Is Walmart Considered A Grocery Store For Credit Cards? (full Guide)

Walmart grocery department generates over 30% of revenue from credit card purchases. Many people think of Walmart as a supermarket, but credit card companies may think differently.

Walmart considered credit card readers for self-checkouts, but decided against it. Walmart is still one of the last retailers to jump on the self-service checkout train.

Is Walmart Considered A Grocery Store For Credit Cards In 2022?

Major credit card networks do not consider Walmart (except for Neighborhood Markets) as a grocery store in 2022, since only 30% of products are groceries. American Express, Chase, Bank of America, Discover, and Visa cardholders cannot earn bonus grocery rewards when shopping at Walmart.

After the initial sale you’ll be able to earn more through the same purchase.

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For American Express?

In the US, Walmart superstores are not classified as grocery stores; therefore, American Express credit cardholders cannot earn rewards at Walmart.

In addition, you can earn bonuses from other stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Kroger at Walmart.

Also, American Express provides rewards when you purchase gas at a U.S. fuel station where the business’ primary sale is gasoline.

If you’re a customer of the Murphy brand and you purchase gas at any of Murphy’s stores, Murphy USA, Murphy Express or Murphy Express Plus, you will earn rewards on your next purchase of $20 or more.
The Murphy brand has a history of using gas rewards programs to enhance the shopping and fueling experience for customers. Over the years, we have seen the technology continue to evolve and adapt.
You will receive rewards on every purchase, no matter where you buy it.

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For Chase?

In addition, due to the high cost of living in San Francisco, there is not much of an incentive to spend at Walmart and there are many other more lucrative rewards credit cards out there.

This means that Walmart Neighborhood Market codes can be used as grocery store cards.

The retailer will also be offering its customers $1 cashback on the purchase of a gallon of gas from a Murphy USA gas station.

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For Discover?

Discover card offers an exclusive 5% cashback bonus on grocery orders made through And, shoppers do not need to use the Discover card to earn this offer. You’ll get this free cashback bonus on orders after you use your Discover Card to purchase groceries at

Additionally, Discover cardholders can earn rewards at more than 700 Walmart Neighborhood Market locations. In fact, Walmart’s Neighborhood Market stores are typically recognized as a grocery store.

You can earn cashback when you purchase gas with your Discover It card using the Murphy USA station at Walmart.

Keep an eye out on the Discover cashback calendar at Walmart to find reward offers.

Is Walmart A Grocery Store For The Bank Of America? 

The Bank of America has an interest in keeping Walmart out of the number 1 slot.

So cardholders cannot earn Grocery store rewards at Walmart. However, customers can still earn 1% cash back on purchases at Walmart, including Groceries.

*This example was created using the [OpenFinance]( library and the [OpenCalc]( web app.

For example, if you have a Bank of America credit card, you can also apply for a Walmart Visa card, which will get you 2% cash back and help you get rewards.

Can You Earn Rewards On Groceries At Walmart With A Visa Credit Card?

Unfortunately, Walmart is not registered as a grocery store. However, shopping at Walmart could earn customers 3X back on groceries when using the PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card.

You can also earn back 5X at the gas stations, Murphy’s USA, Walmart’s affiliate gas station, when using the Visa Signature credit card.

How Do You Earn Credit Card Rewards On Walmart Groceries? 

You could earn cash back on all items that you purchase at Walmart. Walmart customers could spend money on everyday items, and they can get cashback when they spend money on items that they purchase at Walmart stores.

Earn up to 5% cashback at, including pickup and delivery for groceries. Use your rewards to purchase groceries from

The cash back option works only for purchases made from Walmart. If you have a Walmart store nearby, you could save money.

You can also get rewards at Walmart stores and online. You can earn free groceries when you shop at listed Walmart locations.
Also, earn points on your Walmart Rewards Card when you use your card at Walmart locations and buy certain products.

Why Isn’t Walmart A Grocery Store For Credit Cards?

Due to the fact that credit card networks such as, American Express, Discover, Chase, Bank of America, and Visa do not consider Walmart a grocery store, credit cardholders cannot earn grocery bonuses.

Credit card providers are adding their own MCC to Walmart’s. This means when cashiers check out customers there is no way for them to know who is the right recipient for the rewards.

What Are The Best Grocery Stores For Credit Cards?

If you want to earn grocery bonuses with your credit card, you’ll need to visit a specific supermarket that is located in the U.S.

They have to work hard to beat the stores. Also, they have to compete with grocery delivery services.

Specialty merchants that sell only the products listed above, do not get rewarded for selling the products.

Can I Use My Credit Card For Groceries At Walmart?

Walmart accepts any credit card, but they do require a billing zip code for in-store payments.

However, customers can earn rewards when they purchase groceries at Walmart. International credit cards are accepted at Walmart.

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Conclusion: Is Walmart Considered A Grocery Store For Credit Cards?

The Capital One Walmart Card is a great way to keep your wallet organized. It allows you to spend at Walmart at any time by merely tapping the ATM card, it will help you save money. The card is accepted at Walmart, therefore, it is a great gift for your nearest and dearest.

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