How To Bypass Verizon Smart Family (try These Tips)

Verizon’s “Smart Family” can be used for monitoring. However, I don’t know what Verizon’s policy is regarding family members using the same phone number.

1.) When disabling a Smart Family filter, you may need to contact Verizon to remove
the filter. If you do not, Verizon may block all traffic and deny service.
2.) Smart Family filters are usually found in the Settings section of your phone.

How to Bypass Verizon Smart Family In 2022

If you are trying to remove the Verizon Smart Family Parental Controls, you must completely disable Wi-Fi. You must also change the location on your device so that it is in another location. Then, you’ll need to factory reset your device. You must also ensure that your device is connected to the internet, otherwise, it will not be able to download any apps for the new location.

Do you want to learn more tips on how to get around the Verizon Smart Family web filters? Well, continue reading to learn more about bypassing them!

1. Factory Reset Your Device

Factory reset will get rid of all your data on the device and reset the device and will leave it as as fresh as a new phone.

You might not know if there’s a filter on your router. The most popular models aren’t usually the ones that have this kind of filter, but there are definitely some that do.

Well, it’s true, if you factory reset your phone, you will lose all your apps and have to start over from scratch. However, if you are looking to do a factory reset for other reasons, there are apps like Tasker and other automation apps that can make it easier.

2. Use a Proxy Site

If you want to make sure that you are not getting any of the ads, you can use a proxy website or a VPN that helps you to get the most of the internet.

You can use a proxy if you want just to unblock a website that has been blocked by your parents using Verizon Smart Family. You may want to also consider using a VPN!

Also, proxies don’t require any installation, as you just enter the website URL into your search bar, and press search, such as, and run your searches through that instead.

3. Use a VPN

VPNs allow you to use your home router, or any device that you own, and act as a VPN server, allowing you to browse the internet and use services like Netflix and play games that are not available in your country.

VPN allows you to stream content from various websites without being tracked. You can use a VPN service in conjunction with a private WiFi network at home or in a coffee shop.

Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Brave, and many other browsers now come with VPN apps you can download to use a VPN right from your internet browser!

4. Use Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi

If you are good friends with your neighbors, and trust your neighbors, you can ask them to give you their wireless internet.

However, there is a chance that your neighbor’s neighbor might be looking over your shoulder, so make sure you come up with a reasonable lie.

Many people have passwords on their Wi-Fi nowadays, so it is likely that any WiFi signals you can pick up from your house are unsecured.

5. Use Public Wi-Fi

If you have access to public Wi-Fi, it is possible to use that to bypass any Verizon filter, since they can’t control the network itself.

If your internet connection is public, it can be used by anyone who wants to get on your system.

Thus, if you can hop into a filtered area, you can avoid an internet filter.

6. Use iMessage Instead of Web Browser

Bypassing Verizon Smart Family internet parental controls can be achieved by just using iMessage to open a website.

Some sites have been updated with HTTPS to prevent users from bypassing the Verizon Smart Family internet parental controls. For these sites, using HTTP will just open a login page where the user will be asked to log into their Verizon account.

In addition, we recommend users to update to the latest version of Chrome or Firefox to prevent any potential issues.

All websites will show up on your phone when you open the App store, and they will ask you if you want to open it in Safari or your web browser.

7. Change the Time Zone

If you want to remove time limitations on apps, then you can easily bypass Verizon Smart Family by simply changing the time zone on your device!

Now that you know how to adjust the time zone, try changing it back to the time zone you want to use. You can also use the app to make sure your devices are all set the right way.

Remember to make changes here too, as the location you’re using to keep track of time is only as reliable as the location your phone is using to keep track of time.

8. Grab the Parent Device and Remove Content Filters

If you’re a Verizon customer, you can head over to your device’s Settings tab and click on “Device” and then select “Child” from the drop-down menu.

You now need to remove all of the content filters, and then you need to select “OK” to complete the process.

To start, you need access to the parental device that has the Verizon Smart Family app installed. Then, go to the App list and search for the Verizon Smart Family app. The app will be available under Family & Household.

9. Reinstall Specific Apps

If you’re trying to escape Verizon’s Smart Family restrictions, you can delete the app from your phone and then reinstall the app, which removes restrictions.

However, if you install an app on the device of the parent, then the device in question could be notified of an installed app. This is a security risk, though it should not be a common occurrence.

10. Turn off Parental Controls on Android

Go to the Verizon Smart Family app on your Android device.
Tap the More icon at the bottom-right corner.
Tap the Parental Controls link.
Tap the Parental Controls button to turn off the parental controls.

Now you can turn off the parental controls for the Verizon Smart Family service. But you will still be able to use the parental controls for the other Verizon services.

But this does seem like a bug, as the notification sound would be extremely loud if it really was a bug, so maybe it’s just an oversight.

To know more about what is the new Verizon Fios, you can read our article what is new Vzw fios.


Vodafone-Fusion is an app that allows users to connect to a public Wi-Fi network from their mobile device. Bypass is possible with methods such as using a proxy, changing time zones on the phone, accessing public Wi-Fi, or getting your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password.

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