look at why. Here are some of the main differences that you will need to understand before buying your wine cooler.

The Wine Cooler Stores At A Higher Temperature

The ideal temperature for wine storage is around 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, your typical beverage fridge would be well below the 40-degree Fahrenheit mark, which is far too cool to store your wine for extended periods.

The temperature of your beverage fridge also fluctuates, and you are prone to opening it more often than your wine fridge. This would break the consistency of the temperature your wine needs and can affect the corks/ Drying or cracking of the corks can lead to seepage and spoiling of the wine.

Humidity Leads To Contamination

While the humidity, which is inconsistent in your beverage, should not spoil the wine, it can change the taste. The humidity in the wine fridge would remain consistent, which keeps the corks moist. One of the main issues with having your cork disintegrate is that all the flavors and aromas might permeate and seep out.

The aromas from other foods stored in the beverage fridge, like garlic and other strong scents, could permeate through the fridge and seep into the wine. As you may already guess, this would heavily influence the natural flavor of the wine and could lead to the wine tasting different from what it should taste like when stored in a wine fridge.

Vibrations Could Disrupt The Maturation Process

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “wine only gets better with age?” Well, the problem with the vibrations caused by your beverage fridge is that it could significantly affect the maturation process of the wine. The vibrations could lead to a constant shaking of the wine, and while it needs to be turned occasionally, it should not be shaking.

In essence, the shaking sensation could continually scramble everything in the bottle. Not only will it scramble everything in the bottle, but it would affect the cork. If the cork shrinks due to lack of humidity in the fridge, the shaking can supplement the bad problem by shaking the cork loose and allowing the permeation of the flavors and aromas inside the bottle.

Which Wine Cooler Should I Choose?

There are numerous wine coolers that you can choose from, and all of them would offer you the same principled value of storing your wine at the optimal temperature for maturation and cooling. However, there are different options you can choose from:

Freestanding Wine Coolers

The freestanding wine cooler is very similar to your traditional beverage fridge and stands alone to allow you to place it anywhere in your home. These can often have multiple zones or feature a single zone for wine storage.

Built-In Wine Cooler

The built-in wine cooler is similar to the freestanding option. However, this cooler is often built into a cabinet, which would make it perfect for keeping it out of the way. The built-in coolers are great for space-saving, but they cannot be moved around your home if need be.

Side-by-Side Wine Coolers

The side-by-side cooler is a wine cooler, which features two doors on either side. These coolers generally look the same on either side. They can have different temperature adjustment settings, which means that you can often store different wines at different temperatures in the same cooler.

Zone Wine Coolers

The zone wine cooler and the side-by-side wine cooler share similar characteristics. They can store different wines at different temperatures. However, you would find that zone wine coolers can have numerous zones. The side-by-side cooler might only have two zones, but some of the best zone wine coolers can have numerous different zones to choose from.


If you are serious about keeping your wine at the optimal temperature, you should choose a dedicated wine fridge over the beverage fridge. The difference over the long term can be immense, and you should find that your wine stays in the optimal temperature range for effective maturation.

Let us know in the comment section if you think a wine fridge is more effective than a beverage fridge!

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