Fios On Demand Not Working (11 Potential Fixes + Other Faqs)

If you’re having problems getting your Fios service running, and you want to see what might be behind the issue, this article will help you to find out.

I have been doing research, and I have found several useful fixes, and I have other things that I will share with you below!

Fios On Demand Not Working In 2022

To fix Fios On Demand not working, first plug out your router, wait a few minutes, and then plug in it back. You can also check the cable connections from your router to your cable box to make sure they are plugged in correctly.

If you are having issues with Fios On Demand, do not worry! There is a lot of great information here that will help you get it fixed or working again.

1. Unplug Your Router

The first thing that you should do is to unplug your router from the power, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in.

If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your router completely.

2. Check Your Router Cords

You also want to check your router and cable box, or any other device you may have plugged into your router, to ensure that power is being provided and that they are securely plugged into your box.

You should check to ensure that the cords that connect your computer to your router are in working order and if there is not an issue, there would be no issues with the cords.

3. Turn Off Cable Box For 30 Seconds

If that doesn’t work, unplug the cable box for about 10 minutes and re-plug it in, this can reset the On-Demand channels, as well as other channels.

4. Unplug & Replug In Fios Cable Box

To recover from a “No Internet” error, unplug your cable box, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in.

make sure you let the computer shut off completely, then restart, before trying to access the On Demand section again.

5. Check Whether You’re A Premium Subscriber

I don’t recommend checking out the On Demand content unless you’re a premium subscriber. That is only for more expensive subscribers.

6. Ensure Coaxial Cable Is Plugged In

You will need to make sure that the coaxial cable is plugged securely into the back of the cable box and check that it’s not loose.

7. Check Network Interface Module Connection

You want to make sure your Network Interface Module is securely connected to your Fios On Demand and powered on.

8. Check For Network Outages

If you have a Fios On Demand subscription, you should not have any issues with On Demand as long as your internet connection is working properly.

Therefore, if you are on an older computer or cell phone, check that your Internet is working and that it is working on other devices.

9. Check For Equipment Outages

There could be issues with your internet or fios working properly, so make sure you contact your service provider to see if there are any outages near you.

10. Could Be Fios Regular Maintenance

If this is the case, the problem might not be you at all and could just be scheduled maintenance from Verizon.

You can’t really do anything but just wait. If you don’t have a computer, you might be better off just not turning it on when you do get a notification, and just waiting for them to finish so you can turn it on and use it.

11. Contact Verizon

If the issues don’t go away, you may want to consider contacting Verizon as it may be an issue with your modem, router or any other devices.

The cable or line outside of your house could be the problem. A technician needs to find the source of the problem.

These two sentences have different meanings, and both are correct.

In some countries, the word is rarely used. A substitute for “could be” would be “maybe,” “perhaps,” “possibly,” “likely,” “possibly,” etc.

Why Is My On Demand Not Working On Fios?

There are several reasons why Fios On Demand isn’t working, including problems with the network, network outages, or problems with the content you’re trying to view.

Why Does My Fios On Demand Keep Freezing?

Verizon On Demand freezing can be an issue with the cable box, router, wiring, or splitters used. If you can’t find the problem, contact Verizon to get a technician to help you.

When you try to turn on your television, set your TV as the default device, and you don’t see an indicator light that the TV is receiving a stream, then you might have to set up the service.


To stop the Fios On Demand not working, you can restart your router, turn off the cable box, and turn it back on.

Additionally, you need to make sure that your coaxial cable is hard-wired to your TV or DVD player and that it is plugged in securely. Also, make sure that all cords are tightly plugged in and that your internet connection is working.

It is possible that Verizon could be conducting some type of maintenance. It could also mean that Fios is having problems and will need to be repaired.

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