Amazon Smart Plug Not Working (list Of Potential Fixes + Faqs)

Amazon has the device that helps you to stop the device from turning on when it is connected wirelessly. The device is called “smart plug”.

I’ve spent the past two days researching the best ways for you to make this work again, and I’ve got some good news for you.

Why Isn’t Amazon Smart Plug Working In 2022?

You might want to try unplugging the device and plugging it back in to see if that fixes the problem. You can also reset the device to try and get it working again. However, sometimes the device is defective and it just means that you’ll need to get a replacement in 2022.

The Amazon Smart Plug will not get rid of the white dot that is supposed to be black and will display the error message that is shown below.

You may want to try the following:

If you have a version of the Amazon Smart Plug that is older than what is mentioned here, please consider updating it. To do so, please visit the instructions on the Amazon Smart Plug support page.
You may want to try the following:

If you have an Amazon Smart Plug that is not listed on this page, please see the article on the Amazon Smart Plug support page.

How Can I Fix Amazon Smart Plug?

You plug your device back in.

If you unplug the Smart Plug, wait for a few minutes, and then plug it back in, then try to reset it, you may be able to fix the issue.

Resets Amazon’s smart plug in case it’s been misbehaving, usually when a power outage starts.

After plugging in the device, the Smart Plug will still turn lights off in unexpected ways, so you will need to turn power back on to the device for it to fix this issue.

You may find it easier to use the Smart Plug as a standard plug with a Switch.

However, for me the process went great and no errors were thrown, I was able to just use the new plug.

* Do any required system maintenance.
* Fix any system problems.
* Upgrade any software.
* Upgrade anything that is needed.

The Amazon Smart Plug is not compatible with Windows 7, and some updates may not install. However, they should update with Windows 10, and the internet connection should be on.

Update the software to the Smart Plug by following the steps below:

First, turn off the Smart Plug.
Next, turn on the device that is receiving the signal.
Then, go to Settings > Apps & notifications.
On the Apps & notifications page, scroll down to the bottom.
You will see a text called “Smart Plug”.
Tap it.
It will open the Smart Plug app.

If you update your software regularly, you can avoid bugs, glitches, and other issues that interfere with functionality.

The Amazon Alexa app is the only app you need to use to get started. It will let you interact with your Echo, ask for weather, check calendar, and control smart home devices. With the right skills, you can do much more!

You should keep your Alexa app updated regularly if you want to ensure that it continues to work properly and also function with your Amazon Smart Plug.

It’s easy to find your Alexa app in your App Store. You’ll find it right next to the Amazon App Store app.

If you click on “Update” on your Alexa smart speaker, you can see if the Alexa update fixes Amazon Smart Plug.

Restart your router to make sure it’s not stuck on a previously saved configuration.

Since we’re talking about the Internet connection, another issue could be your Internet connection, and you can restart your router by unplugging it, waiting a few minutes, and plugging it back in.

It might take a while, but your router will boot back up so it can see that the plug is on or off.

Plug your cables into the wall. Use a power strip or powerline adapter.

If the Amazon Smart Plug is too far away from your access point, it can’t get a good WiFi signal, so you can either move your access point or the Amazon Smart Plug to a new location.

This is the thing that I would do. I would probably try to find out what is going on. I would check my power settings and my router settings. Make sure that the power settings are set correctly and the router settings and everything is plugged in correctly.

To make sure your outlet is safe, you need to make sure that it is plugged in, and then you need to make sure that the outlet is in working condition.

If you have a power strip and have noticed that the Smart Plug doesn’t appear to be working, it’s probably because the power strip isn’t getting power, and not from any fault with the plug. Plug it into another outlet with power, and it should start working again.

For example, if you know that a switch is on, you plug in an LED lamp. The LED lamp will turn on, and the switch will not have to be on for this to work.

Check the frequencies of your WiFi equipment and make sure they are all in the same frequency range.

If Amazon Smart Plug is not moving, it’s not working with wireless because the Smart Plug is not able to communicate with wireless.

The dual-band routers are a bit more expensive, however, so we do recommend starting with a single-band router to test things out before upgrading to a dual-band router.

The device isn’t working properly.
You’ll need to contact Amazon Support
if you have questions about the product, you can call
support at 1-866-220-3989.

There’s no need to worry if the Amazon Smart Plug is not working as advertised. Contact Amazon for a replacement.

How Do I Set up Amazon Smart Plug?

To set up your Amazon Smart Plug, you need to do several things.

First, you have to make sure your device is online. You can do this by plugging in your device to your phone or computer and opening the Amazon Smart App on your phone and computer.
If you haven’t got an Amazon Smart Plug, you’ll need to purchase one.

Why Is My Amazon Smart Plug Blinking Red & Blue?

If your smart plug is blinking red, it could mean one of three things. First, it could mean that there is a bad connection between you and the Internet. A reset will fix this issue.

On the other hand, the blinking blue light may indicate that your device needs to be reset.

To know more, you can also read our posts on what is Amazon Echo, Amazon MQTT protocol, and what is IoT (Internet of Things).


If your Amazon Smart Plug is not working, you can try to fix it by moving it closer to a network outlet, resetting the Smart Plug, restarting your router, or by updating the Alexa app.

Additionally, make sure you’re connecting your Smart Plug to a power source and not the outlet, you can check this by looking at your Smart Plug label.
If you’re experiencing issues with your Smart Plug, let us know in the comments.
You may want to check this out too to keep track of your Smart Plug. You can keep track of your device and the status of its shipments in the Amazon store, or to see which of your other Alexa devices is connected to a Smart Plug, you can follow this link.

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