Child’s First Phone: What You Need to Know

Your child’s first phone defines their social well-being in this digital world. It’s therefore crucial to find a phone that is not too expensive but has just the right features for them. This guide will share the five most popular phones and what makes them good.

Which Phone Should I Choose?

Your kid will be excited to receive their first phone. It’s important to make a good impression while minding their social welfare. A modern phone allows you to install a parental control that works as the best porn blocker and call tracker to keep an eye on your youngster.

Here are five phones that are sure to serve the purpose.

Apple iPhone SE – 3rd Gen

This is among the most attractive devices you can get for your child without breaking the bank for it. The phone features a 4.7-inch screen, Apple B15 Bionic processors, 34GB to 256GB storage, and 4GB memory. It’s the most affordable apple phone with excellent hardware, Screen Time parental control, and other services.

Moto G Pure

If the Apple phone above is not within your budget, get this 6.5inch,3GB/32GB smartphone for kids. Moto G Pure is much cheaper and yet has great features. It is best for teaching them how to take care of their phones.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Get your child an affordable phone that comes with a long battery life and a strong network. This 4GB/ 64GB phone offers incredible features for kids and parents. You can expand the memory to 1TB.

Google Pixel 6a

Here is another affordable phone you can get for your child. This 6.1 inch, 3GB/128Gb phone comes with a Titan M2 security chip, making it hard to hack, track or spy from unauthorized actors. Only you and your child can have access to the phone.

Main Features to Consider in a Child’s First Phone

While you can pick any phone for your child, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:

Start With Digital Safety

Hard as it may seem, every parent needs to monitor their child’s phone sometimes. The internet, especially social media sites, is full of cyber-criminals and inexperienced teenagers easily fall victim. You can easily notice a cyberbully or potential cybercriminal and keep your child from them.

Using spy on kids phone apps is one way to ensure the safety of your kid. However, you should always discuss Internet security rules with them, even if you installed mSpy as a helper in this situation.

 Let your child know that internet access comes with many risks, including explicit content, cyberbullying, and digital crimes. Cyber-bullies, sex predators, drug dealers and other criminals can use social media, pretending to be trustworthy individuals, to lure them into inappropriate activities.

Using online protection tools is an excellent way of controlling what your child does online. Most internet service providers offer child-control options that reduce the risk. In short, you need to get involved in your child’s online activity.

Parental Control Is A Must!

Your kid’s smartphone might easily be the thing that leads them on the wrong path. Parents need to monitor their children’s online activities to ensure their safety.

Luckily, mSpy has all the parental control features you need for this. Once you get their first phone, ensure this tool is installed and enjoy the following features:

  • Monitor their activities with parental control apps like mSpy – Check what your kid is doing online and block off predators quickly.
  • Schedule their screen time. Don’t allow your kid to spend too much time on the screen. This feature gives you control
  • Limit their access to certain websites. Your kid will be safe from bad websites with hackers and inappropriate content. 
  • View their private chats. Spy on their private social media chats and texts, using keyword alerts to discover potential misconduct.
  • Track their location. You can tell where your child is at all times. This comes in handy if you suspect some unusual behaviors.


The world is becoming more and more dangerous. So, for a parent, nothing is wrong with wanting to “track my kid’s phone.” mSpy is one of the best tools for such tasks, helping you keep them safe at all times. Thanks to its spying features, you don’t have to live in the darkness anymore.

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